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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 26 Recap

Zhuang Yue stood in a daze, Xiao Han advised her not to appear in the arena, lest Wang Limin could see, Xiao Han revealed that Wang Limin was still brooding about what happened that year. At the beginning of the game, Zhuang Yuecai awoke from the memories of the past. She rushed in and hid in the passageway. From a distance, she saw Wang Limin cheering for Shen Zhengyi. She had no time to take care of this, and her eyes were fixed on Shen Zhengyi and Liu Sisi.

Yu Bingling was always far ahead, and Shen Zheng was willing to assist Liu Sisi. Liu Sisi gradually became exhausted. Shen Zhengyi rushed to help Liu Sisi. Liu Sisi knew that she could not catch up with Yu Bingling. She hinted that Shen Zheng would go after Bingling. Zhengyi speeded up and rushed up, and soon surpassed Yu Bingling. She took advantage of the victory and pursued and rushed to the finish line first. Zhuang Yue was speechless with excitement, Wang Limin and Shen Jiacheng cried, Shen Zhengyi and Liu Sisi cheered happily.

Yu Bingling was convinced that she lost, and she took the initiative to congratulate Liu Sisi and Shen Zhengyi. Liu Sisi is about to graduate from college, and her speed skating career is about to come to a perfect curtain call. She packed up her team uniform, with mixed feelings in her heart, and Shen Zheng gave her the Lingyun Cup champion medal as a souvenir. This gold medal belongs to both of them. Yes, Liu Sisi excused himself to lose everything, but let Shen Zhengyi take care of it.

The teammates came together to congratulate Shen Zheng and clamored for her to treat him. Luo Xiaoyi was very uncomfortable seeing this scene. The parents came to the locker room to pick up Liu Sisi. Liu Sisi was crying in her mother’s arms. She regretted that she didn’t get a gold medal. Her parents praised her as the best and gave her the chance to win the gold medal to her teammates. Mother was going home to cook and congratulate Liu Sisi. .

Shen Jiacheng held the gold medal and couldn’t put it down. Wang Limin happily closed his mouth from ear to ear. Shen Jiacheng wanted to go home to celebrate Shen Zheng. Shen Zhengyi suddenly remembered Shao Beisheng and lied to go back to take things back to the gym. When Shao Beisheng waited for a long time with flowers in his hand, he hugged Shen Zheng. Shen Jiacheng hurried to find Shen Zhengyi, Shao Beisheng hurriedly hid in fright, Shen Zhengyi hurriedly pulled Shen Jiacheng away.

Zhuang Yue found out the photo of her and Wang Limin’s award-winning group photo. She couldn’t tell the sorrow. Shao Beisheng came to Zhuang Yue and saw at a glance that she had something on her mind. Zhuang Yue excused that she was too tired if she hadn’t rested. She couldn’t wait to know. The attitude of Shen Zhengyi’s parents and their relationship with Shao Beisheng and Shen Zhengyi. After receiving Shen Zhengyi’s message, Shao Beisheng was eager to go out and call, but did not answer directly.

Tonight, the Zhanfeng team held a celebration banquet and also sent off Liu Sisi’s retirement. Xiao Han addressed her on behalf of the coach and teammates. Liu Sisi also delivered a passionate speech. She also successfully applied for a company as a personnel assistant and will go for an internship next week. , The teammates congratulated her together, Luo Xiaoyi couldn’t intervene, and could only sit silently while watching them talking and laughing.

Luo Xiaoyi was bored, and quietly hid out to relax, Shen Zhengyi and Liu Sisi came out to talk, Luo Xiaoyi hurried back to the hotel. Liu Sisi reminded Shen Zhengyi to follow Zhuang Yue’s training. It was because of Zhuang Yue’s encouragement that she regained her confidence. Zhu Lele firmly believes that Shen Zhengyi can defeat Cui Enjing in the Asian Cup to win the championship. Luo Xiaoyi publicly questioned that there is still a big gap between them. Zhuang Yue encouraged Shen Zhengyi not to be discouraged.

Zhuang Yue wanted the players to enjoy the carnival. She left early and Xiao Han wanted to leave. The players struggled to stay, so he had to stay and play games with them. After drinking and eating, Shao Beisheng came to pick up Shen Zhengyi, and the two left arm in arm. Liu Sisi deliberately walked with Luo Xiaoyi. Liu Sisi felt that she was not firm enough at the beginning. He was not as confident as Shen Zhengyi. He missed many opportunities to win gold medals.

Liu Sisi did not regret it, but felt very regretful. She always regarded Luo Xiaoyi as a friend. Luo Xiaoyi was moved. With tears in her eyes, she couldn’t help but hugged Liu Sisi tightly, apologized to her again and again, admitted that she had a bad temper, and the two of them settled their suspicions. Liu Sisi encouraged Luo Xiaoyi to achieve good results in the Asian Cup.

Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele came to the classroom to study early, Shao Beisheng brought them a loving breakfast, Qu Zhi and Zhu Lele did not speak in the cold war, Qu Zhi had left beforehand with the excuse of Shen Zhengyi, and Zhu Lele only admitted that they had broken up, Shen Zhengyi Shao Beisheng and Shao Beisheng were very surprised. They didn’t know when they started dating, so Shao Beisheng hurried to find Qu Zhi.

Zhu Lele stunned her and Qu Zhi through Shen Zhengyi of the 15th and Tenth Company. Shen Zhengyi persuaded her to find Quzhi and explain clearly. Zhu Lele wanted to calm down before speaking. Shao Beisheng came to Qu Zhi to talk, complaining that he hadn’t made it public beforehand. Qu Zhi wanted to know why the two of them broke up, Qu Zhi kept silent, and Shao Beisheng stopped questioning.

Zhu Lele considered repeatedly and decided to take the initiative to find Qu Zhi to apologize. She came to the drama club and saw a long line at the door. Only then did she know that the drama club was recruiting new recruits and that the department of literature was interviewing inside. Zhu Lele rushed in to find Qu Zhi.

When Xing Shi asked her about her crime, Qu Zhi used her to sing about her absence from club activities as an excuse. Zhu Lele refused to give up. Curly and the others saw that Qu Zhi was in conflict with Zhu Lele, so they asked Zhu Lele to sit down as an interviewer. Five days later, Curry went to the wind team to select players. Shao Beisheng was determined to win. He worked overtime to train.

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