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The Mask 也平凡 Episode 2 Recap

As soon as Zhang Xiaoming went to work, he started gagging and telling jokes, but Ji Fan didn’t listen to a word. Although Xiao Jianguo was protecting Ji Fan, Xiong Zhennan didn’t plan to let him go. Zhao Qingyan told them that the wound was caused by a steel wire and that there should be diamond powder on the murder weapon. Ji Fan quickly concluded that it was a wire saw. The murderer not only kills but also disfigures his face.

Ji Fan explained that many Z religions have similar habits. In ancient times, it was also a form of criminal law. The murderer did this like tearing off his mask and leaving it in full view. Xiong Zhennan asked Ji Fan to investigate the factory that produced these wire saws, and Zhao Qingyan also needed to find a murder weapon and plan to go with him. Xiong Zhennan’s character makes Ji Fan very upset, but who is the boss?

As a novice driver, Ji Fan was nervous all the way, and Ji Fan, who was sitting in the co-pilot, was even more nervous. Zhao Qingyan admires Ji Fan’s reasoning very much, but Xiong Zhennan also approves of him, otherwise it is not his current attitude. Many factories produced wire saws that did not match the wounds. Zhao Qingyan felt very puzzled. On the contrary, Ji Fan found the old grandson who collected the wire in the factory, and the old grandson provided the company address for the wire as thin as they said. Xiong Zhennan and Zhang Xiaoming went to investigate the piece of glass.

The strict production process could not be a production problem. It could only be a passive hand and foot during transportation, and Sifang Group was responsible for the transportation. Among the companies that Lao Sun gave to them, Sifang Group was also named. Ji Fan was a little surprised by this result, while Xiong Zhennan had never heard of the Sifang Group, the richest man in Linghai. Zhang Xiaoming exaggeratedly said that half of the houses in Linghai were built by them, and opening a logistics company is just fun. That’s it.

Xiong Zhennan and Zhang Xiaoming came to Sifang Logistics for questioning, but Ji Ping said that important people visited in the afternoon and asked them to leave first. During Zhang Xiaoming’s supervision, Ji Ping was taken back to the police station by Xiong Zhennan for obstructing his official assault on the police. When Ji Fan returned to the police station, he was shocked to hear that Ji Ping was brought back by Xiong Zhennan, and hurriedly went to the detention room.

At this time, Zhang Xiaoming reacted to the relationship between Ji Fan, Ji Ping and Ji Tingshan. Xiong Zhennan was swearing at Ji Ping, but Ji Ping didn’t care. He saw that Ji Fan had come and introduced him to be his own younger brother. Ji Ping said that Ji Tingshan let himself go to important events in the afternoon, but Ji Fan could only ask Xiong Zhennan to let him make a call, with a humble attitude and low voice. Ji Tingshan was participating in an event and frowned when he learned that Ji Ping was in the Criminal Police Team. After Ji Fan left, Ji Ping looked gloomy and thoughtful.

After learning that Ji Fan is the second generation of the rich, Zhang Xiaoming immediately ran over to hug his thigh, and Xiong Zhennan rolled his eyes unbearably. Xiao Jianguo was awarded the title of City Model Worker and reported first-class merit. Xiong Zhennan and others were happy for him from the bottom of their hearts.

At the same time, new murders appeared. This was the second homicide in just two days. The body was wrapped in cement and was found by visitors to the exhibition and called the police. Ji Fan is still acting alone, looking for clues in the exhibition hall, and finally his eyes are locked in front of a picture. A mountain appeared out of thin air in this painting, but Ji Fan keenly traced it back, but was interrupted by Xiong Zhennan and Xiao Jianguo. This is the message left by the murderer. The two cases were done by the same person. Yesterday it was eight articles, today it is sixteen people on the iceberg, and the information is eight and sixteen.

The deceased died of low-temperature dehydration. The time should be around 12 to 1 noon, which happened to be the time when Ji Ping came. Ji Fan felt it was a pity that no matter who it was, he was suspicious. Old Li Shen mysteriously called everyone over and said that there was a new discovery. There are hairs that fall off the paintbrushes. After a laboratory test, it is dog hair, but it is too difficult to find out. Xiong Zhennan and Ji Fan did not take it to heart. Only Zhao Qingyan was in charge of Lao Li asking for a sample. Her mother opened a pet shop, Ling Hai There is a pet alliance in the city. Although the chances are small, it’s okay to try.

A few people came to a construction site in the suburbs after tracing the cement sheet that wrapped the corpse. Xiao Jianguo went home from get off work, put the trophy he won in the cupboard, and drank a few pills skillfully. In front of him was a huge wall of information. Yesterday’s deceased Lin Yong was in the center of the wall. Xiao Jianguo picked up a pen and drew a big cross on his photo. His next goal was Rao Ying.

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