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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 22 Recap

Liu Yang called Mu Feng in the office and asked him to have dinner after get off work. Mu Feng had to work overtime to write materials, so Liu Yang had to give up. Section Chief Wu reminded Mu Feng not to use the office phone to talk about love.

Mullin came to Xue Hua’s grave and made amends for the whole family. He only hoped that Xue Hua would not resent them. Mullin promised to take good care of Mu Nuosheng, let him grow up happily, and cultivate him into a promising future. People. Bai Ge pulled out Xue Hua’s notebook and read it from beginning to end.

Director Liu went home and talked about Mu Feng’s assignment to the Propaganda Department. Liu Yang praised Mu Feng for his active work and is still working overtime in the factory. Director Liu was very satisfied and urged Liu Yang to marry Mu Feng as soon as possible. Liu Yang promised. . When Mu Chun came to see Xu Liqun, he knew that he had been discharged from the hospital and went home, so Mu Chun hurriedly went to look for him at home. Xu Liqun insisted on tidying up the room, but because of the pain of the wound, he continued to complain. Mu Chun rushed to settle him in time, helped him clean up the house, and made dinner for him.

Mu Chun congratulated Xu Liqun on leaving the hospital and had dinner with him. Mu Chun casually asked about his hobbies. Xu Liqun claimed that he was writing a novel. Mu Chun was so amused that he couldn’t help but want to read his novel. Xu Liqun hadn’t finished writing yet. When it’s done, Mu Chun had dreamed of being a soldier since he was a child, but his family disagreed. Xu Liqun had also thought about being a soldier, and Mu Chun sneered at him.

Xu Liqun told Mu Chun a secret that his eyes were not nearsighted, and he wore glasses to show weakness, so others would not dare to bully him. Mu Chun was deeply concerned. Mulin stayed up late to repair the parts, and also turned out the notes left by his father to study carefully. Mu Xue admired Mulin, and Mulin asked Mu Xue to take care of Mu Nuosheng during this time.

Factory Director Liu thought that Liu Yang was about to get married. He felt empty, worried that Liu Yang would be wronged when he came to Mu’s house. He wanted Mu Feng and Liu Yang to live at home after marriage. His wife wanted Mu Feng to cut the door upside down. The wife asked Li Ailing to discuss it. Mu Feng stayed up late and wrote a speech. He was so tired that he fell asleep on the table. Section Chief Wu came to work early in the morning, mistakenly thinking that he would go to bed as soon as he went to work. Mu Feng repeatedly explained that he stayed up all night, Section Chief Wu quickly took it Go to the speech to revise it.

Bai Ge found that there were torn marks in the notebook, so he stayed up late to restore the writing on those two pages. Mother Liu came to the hospital to find Li Ailing early in the morning. A patient came to see Ailing Li. Mother Liu asked Li Ailing to talk at home after get off work. Mullin couldn’t sleep until he finally figured out a good way. He couldn’t wait to get it to the workshop to make it out. Section Chief Wu gave the speech to Director Liu for review, and Director Liu was full of praise for Mu Feng’s literary talent.

Master Huang in the workshop made a part according to Mullin’s request. Mullin felt that there was an error and wanted Master Huang to make another one. Master Huang relied on the old to sell the old. He resolutely refused to do it. Mullin left without looking back. Zhang Xiaoqing learned from Mu Xue that Bai Ge hadn’t come recently, so she wanted to marry Mulin and give birth to Mu Nuo as a stepmother. Mu Xue thought it was impossible. Her parents definitely disagree, but Zhang Xiaoqing looked for Mulin.

A model worker meeting was held in the factory. Mu Feng took a lot of photos of the model workers. Section Chief Wu complained that Mu Feng didn’t take pictures of Director Liu, so he changed the photos as soon as possible. He also asked Mu Feng to work overtime tonight to write a report. Feng had to follow suit. As soon as Mulin went home, he washed the diapers for Mu Nuo. Zhang Xiaoqing chatted with him. After Mulin washed the diapers, he urged Zhang Xiaoqing to go home quickly. He took the child over, and the child cried. Zhang Xiaoqing asked Mulin to flush the milk. .

After get off work, Li Ailing wanted to go home and change her clothes. Liu Yang felt it was unnecessary, so she took her home directly to see her parents. The head of the maintenance team invited Master Huang to drink. Master Huang clearly stated that outsiders are not allowed to enter the workshop. When he learned that the parts were designed by Mullin, he took him with admiration and agreed to come to the workshop tomorrow.

Director Liu and his wife and Li Ailing discussed let Liu Yang and Mu Feng get married on the eighth day of next month. The wedding expenses should be paid by their family, and there would be no beauties. Li Ailing was very frightened.

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