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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 12 Recap

Baili Hongyi hides and observes carefully. There are many craftsmen in Zhubingfang. They have a clear division of labor and perform their duties. Everyone is very busy. Suddenly a craftsman finds Baili Hongyi. He hurried away from fear. The craftsmen were right. He chased after him. The tunnel was intricate and complicated. Baili Hongyi was running around inside, and was caught by the craftsmen. Thanks to Gao Bingzhu’s timely arrival and rescued him from the tunnel, the craftsmen chased him to the entrance of the tunnel, worrying about revealing their identity, so they could only return quietly.

Gao Bingzhu knew that the bad people hated him so badly that he had to hide from the crowd and bring Baili Hongyi to a secluded place. Baili Hongyi wanted to report to an official. Gao Bingzhu desperately blocked it, worried that it would bring disaster to the people of bad wells. Baili Hongyi was unwilling to give up. Gao Bingzhu took him to meet someone who knew bad wells better than the government.

At the mass grave, Wu Siyue promised Gao Bingzhu that he would give an explanation to the seven dead brothers, but Gao Bingzhu still went to Liu Xiang without telling her. Wu Siyue knew that Gao Bingzhu still didn’t believe her, and she was extremely upset. In addition, Li Beiqi did not find the killer Yuanfei in the Liu Mansion, which made Wu Siyue more worried. Liu Ran suddenly came to the Neiwei Mansion to find Wu Siyue to talk about his concerns. He accidentally revealed that Baili Hongyi went out alone today, and she didn’t even bring her personal guard, Shen Fei, and Wu Siyue realized that the situation was not good.

Gao Bingzhu brought Baili Hongyi to see Wang Dengcheng. He discovered that his mother was not at home. Wang Dengcheng lied that Gao Bingzhu’s mother had a relapse and was sent to the hospital. Gao Bingzhu saw that the jelly-pot sugar made by his mother had not solidified yet and knew that Wang Dengcheng was lying. He deliberately said that the sesame mashed sugar was a bit bitter, and he asked Baili Hongyi to taste it personally and gave it a good evaluation. Baili Hongyi tasted it and found it good, and immediately understood that Gao Bingzhu deliberately said something wrong, just to remind him that Wang Dengcheng was wrong.

Gao Bingzhu asked Baili Hongyi to learn about the bad well from Wang Dengcheng, and he deliberately said that someone was casting weapons in the bad well. Wang Dengcheng asked three questions. Baili Hongyi was going to report to the official. Wang Dengcheng tried his best to stop him, worrying about the bad well. In the disaster, Gao Bingzhu advised Wang Dengcheng not to stop Baili Hongyi, took the opportunity to knock Baili Hongyi stunned, and asked Wang Dengcheng to help him carry Baili Hongyi into the room.

Wu Siyue asked Neiwei Sui Xin to help draw the portrait of the wanted criminal Yuanfei, and asked him to check Baili Hongyi’s whereabouts. Liu Ran only remembered that Liu Xiang gave Yuanfei a big house. Gao Bingzhu tied up Baili Hongyi and asked Wang Dengcheng to lead the way to Zhubingfang. Wang Dengcheng believed in him, so he led him in through another jade mining tunnel.

Wu Siyue took people to Yuanfei’s house, where people had already gone to the building. Wang Dengcheng took Gao Bingzhu to Zhubingfang, and inadvertently revealed that the tunnel collapsed last year and killed many people. The bad well was 10,000-year-old rock, and it was impossible to collapse. Gao Bingzhu suspected that the collapse was caused by Zhubingfang. The two of them came to Zhubingfang. Wang Dengcheng persuaded Gao Bingzhu not to take risks, so as not to hurt his mother and the people of bad wells.

Gao Bingzhu was unwilling to give up. He searched for five years and finally found these important clues. He thought Find out the details of the Spring and Autumn Road through the Zhubingfang, and then follow the vines to find the killer with the halberd. Wang Dengcheng suddenly resisted him with a dagger, Gao Bingzhu had no choice but to capture him, he was tied to the pillar of the Zhubingfang, Gao Bingzhu realized that Wang Dengcheng had betrayed the bad well.

Song Liang led his soldiers to arrive. Gao Bingzhu did not expect that the dignified Armament Shangshu would make weapons privately. Obviously he wanted to rebel. Gao Bingzhu didn’t care about these court disputes. He only wanted revenge. Song Liang claimed that the murderer was a saint. Gao Bingzhu went to the saint to claim his life, but Gao Bingzhu was noncommittal. Song Liang persuaded Gao Bingzhu to join the Spring and Autumn Dao to seek a great cause. Gao Bingzhu was not interested in this. Song Liang threatened to get rid of Wu Youjue first, let the Neiwei Mansion go into chaos, take the opportunity to punish the saint, and then avenge Gao Bingzhu.

At the same time, Wu Youjue received a secret letter and learned that copper materials had been found in Liuxiang Mansion, so he decided to see it in person. Song Liang sent Yuanfei to ambush heavy soldiers on the only way to Liu Mansion, and wanted to kill Wu You. Gao Bingzhu agreed to help Song Liang achieve his great cause. He had only one condition, which was to kill the killer with his hand. Song Liang promised, Gao Bingzhu publicly announced that he had joined the Spring and Autumn Dao. Wu Siyue and Baili Hongyi arrived in time with the guards of the inner guard. Song Liang was caught off guard. The officers and soldiers of the Ministry of War were taken down in one fell swoop. The craftsmen fought back and the two sides fought fiercely.

It turned out that Gao Bingzhu and Baili Hongyi deceived Wang Dengcheng with bitter tricks. Gao Bingzhu deliberately gave Baili Hongyi a Baigong knot he studied. Baili Hongyi easily opened the knot and went back to report to Wu Si Yue. Baili Hongyi and Wu Siyue analyzed that Song Liang of the Military Dispatch Department was behind the scenes. They just wanted to bring the guards of the inner Weifu to the bad well to encircle and suppress. Wu Siyue heard that Wu You decided to go to Liufu to investigate the copper material after receiving a secret letter, and immediately guessed this. It was a trap, she hurried to stop Wu Youjue.

Yuanfei led his soldiers in ambush for a long time before seeing Wu Youjue’s carriage galloping forward. Yuanfei ordered the arrows to be released. The carriage was shot through by random arrows. Yuanfei jumped from the wall to catch people, and found that the carriage was empty. Fei realized that he was in the game, and the guards of the Neiwei Mansion arrived and wiped out Yuan Fei and others in one fell swoop.

The masked man in black suddenly descended from the sky to Zhubingfang. Gao Bingzhu saw the halberd in his hand and recognized that he was the murderer who killed his friends. Gao Bingzhu fought him. The soldiers of the Ministry of War were killed and wounded, and Song Liang became a lonely man. He saw that the general situation was gone and wanted to die. Baili Hongyi desperately stopped him, and asked Song Liang why he wanted to kill his father Bailiyan. Song Liang sneered and Baili Hongyi sneered. Wanting to kill him to avenge his father, Wu Siyue loudly stopped Baili Hongyi.

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