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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 27 Recap

Shao Beisheng was training in the Lu Xun room and geared up to participate in Curry’s selection. Coach Ma watched Shao Beisheng grow up a little bit. He was reluctant to let Shao Beisheng leave. He came to the Lu training room to see Shao Beisheng and encouraged him to train well and try to pass Curry’s selection. Go to Russia for training. Zhu Lele selected a boy from among the many candidates. Qu Zhi voted for Hua Ye’an in the Department of Literature. Others were also optimistic about Ye An. Qu Zhi announced that Ye An would join the drama club. Zhu Lele strongly opposed it to no avail.

Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele passed by Zhuang Yue’s office and overheard her talking with the director. They learned that Cui Enjing was going to participate in the Asian Cup. Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele both walked away. Zhuang Yue heard something outside the door, so she opened the door to watch. When Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele were eavesdropping, they ordered them to train.

Shen Zheng came to accompany Shao Beisheng to train. Shao Beisheng wanted to follow Curry to Russia, but he was reluctant to think of Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi promised to think of him. Shao Beisheng took the opportunity to play tricks and kept talking sweet words with his arms around Shen Zheng. He also gave Shen Zheng a rose, and the two lay on the ground side by side, with endless love stories. At the end of the training, Shao Beisheng sent Shen Zheng back to the dormitory. The two reluctantly said goodbye. When Shen Zheng thought of a long-distance relationship with Shao Beisheng, his heart was mixed.

Ye An wrote the script of “Turn Around and Embrace the Sunshine”. Qu Zhi and the members of the drama club were very satisfied. They unanimously recommended Qu Zhi and Ye An to play the leading actors and actresses respectively. Zhu Lele strongly protested that she wanted to compete fairly with Ye An. Zhu Lele cried and cried in the dormitory. When Shen Zheng came back to see this scene, he thought she was wronged. Unexpectedly, Zhu Lele was practicing acting. Zhu Lele wanted to play the leading role, but he was worried that he could not win against Ye An. Shen Zhengyi came up with a good one for her. Method.

Shao Beisheng allowed Qu Zhi to reconcile with Zhu Lele within a week, lest Shen Zhengyi always worry about them, and Qu Zhi would not allow him to get along. Zhu Leyue wanted to have a dinner with the members of the drama club in the name of the troupe. She bought Curly hair in advance. In the end, only Qu Zhi came to the appointment.

Zhu Lele took the initiative to show her good wishes to Qu Zhi, and Qu Zhi felt happy. Two people play various games together. They talk and laugh, happily like two children. Zhu Lele put chocolate into a heart shape, took the initiative to please Quzhi, and wanted to reconcile with Quzhi. Quzhi excuses that it is not suitable to reunite with a broken mirror today, and put Zhu Lele aside. Immediately afterwards, Qu Zhi sent a message to reunite with Zhu Lele. Zhu Lele was ecstatic.

Shen Zhengyi accompanied Shao Beisheng in training and painted all the wonderful moments of him dancing on the ice. Shao Beisheng grabbed the picture book and saw that there were sketches of his various poses. Shen Zheng wanted to save his appearance. Take a look when you think about him.

Shen Zhengyi also drew a sketch that looked exactly like himself, holding a banner cheering for Shao Beisheng in his hand. Shao Beisheng carefully cultivated a small tomato and gave it to Shen Zhengyi as a gift. Zhu Lele wanted to eat the small tomato. Shen Zhengyi decided not to do it. She loves the small tomato tree and always guards against Zhu Lele stealing it.

Coach Ma accompanied Shao Beisheng to participate in Curry’s selection. Wang Jun and the players wanted to see Curry’s true face, so Shao Beisheng took them to observe. Curry came to the Zhanfeng team club on time. Cui Enjing was also with him. Zhuang Yue used to be Cui Enjing’s coach. The two separated because of a disagreement. They met again after many years, and they did not bother each other. greeting.

Cui Enjing came to talk to Zhuang Yue and persuaded her to leave Zhufeng and continue to be her coach. Zhuang Yue insisted on staying and had to see Cui Enjing in the Asian Cup. Cui Enjing immediately decided to compete with the members of the Wind Team on the ice rink. She openly challenged, and everyone looked at each other and did not dare to challenge. Cui Enjing asked Luo Xiaoyi to compete with her. Luo Xiaoyi didn’t say a word, and Shen Zhengyi took the initiative to stand up and fight. , Cui Enjing dismissed her and wanted to see her on the court.

Xiao Han and Zhuang Yue carefully analyzed Cui Enjing’s advantages. Zhuang Yue knew very well about Cui Enjing’s personality. She was unwilling to assist others. Zhuang Yue and Xiao Han cheered for Shen Zhengyi together. Curry came to select the team members on time, Shao Beisheng took the initiative to introduce himself, Wang Jun and others also introduced themselves.

As soon as Shen Zheng arrived at the ice rink, Xiao Han and Zhuang Yue both cheered her on, but Shen Zheng was at a loss, and Cui Enjing rushed over afterwards. The reporters gathered around her to interview her. At the same time, Shao Beisheng performed in front of the library. He was praised by Curry for his superb technique and perfect dance. Curry asked the next player to perform. When Shao Beisheng saw Xiao Qing coming in, he was stunned.

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