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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 13 Recap

Wu Siyue desperately prevented Baili Hongyi from killing Song Liang. Once Song Liang was killed, all the clues they had finally obtained were cut off, and Baili Hongyi had to let go.

Gao Bingzhu was chasing the masked man in black. He chased him from the tunnel to the street. With his familiarity with bad wells, Gao Bingzhu blocked his way in front. The man in black desperately broke free and Gao Bingzhu caught up again. He, the two of them fought, and Gao Bingzhu tried to unmask the mask several times to see the real face of the man in black, but failed. Li Beiqi led the guards of Dali Temple and then chased Gao Bingzhu, the man in black took the opportunity to sneak away, Gao Bingzhu gritted his teeth with anger.

Wu Youjue personally interrogated Gao Bingzhu, insisting that Gao Bingzhu and Song Liang had colluded with Song Liang’s possession of weapons and intended to rebel. Wu Youjue threatened to kill Gao Bingzhu to prevent his sister Wu Siyue from being confused by him. Wu Youjue never expected Wu Siyue didn’t want his elder brother for Gao Bingzhu, even sacrificing her own life long ago. Gao Bingzhu reminded Wu Youjue to let go of his personal grievances and to find out the chief envoy behind Song Liang as soon as possible. Wu Youjue claimed that he had sent people to arrest all the people in bad wells and forced Gao Bingzhu to confess all the charges. Otherwise, Those people will pay for him.

Wu Siyue hurriedly came to Wu Youjue and begged him to release Gao Bingzhu, because Wang Dengcheng was the one who had colluded with Song Liang. She did not expect that Gao Bingzhu had already confessed that he had colluded with Song Liang and tried to rebel. Wu Youjue decided to take Gao Bingzhu. Hand it over to the saint. Wu You decided to remind Saint Wu Siyue that she didn’t care whether Gao Bingzhu colluded with Song Liang, she only cared about the result. Wu Siyue came to Gao Bingzhu to ask about the reason. Gao Bingzhu didn’t want to explain too much. Wu Siyue vowed to catch Wang Dengcheng personally and let him confess his guilt, so that Gao Bingzhu would be rid of suspicion. Wu Siyue refused to listen to Gao Bingzhu’s dissuasion. , Resolutely left.

The sage called Jin Wang Wu Shenxing and asked him about Song Liang’s rebellion. Wu Shenxing had once served as the Shangshu of the Ministry of War. He knew Song Liang well. Song Liang was devoted to the sage, and he did not find any acts of forming a party for personal gain. Unable to figure out why Song Liang would suddenly rebel, the saint asked Wu Shenxing to thoroughly investigate Song Liang’s rebellion.

Li Yichen knelt outside the Xianju Hall to ask the saint for sin. He took the initiative to bear all guilt and begged the saint not to be angry with Lianfang. The saint asked Yang Huan to speak out and let Li Yichen clean up Lianfang and return her a clever and clear Lianfang. Finally, , Yang Huan told Li Yichen not to investigate Song Liang’s rebellion.

Wu Shenxing couldn’t understand the saint’s thoughts, and was afraid that Song Liang’s case would involve other officials from the court, he had to come to Yang Huan for help, and Yang Huan asked him to look into it at ease, and first opened the gap in Gao Bingzhu. Wu Shenxing called Wu Youjue and praised him and Wu Siyue for their great contributions in this operation, and promised to find him a position of honour. Wu Shenxing hinted that Wu Youjue let Gao Bingzhu blame on Prince Li Dun of the East Palace. , And asked Dali Temple Gao Sheng to preside over the case, so that the Wu family could stay out of the matter and just take advantage of the fisherman’s profit, Wu You decided to agree.

Gao Sheng came to the prison to see Song Liang, Song Liang cursed him and cursed him to die earlier, Gao Sheng accused Song Liang of not betraying the cultivation of the saint, Song Liang cursed the saint as the temptress who killed the butcher and the son, Gao Sheng turned around and asked the master behind the scenes, Song Liang avoided but did not answer, Gao Sheng threatened to intimidate Song Liang’s nine tribes, Song Liang was neither humble nor overbearing, and threatened to wait for them to advance on Huangquan Road.

Baili Hongyi wanted to dissolve her marriage contract with Liu Ran and promised to give her all the properties of the Baili family. Liu Ran did not want to leave. Baili Hongyi advised her not to stay here to waste time. Liu Ran learned from the pain and decided not to pester him anymore, thinking Leave as soon as you get the letter of resignation. Wu Siyue personally went to the bad well to catch Wang Dengcheng, but he had already escaped and took Gao Bingzhu’s mother. Wu Siyue had to send someone to call Baili Hongyi, Wu Siyue asked him to save Gao Bingzhu, Baili Hongyi Inferring that Wang Dengcheng had already left the city, Wu Siyue sent Bailang Shenfei to several gates to check Wang Dengcheng’s record of leaving the city.

Bailang found out that Wang Dengcheng had taken an old woman out of the city at Hui’anmen. He Fei Ge sent a letter to Wu Si Yuebao, and Baili Hongyi inferred Wang Dengcheng’s escape route based on the map. Wu Siyue went out of the city to chase him personally, and reported to Baili Hongyi where Wang Dengcheng appeared. Baili Hongyi finally found out that Wang Dengcheng would go to Zeyan Peak and Shen Feifei sent the letter to Wu Siyue.

Wu Siyue hurried to Zeyan Peak with a whip. Wang Dengcheng had long guessed that she would find her, so she sent the high mother to the room. Wu Siyue wanted to take Wang Dengcheng to confess his guilt and remove the suspicion for Gao Bingzhu. Wang Dengcheng repeatedly claimed that he Regarding Gao Bingzhu as his brother and Gao’s mother as his biological mother, Wang Dengcheng agreed to go back and confess his guilt, begging Wu Siyue to rescue Gao Bingzhu.

Just when Wu Siyue wanted to leave, she suddenly felt that the world was spinning, and then she realized that she had been caught in Wang Dengcheng’s trap. Wang Dengcheng placed a poisonous incense on the table and fainted Wu Siyue. Baili Hongyi waited hard for two hours. Wu Siyue hadn’t returned yet. He guessed that Wu Siyue was in danger, and Wang Dengcheng must have transferred Wu Siyue and Gao Mu, so he had to go to Li Yichen for help.

Baili Hongyi came to Hongwangfang to find Li Yichen, begging him to find Gongzi Chu for help to rescue Gao Bingzhu, let Gao Bingzhu go to Wang Dengcheng, and then rescue Wu Siyue, Li Yichen asked him to find Wu Youjue, Bai Li Hongyi had to admit that Wu Siyue went to Wang Dengcheng privately, and once Wu You decided to learn about it, it would only get worse.

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