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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 24 Recap

Shao Beisheng and Shen Zhengyi are officially in love. The two dressed up carefully and started dating for the first time. Zhu Lele and Qu were left out in the cold, and they had to meet each other for dinner.

When Shao Beisheng and Shen Zheng met each other, they complained that each other was wearing too little. Both of them shivered with cold, so they had to go back and put on their thick coats to eat. After the meal, Shao Beisheng took Shen Zhengyi’s hand back to the gymnasium. As soon as Shen Zheng didn’t want to be misunderstood by others, he let go of Shao Beisheng’s hand, and Shao Beisheng held her tightly.

After unremitting efforts, Shen Zhengyi not only slid the curve perfectly, but also slid into two minutes and forty seconds. Zhuang Yue asked her to start tactical training on Monday to prepare for the Lingyun Cup game. Shen Zhengyi cheered happily. Shao Beisheng came to the stadium and waited for Shen Zhengyi. Xiao Qing came out afterwards. Shao Beisheng congratulated her on joining Coach Jiang’s team. Xiao Qing wanted to see him on the field.

Shen Zhengyi saw the gift Shao Beisheng gave her in the dressing room, and he was very happy. Shao Beisheng sent a message to urge her to come out. Shen Zhengyi ran all the way to see Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng took the opportunity to act like a coquettish to her, thinking she was too late, Shen Zheng Shao Beisheng immediately let go of a series of apologizes and desperately trying to make him happy.

Shao Beisheng and Shen Zhengyi went to eat together. The young couples next to each other fed each other for dinner. Shao Beisheng also asked Shen Zhengyi to feed him. Shen Zhengyi deliberately gave him a mouthful of chili. After the meal, Shao Beisheng took Shen Zhengyi to the campus dating holy place to observe and learn how other couples fall in love.

Zhu Lele and Qu Zhi happened to pass by and hurried away when they saw them. Shen Zhengyi and Shao Beisheng studied with the opposite couple and looked at each other affectionately. Finally, Shen Zhengyi leaned on Shao Beisheng’s shoulder and fell asleep. Shao Beisheng couldn’t help but kiss her.

Shen Zhengyi did not go home for a long time. Wang Limin was worried and wanted to see Shen Zhengyi with Shen Jiacheng. Shen Jiacheng excused that he could not go there. Wang Limin resolutely refused to do it. Shen Jiacheng secretly called Xiao Han to inform him, and Xiao Han worried that Wang Limin would see Zhuang. Read, let Zhuang Yue go to the TV station for an interview. When Wang Limin and Shen Jiacheng came to the school, Xiao Han accompanied them to visit Lu Xun’s room. Zhu Lele just saw it when he went out, and hurried to inform Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi sent a message to Shao Beisheng to explain the situation.

Wang Limin explained her intention. She wanted to help Shen Zheng to go through the resignation procedures. Shen Zheng hurried to stop her. She didn’t want to leave the wind team, and argued with her mother. Luo Xiaoyi also protested to Wang Limin and wanted Shen Zhengyi to stay. Wang Limin talked about the painful lesson she had been betrayed by her teammates and retired from the game. She determined that Luo Xiaoyi would not sincerely be friends and teammates with Shen Zhengyi. Luo Xiaoyi made it clear that she and Shen Zhengyi will play the game whoever has the strength.

Zhuang Yue just wanted to go to the TV station to be interviewed. Suddenly he received a call from Shao Beisheng and learned that Shen Zhengyi’s mother had come to leave the team. Zhuang Yue hurried back to school without saying a word. When he entered the door, he saw Shen Zhengyi crying excitedly. Reading that Shen Zhengyi’s mother had agreed to her stay, she was also happy for her. Afterwards, Shen Zhengyi bought fruit to thank Luo Xiaoyi, and Luo Xiaoyi admired Shen Zhengyi.

Shen Zhengyi officially joined the tactical training. She wanted to partner with Zhu Lele. Zhuang Yue promised to let Luo Xiaoyi and Liu Sisi cooperate with each other in training. At the beginning of the training, Shen Zheng took the lead one by one, Liu Sisi and Luo Xiaoyi chased after me, fighting on their own, Zhu Lele cheered on Shen Zhengyi, Zhuang Yue severely taught Shen Zhengyi, Liu Sisi and Luo Xiaoyi, let them cooperate with each other. For himself, Zhuang Yue fined them to run 1,500 meters. Zhu Lele didn’t want to hold Shen Zhengyi’s hind legs, and persuaded Shen Zhengyi to find someone else’s partner, but Shen Zhengyi flatly refused.

Luo Xiaoyi took the initiative to find Shen Zhengyi’s partner, and Shen Zhengyi insisted on cooperating with Zhu Lele. Zhu Lele just heard their conversation and felt very uncomfortable. Liu Sisi ridiculed Luo Xiaoyi and reminded her to train hard, or she would be replaced by Shen Zhengyi sooner or later.

Curry is about to select players. Shao Beisheng is worried about losing the election and works overtime every day to train. As soon as the training was over, Shen Zheng received the message that Shao Beisheng wanted to practice more, so she had to leave alone. Xiao Han had been waiting for her, persuading her to leave Zhu Lele, so as not to be dragged down by Zhu Lele, Xiao Han suggested that Shen Zhengyi find a stronger person to cooperate, otherwise it would be impossible to win the gold medal.

Qu Zhi invited Zhu Lele to dinner. Zhu Lele was always depressed. She knew that she was not good enough and didn’t want to delay Shen Zhengyi. Qu Zhi encouraged her not to be discouraged, and firmly believed that she could win the gold medal. Zhu Lele had no confidence in herself and wanted to linger for a few years. Quzhi knew her. To be more angry, she likes short track speed skating, but she doesn’t want to face her own failure. Zhu Lele doesn’t want to listen to the verbose music, and simply blocks her ears.

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