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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 25 Recap

Li Ailing wanted to have a beautiful wedding for Mu Feng, and she wanted to buy a TV for Mu Feng to save face in front of the neighbors in the neighborhood, but the TV was too tight, so she had to give up. Li Ailing and the children discussed the marriage , Let Mu Feng go to Liu Yang’s parents to explain the situation.

Mu Feng came to see Liu Yang’s parents and promised to do all the marriage according to their requirements. When Mu Feng came out of Liu’s house, Bai Ge had been waiting for him at the door of his house. When he confronted his teacher, Mullin had already admitted Mu Feng’s child. Unexpectedly, Mu Feng would even sweep Mulin out of the house. Mu Feng insisted that the child was Mulin. Yes, Bai Ge warned him not to be smart, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. Mu Feng didn’t want to listen to her to continue, and hurriedly left.

Li Ailing felt sorry for Mulin, which put him under too much pressure. Mullin comforted her not to think too much. After finishing Mu Feng’s marriage, Li Ailing was in trouble.

Bai Haowen urged Peony to return the thousand yuan gift to relieve Li Ailing’s urgent need. Peony didn’t want it at the beginning, but she got the gift of anger with Li Ailing. She asked Bai Haowen to pay back the money. Bai Ge resolutely refused to agree and wanted to next time Use it when you marry Mullin.

Kaixuan applied for a business license and came to the square to sell goods with great fanfare. Mu Xue came to him to help buy a TV. Kaixuan was very embarrassed. He had all the money in stock, and there was no extra money on hand, so Mu Xue hurried to raise money. In order to raise more money for Mu Feng’s wedding, Mullin took the initiative to find his third brother and wanted to follow him on long distances. The third brother was worried that the police would cause trouble, but Mullin was eager to make money and couldn’t take care of that much.

After Xu Liqun recovered from his injury, he continued to collect scraps. Mu Chun often came to him to chat and talk about it. He casually said that Mu Feng and Liu Yang were about to get married. Xu Liqun promised to lend her money, took out all his savings and gave it to Mu Chun, and asked Mu Chun to write about it. Mu Chun was grateful to him for Zhang IOU.

Mu Feng told Liu Yang about the whole family pooling money to prepare him for the bride price. Liu Yang didn’t care about this, as long as Mu Feng treats her well, Mu Feng also wanted Liu Yang to live a good life, and he also wanted to use the factory-trained staff. Opportunity to go to university, but reluctant to separate from Liu Yang, Liu Yang fully supports him in going to university. Mu Xue was desperate for 500 yuan to buy a TV set, Zhang Xiaoqing promised to find a way to raise money for Mu Xue.

Mullin followed his third brother on a long distance trip. Bai Ge asked the team leader for a week of leave. He wanted to go to Xue Hua’s hometown to investigate the situation, but the performance in the province was about to be held.

The team leader would not allow her to ask for leave. After her parents went to work, Zhang Xiaoqing secretly took the jade bracelet passed to her mother by her grandmother and went to the antique shop to exchange money. The boss bargained with Zhang Xiaoqing on the excuse that the bracelet was defective. Zhang Xiaoqing didn’t let it go, and finally sold it for 500 yuan.

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