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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 24 Recap

There are still two weeks before the provincial performance. The team leader reminded everyone to cheer up. Bai Ge has been listless. Zhang Chenguang revealed that Bai Ge drank too much last night. Mu Chun humbled her cold and asked her. He thought she was having trouble with Mulin. Bai Ge Don’t want Timulin.

After Mullin’s unremitting efforts, all the vehicles were finally repaired within three days. Section Chief Liu took the car away and praised Mullin. Manager Zhang smiled at Mullin and left without saying anything. . Liu Yang gave Mu Feng spare ribs and asked him to give one to his father. Only when Chief Jia knew that Mu Feng was in love with Director Liu’s daughter, he secretly groaned. Mu Feng distributed the ribs to his colleagues, and they all declined. From that day on, Section Chief Wu and his colleagues desperately tried to please Mu Feng. They wanted to pick him up and let Mu Feng bring a girlfriend. Mu Feng fully agreed.

Master Huang came to negotiate with Director Zhang. Director Zhang once promised Master Huang to accept his apprentice. Master Huang wanted to accept Mulin as his apprentice. Director Zhang was very embarrassed.

Master Huang looked for Mullin, and Director Zhang agreed to find a way. Section Chief Wu hosted a banquet for Mu Feng and Liu Yang. He and Mu Feng called brothers and sisters. Mu Feng kept learning from them. Section Chief Wu and his colleagues kept toasting Mu Feng. Mu Feng was in a good mood and soon drank too much. .

Liu Yang sent Mu Feng home. Mu Feng claimed that Chief Wu and they were flattering Liu Yang. He experienced the beauty of power for the first time. Liu Yang sent Mu Feng home. Mu Feng was so drunk that he was unconscious. Mullin took care of him carefully. Mu Feng muttered to himself and vowed to double to compensate him.

Mu Feng invited the carpenter master to separate him from Mullin’s room. He and Liu Yang lived there after they were married. Liu’s mother came later. She firmly disagreed with Liu Yang’s living here, and Mullin promised to go from there. After moving out of the house and letting Mu Feng get married, Liu’s mother was willing to give up. Mu Chun and Mu Xue disagreed with Mu Lin’s move out. Mother Liu resolutely refused to do it.

She didn’t want Liu Yang’s child to call her illegitimate brother her elder brother. Li Ailing was so angry that Mother Liu hurriedly found an excuse to leave. Mu Feng was angry not to marry, Li Ailing was so angry that she raised her hand to beat him, and Mulin promised to give Mu Fengteng a house. In fact, this was a meticulously planned method by Mu Feng and Liu Yang, just to force Li Ailing to agree to Mu Feng’s intervention.

Peony went to Mu’s house to watch the excitement, and when he returned home, he told Bai Ge and Bai Haowen about it. Bai Ge gritted his teeth with anger, and regardless of Peony’s obstacles, he went directly to the Mu’s family to argue.

Li Ailing asked her four children to have a meeting. Mu Feng was willing to step in, and she was afraid that her mother would lose face. Mullin came up with a way to get the best of both worlds. Not only did she prepare the bride price, she also had to make Mu Feng’s wedding glamorous, but the family didn’t have that much money. .

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