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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 23 Recap

Director Liu and his wife took over Liu Yang and Mu Feng’s marriage. This made Li Ailing very uneasy. Liu’s mother took the opportunity to ask the young couple to live in her natal family. Li Ailing did not know how to answer. Director Liu was unwilling to let Liu Yang was married and wanted to keep the two of them by her side. Li Ailing was very embarrassed. She didn’t want her eldest son to step in and couldn’t explain to Mu Feng’s biological parents. Liu Yang hurriedly changed the subject and wanted to discuss with Mu Feng.

Mu Feng stayed up late to write materials, he was very resistant in his heart, but he dared not speak. Zhang Xiaoqing came home very late. Mullin drove her off by bike. Zhang Xiaoqing wanted to walk home. By the way, he talked to Mullin. Mullin repeatedly emphasized treating her as a younger sister. Zhang Xiaoqing ignored her. She treated Mullin as her boyfriend and was willing to give it to her. Mu Nuo gave birth to a stepmother, Mullin didn’t allow her to talk nonsense.

Mu Feng stayed up late to go home. He did not get up for breakfast. Li Ailing announced to the family that Mu Feng and Liu Yang were married, and also told Liu Yang’s parents’ decision. Mu Lin knew that Li Ailing loved face the most and wanted to move out. Give Mu Fengteng a new house. Mu Feng got up and heard their conversation, publicly stated that even if he lived in the street, he would never step in.

Liu Yang apologized to Li Ailing as soon as he went to work. Li Ailing understood her parents’ thoughts, but she still didn’t agree with Mu Feng to step in. Liu Yang agreed to discuss with Mu Feng. Mu Feng’s article was published in the newspaper, but it was signed by Section Chief Wu. Mu Feng approached Section Chief Wu to reason. Section Chief Wu repeatedly claimed that this was the rule of the Propaganda Department. Newcomers should sign the instructor for the first manuscript.

Director Liu saw his big picture in the newspaper, and immediately called Section Chief Wu to be held accountable, and Section Chief Wu shifted all the responsibilities to Mu Feng. Master Huang made another part according to the drawings. Mullin found that the part did not match his data. Master Huang asked him to take it back for a try.

The parts were tightly stitched and the car started normally. Mullin was puzzled. Master Huang told him about it in detail. Mullin was convinced by him. Master Huang learned that he was Mu Tianyang’s son and asked him if he wanted to enter the machinery factory.

When Mu Feng got off work, he went to discuss with Director Liu about the incident. He happened to see Section Chief Jia reporting to Director Liu about the college students in the factory. Mu Feng was immediately tempted. Director Liu complained that Mu Feng should not publish his photos. When he came out, he took the opportunity to ask Mu Feng to cut in. In order to please Director Liu, Mu Feng agreed to cut in.

Mullin met Bai Ge on the way, Bai Ge ignored him, and deliberately asked Zhang Chenguang to send him home, and even had dinner with Zhang Chenguang, Mullin had to leave silently. Zhang Chenguang thought that Bai Ge was deliberately frustrated with Mulin, and Bai Ge wanted to use wine to pour his sorrows, and Zhang Chenguang was also happy to accompany him.

Liu Yang personally came to pick Mu Feng off work and invited him to dinner. Mu Feng agreed to cut in, but worried that Li Ailing would not agree. He came up with a bad idea. Mu Feng told Liu Yang about being crowded out by Section Chief Wu, and Liu Yang agreed Help him out. Bai Ge poured herself and drank a lot of wine in one breath.

Zhang Chenguang was kind to her. Bai Ge spit out bitterness through the wine. She was heartbroken towards Mullin, but Mullin deceived her again and again. Bai Ge thought more and more. sad. Zhang Chenguang took the opportunity to confess to Bai Ge, Bai Ge persuaded him to find a better girl, but Zhang Chenguang had already spotted her.

Mullin went home to talk to Li Ailing about Master Huang, and learned that his father and Master Huang were rivals before his death, but when his father was beaten into a white school, Master Huang went to the Revolutionary Committee to help his father fight the injustice. Bai Ge was too strong to drink, and soon she drank too much.

Zhang Chenguang wanted to send her home. Mu Feng and Liu Yang came out after dinner and saw them both. Bai Ge ridiculed Mu Feng and wanted to give Mu Feng a very big one. As a wedding gift, Mu Feng urged Zhang Chenguang to send Bai Ge home as soon as possible. Zhang Chenguang carried Bai Ge back home, and Peony sent Zhang Chenguang out. Please take care of Bai Ge.

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