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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 37 Recap

When Zhuo Xiaoting learned that Lin Wanrou had been arrested, she immediately met with Lawyer Huang. Lawyer Huang conveyed Wanrou’s words: Let Xiaoting not worry about her. It is self-liberation for her to go in. I hope Xiaoting will take her as a warning and take good care of her.

Loranna saw Xingran staying overnight in the studio for several days, and she was overjoyed. She thought he had broken up with his girlfriend. Xingran admitted that he liked Lonana, but wanted to end early before she fell too deep, so he arranged for Lonana to go to friends tomorrow. Studio. Loranna provocatively said that she could go, but whether she was in the studio or not, as long as Xing Ran had herself in her heart, it would be hers sooner or later. Qing Qian on the other side was sad at home alone, and refused Pan Yanming’s calls over and over again.

In the evening, Zhuo Xiaoting handed the divorce agreement drafted by the lawyer to Feng Chunsheng. He told Feng Chunsheng about the scene he was hesitantly wandering under Judi’s apartment that day. Chunsheng explained what happened that day. Xiaoting bluntly said that even if nothing happened, he was not. Innocent, in order to achieve the goal by all means, she has been preparing the agreement for this period of time, and no longer has any illusions, and hopes that Chunsheng will also find a lawyer. The lawyers of both sides will discuss the next thing, and the two will not have to meet.

Chunsheng gave the contract to Marlene, saying that he should be grateful for the simplicity. He sighed that Marlene had restarted a new life, but he lost everything, hurting that Ting was about to divorce. Malevin thinks that the illusion of love will disappear at a certain point in marriage, but Chunsheng does not want to give up. He expresses his true love to Xiaoting and wants to give himself a chance. Malevin reminds him to look at life to give him a chance.

Xiaoting invited Yao Yao, Bai Gang and other friends to have dinner in the evening, and publicly announced the news of her divorce. Bai Gang wanted to find someone to teach Chunsheng. Xiaoting felt that instead of the two torturing each other, it was better to leave her own way, but she would not give up because of the divorce. Own. During the dinner, she received a call from Chunsheng and her father was hospitalized.

In the hospital, Xiaoting accused Chunsheng of not having the right to hide it from herself. Chunsheng explained that it was her father-in-law’s intention, but her father suddenly fainted and couldn’t hide it anymore. Xiaoting hurried Chunsheng away. Chunsheng suggested that his father-in-law should not be stimulated anymore, suggesting that he should not be known for the time being, and he stayed with the bed at night.

Ma Levin and Jian took Lao Cao to see the layout of the new bookstore, and learned that he would cooperate with Zhicheng to open ten such chain bookstores. Lao Cao was very satisfied, but felt embarrassed by Ma Levin because he was very reluctant to sell coffee in bookstores. , Marlene laughed and said that matter and spirit are equally important. After Lao Cao left, he simply praised Malevin for letting go of his intellectual arrogance, and he became different. Malevin asked if they had resurrected in their careers, should they start over in life?

At this time, she simply received a call from Yiru. To return to China tomorrow, let Jian pick her up at the airport. Marlene felt that she shouldn’t let Jian face Yiru alone, and she’s also a little strange to tell her alone. She simply thinks that she will face it sooner or later, so she won’t face the enemy, so make it clear earlier. They are all a kind of respect.

In the hospital, Zhuo Nanzhi woke up. Xiaoting complained that her father should not hide her from herself. Zhuo Nanzhi thought that giving her was the same as Chunsheng. He chose conservative treatment and could go to the hospital for regular check-ups, but he was determined not to be hospitalized.

When she got home, Xiaoting packed her clothes and moved to her father’s place. Feng Chunsheng also wanted to go with her. Xiaoting said that the divorce was only postponed, not cancelled. Chunsheng only needed to hide her father from her, and nothing else.

After Xiaoting arrived home, she forced her father to stop work and take medicine on time, and she had to go to bed before ten o’clock. She felt sorry for her dad to hide such a big thing from her. Zhuo Nanzhi looked at her daughter in anxious manner and comforted her not to be afraid. He wanted to watch her give birth to a grandson. Xiaoting couldn’t help but lay on her father’s lap and cried. Zhuo Nanzhi asked Chunsheng, Xiaoting lied that he was too busy to work.

Simply took a bunch of white tulip flowers to the airport to pick up Yiru. On the way, Yiru said that her way of getting along with herself had changed. After returning home, Yiru said that the flower language of white tulips is love-breaking. She gave a simple gift. She also said that this gift is beneficial to her and everyone, and she cherishes the friendship between simplicity and simplicity. Simply expressing that misunderstandings between friends may disappoint her, but no matter what happens in the future, she is sincere to Yiru’s friendship.

Yiru analyzed that Lin Wanrou’s arrest indicated that she should not be Marlene’s lover. She simply felt that she had not really let go. Yiru said that she could let go of Marlene, but she would never let anyone who deceived her. She asked Simple Marlene’s lover. It’s not someone else, just about to tell the truth, Principal Wang, Mu Jia, and Nianli came over, and simply left, remembering not to let her go.

Zhuo Nanzhi insisted on going to Tongzhou to deal with the problem of the new project, Xiaoting had no choice but to accompany her. Zhuo Nanzhi told her daughter to learn more about the business and to be familiar with everyone, so she could rest assured, and then asked Xiaoting to call Chunsheng immediately and ask him to send it. go by oneself.

After arriving in Tongzhou, Chunsheng was only willing to go upstairs at the request of Zhuo Nanzhi. In the conference room, Mr. Li was overwhelmed by the quarrel due to the lack of decision-makers. Zhuo Nanzhi’s arrival solved the crisis. He read the project book submitted by Wan Liming and was angry that Mr. Li’s proposed cooperation between the two parties was more like a Zhuoyuan single. Regarding the gratuitous charity, President Li changed his aggressive attitude just now, and he promised to make amendments. Zhuo Nanzhi said that the agreement must be renegotiated, and he fainted before his words fell.

The doctor told Zhuo Nanzhi that his condition was very bad. Chunsheng wanted to stay with Xiaoting. Xiaoting said it had nothing to do with him and asked him to leave.

Principal Wang toasted and said that he simply helped Mu Jia recover and saved Yiru’s family. He thanked her on behalf of the whole family. Yiru asked her dad to choose an excellent introduction among the students. Simply saying that she had someone he wanted, Yiru took the opportunity to ask, and Mu Jia made the rounds and didn’t let her mother inquire about other people’s privacy.

In the evening, Yi Ru wanted to inquire about her simple boyfriend from Mu Jia. Mu Jia lied that she had heard of it for the first time and hurried back to school and slipped away. Simply go home and open the present, and found that Yiru gave a book, obviously a doubt and accusation against herself. She knew that this matter must be resolved, and immediately called Yiru to meet tomorrow. Yiru had guessed eighty or nine points, and angrily grabbed the white tulips one by one and threw them on the ground in the dark.

Recalling that she couldn’t wait for tomorrow, and came late at night, she was angry that she didn’t want that person because it was simple, simply explaining that she wanted to tell her the truth, but she didn’t have the courage, but things were already like this and had to be faced. Recalling when they asked when they started, in short, it was when they were going to accompany Mu for rehabilitation abroad.

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