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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 35 Recap

Feng Chunsheng was overjoyed when he learned that Zhu Di was the daughter of the chairman of SK Group. It happened that Zhu Di came to Beijing for a long stay this time, so he asked Chunsheng to help him find a house.

After simply buying the old bookstore and all the books, she called and called Marlene. She wanted to return to Zhao. Marlene said that she didn’t need it. She simply pointed out that he had been running away all his life and used arrogance to cover up his low self-esteem. She felt that success in his career was entirely dependent on the king. The principal and Wang Yiru were inferior in front of them. They couldn’t afford to let them go emotionally. They pushed themselves into hell and lived as a lifeless empty shell. The simple words touched the softest part of Malevin’s heart, and he brought the simplicity to the original company.

As the rent expired, the company was closed. Standing in a dark and empty office, Marlene sighed with emotion before giving up everything for his family. Now he feels that living for himself will make others happy and make others happy. Now he has nothing. Now they are equal. Simply think that spiritual equality is true equality, otherwise it is just sympathy or empathy. Marlene asked simply: I am almost 50 years old and have nothing, is there any help? Simply using the moonlight to read “Resurrection” to him, Marlene said that he could not see it in the past, but now he has seen a long journey into the resurrection. The two fingers intertwined tightly and stroked the “Resurrection” lightly.

The next day, Marlene asked Jian to pick up Mu Jia. He took the initiative to find Lao Cao with a plan and asked him to be responsible for the business of the physical bookstore. Lao Cao promised to pay him the highest salary.

Simply tell Mu Jia that the debts of her father’s company have been paid off, and the company has become formal. She does not expect Mu Jia’s understanding, but has decided to be with her father. She did not expect that Mu Jia sincerely thanked Jian Jian to be with her father. Staying with him during the hardest time, these words moved Simplicity very much.

Judy thanked Chunsheng for helping herself find a suitable apartment, but she joked that Chunsheng was looking for such a big house. Isn’t it too lonely to live alone? Can he come with her? When Chunsheng was embarrassed, Xiaoting came to electrolysis, and the two chatted for a while. Chunsheng sent Judy back to the apartment and got out of the car. Judy tempted Chunsheng to go upstairs with music and wine. Chunsheng hesitated and refused. When he got home, just after Chunsheng went to take a bath, Judy sent a WeChat message, and Xiaoting’s heart sank after seeing it.

The next day, Xiaoting asked Bai Gang out for a drink and asked him about Judy’s identity. She laughed that if she were with Bai Gang, they would not have so much trouble with similar backgrounds. Bai Gang was not interested in marriage. She suggested that Xiaoting be a free and interesting soul like herself. He thought Chunsheng would do it. She was a slave to her desire, and Xiaoting locked herself in a cage and became a slave to love. His humorous words made Xiaoting laugh.

After Lin Wanrou came, she drove away Bai Gang. She didn’t want Xiaoting to drink anymore. Xiaoting used Jiujin to tell Wanrou about the gap between herself and Judy. She felt that Chunsheng chose her between simplicity and herself. Between her and Judy, she chose Judy again. This means that there are people outside the sky. Only then did Wan Rou know that Xiaoting was using alcohol to help her sorrow, and she decided to accompany Xiaoting to get drunk.

Xing Ran came to find a simple confession of his emotional confusion. When he subconsciously and Qing Qian concealed the fact that he was dating Lonana, he realized that he had fallen into it. Now he feels like Lonana and he has a lot to say, but he doesn’t want to. To live up to the simple, simply remind Xing Ran to see the other party’s shortcomings and be able to accept and tolerate, so that such a relationship can last. This matter Xing Ran must bravely face and bear the consequences of the choice, and no one can help him.

In the evening, Xing Ran asked Qing Qian to accompany him to drink red wine. He solemnly said that in the future, he should not only rely on painting to hold art exhibitions, but to earn more money and not let Qing Qian suffer a little along with him.

Lin Wanrou brought Xiaoting for psychological consultation. She felt that Xiaoting must be treated, because her state reminded herself of Wang Yiru. Because Wang Yiru didn’t let go of her obsession with Marlene, she became more and more abnormal. She began to drink too much. She didn’t want Xiaoting to become Yiru when she was sent to the nursing home.

Luo Nana met with Qing Qian and openly stated that she liked Star Ran and Xing Ran liked herself. The exhibition made her understand that Xing Ran was unhappy because he and Qing Qian were very depressed, and they were similar in age and shared in common. Hobbies, careers can also achieve mutual achievement, if you really love star burning, you should let it go.

Qingqian found Pan Yanming and wanted to cooperate with him to open a yoga studio. Pan Yanming said that it would depend on her sincerity. Qingqian asked him to drop him off. When he was about to get home, she specially sent a message to Xingran asking him to wait at the door. As expected, when Qing Qian and Pan Yanming said goodbye, they happened to be hit by the coming stars.

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