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The Mask 也平凡 Episode 1 Recap

At sunrise in the east, the city gradually gets busy early in the morning. This ordinary city is called Linghai, where Ji Fan was born. Today is the first day he went to a new unit to report, in order to leave a good place for new colleagues. Impression, Ji Fan quietly told himself to remain humble and low-key. Ji Fan considers himself a person who always runs at the forefront of the city, but even the best car can’t escape the fate of traffic jams.

Therefore, Ji Fan chose a greener way of travel, the subway. The subway is the lifeblood of the city. As a criminal policeman, Ji Fan can observe everyone here unscrupulously. All kinds of people in the carriage are telling Ji Fan about the life of this city, and a seemingly ordinary carriage often hides many evils. There was a sudden uproar from the crowd.

A man suddenly fell to the ground and died. The train was immediately suspended and the passengers were evacuated. Ji Fan recalled what happened before the incident with his keen memory, and finally locked the murderer on an old man. Ji Fan rushed out of the carriage and used a loud horn to stop all the passengers, and the figure that was still in action was Ji Fan’s goal.

The police rushed to the police immediately after the incident, and a large team leader and forensic doctor Zhao Qingyan rushed to the scene. Xiong Zhennan judged that the deceased was an alcoholic addicted to D Bo based on the surface clues of the deceased. Then Xiong Zhennan went to adjust the monitoring, and met Ji Fan, who was also here to adjust the monitoring.

Ji Fan arrogantly warned them that it had affected his work, and even showed his criminal police ID, but he never expected Xiong Zhennan in front of him to be his captain. Xiong Zhennan was very dissatisfied that the police specially transferred by Xiao Jianping, the deputy director, was such a person who did not understand discipline and acted arbitrarily.

Ji Fan was embarrassed and started flattering and changing the subject. Although the suspect was lost, Ji Fan discovered the scene of the first crime. The deceased was disfigured but there was no trace of blood around it. Therefore, the scene of the first crime was in the bathroom of the platform, the deceased and the murderer. After entering, I exchanged clothes. Xiong Zhennan disdain, thinking that this is a guess without evidence. Ji Fan said sternly, this is an inference. The murderer clearly understood the work and life of the deceased.

The toilet in the subway station provided him with a good space for the crime. He numb the deceased with anesthetic, and then strangled him calmly and exchanged clothes with the deceased to avoid arousing suspicion. However, the clothes at the scene of the crime were clearly the clothes of the deceased, and Xiong Zhennan and Zhang Xiaoming raised doubts. Ji Fandao, it was indeed the clothes of the deceased. Ji Fan’s inference is full of loopholes and there is no evidence, Xiong Zhennan does not believe it. Ji Fan saw blood stains on the bathroom floor, which was the evidence she wanted.

The subway security check is strict, and the weapon must have been hidden in the subway long ago, Xiong Zhennan thinks so. But Ji Fan told her that the murder weapon was not here. In this case, the murder weapon was not the point, but the murderer’s purpose. Xiong Zhennan was full of suspicion, but Ji Fan calmly took them back to the carriage and asked them to bring back the window directly opposite the seat of the deceased. The deceased’s purpose of killing was not simple, so this piece of glass was the clue he left behind. Xiong Zhennan chose to believe him, and Ji Fan’s outstanding performance attracted Zhao Qingyan.

As the only female captain in the province, Xiong Zhennan did not dare to provoke anyone with resolute measures. He returned to the police force and began investigations non-stop. The suspect was called Lin Yong, and Ji Fan interrupted and denied Xiong Zhennan’s thoughts, saying that the murderer used disguise.

Although it is incredible, the modern disguise technique has surpassed everyone’s imagination. Ji Fan explained that this is not a tall technique. Soon the autopsy report verified Ji Fan’s thoughts. The deceased was Lin Yong, and Xiong Zhennan and Zhang Xiaoming were surprised. The things detected by the glass also left something as Ji Fan said. There was a mark of Mahjong Bajo. Xiong Zhennan quickly locked the suspect named Bajo with his work experience and prepared to dispatch tonight.

Ji Fan was unwilling to sit in the same car with Xiong Zhennan, eating and drinking along the way formed a strong contrast with the nervous atmosphere of others, which gave Xiong Zhennan the urge to beat him. Ji Fan didn’t notice it, but instead asked her why she had a Adam’s apple. Xiong Zhennan couldn’t bear to get Ji Fanti out of the car. The two pretended to quarrel and settled the guards outside the underground bank, and found the eight. Bajo did know Lin Yong, but at this moment, Ji Fan once again said that it had nothing to do with him, and the clues left by the murderer were not at all.

This was his instinct, Xiong Zhennan’s nerves were severely touched, and he was determined to retreat the newly transferred Ji Fan. The police force is not alone. No matter how smart the policeman does not know how to cooperate with his teammates, it is just a burden. Xiao Jianguo happily told Xiong Zhennan that no matter how difficult the problem is, he will solve the difficult problem. Ji Fan is a doctor, and he just learns from them. Of course, Xiong Zhennan is not without the skills, otherwise he would not be the captain. Ji Fan was restless and sued Xiong Zhennan to beat himself. Xiao Jianguo said that you should fight.

The subway homicide has caused extreme panic among the citizens and the social impact is extremely serious. Ji Fan sat alone in the already sealed subway car, recalling what happened in the morning. After returning home, his father Ji Tingshan helped him to fry dumplings. He also has an older brother named Ji Ping, the boss of Sifang Group and the logistics manager of Sifang Group.

Although he is a rich second-generation, Ji Fan is addicted to handling cases, and especially likes handling cases with high IQ that happened today. The footsteps of Ji Ping returning home aroused Ji Fan’s vigilance. He would never have thought that his brother was the murderer wearing a human skin mask today, and he was very close to the truth of the crime. At night, Ji Ping mysteriously put on his gloves and traveled through the city’s all kinds of evils.

Early in the morning, the two brothers played a game on their basketball court. The father and son finished their breakfast harmoniously. Ji Ping asked about the subway murder case deliberately or not. Ji Fan said he didn’t talk about the case in his private time. Ji Tingshan left such a large industry, but Ji Fan chose to become a policeman. Ji Ping said that he could come back as president anytime if he had enough, but Ji Fan had no intention of doing so.

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