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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 21 Recap

Mulin agreed to give the regular quota to Mu Feng. He only had one condition, which was to hand over Mu Nuosheng to Mu Feng. Li Ailing strongly opposed. If Mu Feng recognized his child, he would not be eligible to enter the factory. Li Ailing knew So ashamed of Mullin, he can’t marry Bai Ge, but there is no other way, Li Ailing feels that she is not worthy to be a mother, she ruined Mullin’s life, Mullin comforted her not to go to her heart, promised to give Mu Nuo a child Raising an adult, Li Ailing is grateful to Mullin.

On the party committee, Director Zhang suggested that Mullin was a talented person and wanted him to come to the factory to take over. Director Liu stood up to oppose him. He insisted that Mullin was not good in character, and he also had a nickname of a second conquer, maintenance team. The squad leader explained in public that Mullin had a good relationship with everyone and he was very humorous.

That’s why he got this nickname, and Mullin had a strong maintenance business. Director Liu insisted on recruiting talents with both political integrity and ability and recommended Mu Feng to succeed him.

Li Ailing hurried to find Director Zhang, and learned that the factory leaders were in a meeting to study the succession of Mu’s children, Li Ailing hurried to the meeting room to find Director Zhang. Director Zhang made a final summary and insisted on selecting talents in an eclectic manner and recruiting Mullin. Others also supported Director Zhang. Director Liu had to give up. Director Zhang asked the manager to know the section manager and give it to Mullin as soon as possible. formalities.

Li Ailing broke into the conference room and announced in public that Mulin had agreed to give the spot to Mu Feng, and Director Zhang had to give up. Mu Feng has been in a coma. Mu Chun felt that Mu Feng was too fragile. He became crazy when he couldn’t go to college. Mu Feng suddenly woke up and clamored for the college badge. Mu Lin rushed to hear the news and promised to give him the quota for the factory. .

When Bai Ge learned of this, she suspected that Mu Feng was pretending to be crazy, and she was going to find Mu Lin to settle the account. Director Liu went home and talked to Liu Yang about Mu Feng’s entry into the factory. Liu Yang was ecstatic, and he took the opportunity to ask his father to arrange for Mu Feng to write materials in the office. Liu’s mother also helped, and Director Liu reluctantly agreed.

Director Zhang went home and complained loudly, complaining that Li Ailing was not reliable, Zhang Xiaoqing and Zhang Chenguang both fought for Mulin.

The factory quickly issued a notice of registration to Mu Feng. Mulin personally delivered it to Mu Feng. Bai Ge suddenly came to Mu Lin and called him out alone. Bai Ge complained that Mu Lin should not be responsible for Mu Feng’s responsibility, but also Returning the child to him, Bai Ge forced his mother Mullin to tell Mu Feng clearly, Mullin did not open his mouth, Bai Ge was angry to go to Mu Feng, Mulin shouted to stop her, do not allow her to blend in, Mullin has decided to raise Mu Nuo’s life, if Bai Ge couldn’t accept it, he would look for his own happiness. Bai Ge was so angry that he slapped him hard, and then walked away in tears.

Mulin handed the registration form to Mu Feng, and he couldn’t sleep through the night. Mu Feng went to work early in the morning, and Mu Lin tried hard to send him off. The workers in the maintenance class of the machinery factory had just come to ask Mullin to help repair a few reworked cars. Mullin agreed without saying a word. Mu Feng came to the personnel department to report. Director Liu greeted Chief Jia in advance, and Chief Jia assigned Mu Feng to the Propaganda Department.

Mullin carefully inspected the repaired car and did not find out the cause of the engine cylinder explosion. Section Chief Li of Zhongzhou Heavy Machinery Factory urged Team Leader Guo to repair it as soon as possible. Director Zhang came to mediate upon hearing the news and promised to repair it as soon as possible. Mullin wanted to bring the parts. Going back and researching, Director Zhang has high hopes for him.

Section Chief Jia sent Mu Feng to the Propaganda Section to report in person. Mu Feng saw colleagues playing chess and chatting in the office. Section Chief Wu Zhen was very indifferent to Mu Feng and asked him to clean up the table full of documents. Bai Ge had a big quarrel with Mullin. She was absent-minded every day and couldn’t feel it during rehearsal. Mu Chun heard that she was quarreling with Mullin and worried that they would break up and Bai Ge would not give up her love so easily.

As soon as the 20th anniversary of the factory was celebrated, Wu Zhen asked Mu Feng to write a speech and gave him some reference materials. Xu Liqun’s injury gradually improved. Kaixuan, Zhuzi and others played poker with him.

Li Ailing hurriedly stopped them and wanted Xu Liqun to be discharged as soon as possible. Xu Liqun pretended that the wound was still very painful and wanted to stay for a few more days. Li Ailing saw that he was pretending to be sick and urged him as soon as possible. go home. Triumphant wanted to send Xu Liqun home, he wanted to see Mu Chun and talk about it.

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