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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 20 Recap

Mu Feng was tempted by Liu Yang’s persuasion, and he decided to go back to find his mother to take over and enter the factory, and repay his brothers and sisters in the future. Liu Yang was very happy. Li Ailing is on the night shift tonight. Mu Xue is preparing to cook and let Mullin hold Mu Nuosheng. Mullin has made up his mind to get back the quota for entering the factory.

After Mu Chun’s meticulous care, Xu Liqun’s injury gradually improved. She couldn’t bear the fatigue of Mu Chuntian and wanted her to go back to rest. Li Ailing insisted that Mu Chun stay and take care of him. Xu Liqun took the opportunity to ask Mu Chun to wash his face. Zhang Xiaoqing couldn’t wait to find Mullin just after eating. Director Zhang admired Mullin’s talents and wanted to let Mullin take over from the factory, so that Zhang Xiaoqing should not always go to Mullin, lest others gossiping, Zhang Xiaoqing learned that Mullin can In the factory, not to mention too happy, she wanted to wait for Mullin to look for him when he went to work.

Xu Liqun and Mu Chun talked about martial arts novels, and the two people had similar interests.

Mu Feng delivered food to Li Ailing, and took the opportunity to propose to join the factory to share the pressure for Li Ailing. Li Ailing knew that Mulin had been looking forward to entering the factory. Mu Feng did not want to be a burden to her family. Mie, Li Ailing didn’t allow him to give up on himself, and Mu Feng left without saying anything.

Mu Feng bowed his head and went home. When he saw Mullin was in a daze in the yard, he took the initiative to talk to him. Both brothers wanted to go to work in the factory, but they were not willing to speak first. Mu Feng plucked up the courage to mention it first, Mullin. Ask him to find the street office to arrange work. Mu Feng didn’t want to do the work of sweeping the street. Mullin persuaded him to do it first and then find a suitable job. Mu Feng was very sad and took Mulin to Xue Hua’s grave.

Xu Liqun and Mu Chun talked about Yang Guo. Xu Liqun was an orphan. He felt the same and analyzed Yang Guo’s mental journey. Mu Chun asked him to talk about his own experience. Xu Liqun had a happy family. When he was ten years old, he was on the verge of a revolution. Fighting, Xu Liqun didn’t follow his parents’ advice, and ran out of the window secretly. His parents went to the street to find him. They were just in time for two groups of people fighting. Their parents were shot and killed. Xu Liqun’s heartbreak became more and more, and Mu Chun desperately tried to comfort him. .

Mu Feng knelt down at Xue Hua’s grave and wept bitterly. He apologized to Xue Hua and wanted to take Mu Nuo to return to the Great Northern Wilderness. Mu Lin was moved. Xu Liqun woke up and saw that Mu Chun was asleep by the bed. He wanted to drink water but couldn’t reach the cup on the table. He gently moved Mu Chun away. Mu Chun was awakened and mistakenly thought Xu Liqun wanted to take the opportunity to touch her. Xu Liqun repeatedly explained that Mu Chun didn’t pursue it.

Xu Liqun was choking and coughed. Mu Chun quickly took out a handkerchief and wiped his mouth. Xu Liqun was enthusiastic in his heart. He looked at Mu Chun ignorantly and praised her for being like a little dragon girl. Triumphantly came to see Xu Liqun and found that Mu Chun and Xu Liqun were chatting enthusiastically. Suspecting that they liked each other, Mu Chun hurriedly left under the pretext of going home and changing clothes.

When Li Ailing went home from get off work, she heard the neighbor’s firecrackers celebrating her child’s entrance to college. She felt uneasy. Mu Feng heard the firecrackers and was clamoring to go to college. Mu Xue and Li Ailing desperately blocked him, and Mu Feng yelled hysterically. Thanks to Mu Chun rushing to call the doctor in time. The doctor judged that Mu Feng’s mental disorder caused by the stimulation caused the whole family to be desperate.

Li Ailing wanted Mullin to give the target to Mu Feng, and Mullin had this intention. Li Ailing felt sorry for Mullin, and Mullin vowed to continue to fulfill her ideals. Director Zhang held a team meeting to discuss the succession of Mu’s children into the factory.

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