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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 11 Recap

Liu Xiang admitted that he killed Bailiyan and others who were blocking his fortune. He also teased that Gao Bingzhu was still looking for the truth when he died. Gao Bingzhu knew that once Linchuan’s other business was exposed, Liu Xiang would undoubtedly die. He was not interested in the truth. Just wanting to kill the killer with a halberd to avenge his friends, Liu Xiang is helpless, he only knows that the world will be destroyed overnight, and then commits suicide in fear of sin.

On the way home, Liu Ran thought the more things went wrong. Liu Xiang was very abnormal today and said some strange things. She couldn’t rest assured, and immediately returned to Liu Mansion. Baili Hongyi and Wu Siyue happened to come to Liu Xiang, Liu Ran told Liu Xiang’s strange words and deeds yesterday. Baili Hongyi realized that the situation was not good, and rushed into the room and found that Liu Xiang was angry.

He died, Gao Bingzhu remained at the scene, Liu Ran threw himself on Liu Xiang’s body and howled. Baili Hongyi and Wu Siyue both believed that Gao Bingzhu killed Liu Xiang, and despite Gao Bingzhu’s various defenses, they didn’t believe it at all.

Liu Ran guessed that Baili Hongyi was investigating Liu Xiang and questioned what was going on. Baili Hongyi only said that Liu Xiang had killed his father, but Liu Ran was stunned when he kept silent. Wu Youjue reported Liu Xiang’s numerous crimes to the saint in detail. The saint Gu Nian Liu’s family was a prominent family for generations, and the relationship with officials in the DPRK and the central government was also intricate. , Solicited opinions from hundreds of officials. Some officials suggested to confiscate the property of the Liu family and demote all relatives to common people. There were also officials who pleaded for the Liu family. Both sides held their own opinions.

Gao Sheng hid on the side and pretended to sleep. The saint asked for his opinion. He felt that Liu Xiang was dead, and he naturally confiscated his family property. There was no need to implicate his relatives. The saint gave the case to Gao Sheng to handle it. Gao Sheng led the guards of Dali Temple to seal up the Liu Mansion. Pei Jian took the opportunity to propose to unblock the bad well and fulfill his promise to Gao Bingzhu. Gao Sheng asked him to do it.

Pei Jian personally led people to unblock the bad well, Wang Dengcheng was grateful to him, and Pei Jian counted the credit for Gao Bingzhu. Baili Hongyi’s grievance has been reported, Baili Hongyi was still very nervous, Shen Fei kindly persuaded him, Baili Hongyi learned that Liu Ran did not eat or drink, and kept himself in the room, he couldn’t bear it. Quietly went over to visit, and heard Liu Ran crying in the room at the door, he was inconvenient to interrupt, so he left silently.

Wang Dengcheng guessed that Gao Bingzhu was in the mass grave, and hurried to tell him the good news, but Gao Bingzhu was not happy at all. In the past five years, Liu Xiang was the most important clue for him, and he was only one step away from finding the murderer with the halberd. As a result, Liu Xiangwei committed suicide, and his pursuit of the murder was interrupted. Gao Bingzhu was very upset.

Yunzhi stewed the black chicken soup and sent it to Liu Ran to persuade her to take good care of her health. Yunzhi saw Baili Hongyi just came to see Liu Ran, but did not enter the door. Liu Ran had already seen him and guessed that Baili Hongyi did not. Knowing how to face her, after she learned that Liu Xiang had killed Bailiyan, she couldn’t face Baili Hongyi either.

In order to make Liu Ran happy, Baili Hongyi went to the street to buy her spicy soup for her. He accidentally saw that the copper scale of the stall owner was exquisite, so he took it away without saying anything. Gao Bingzhu came back to Li Yichen and learned that Baili Hongyi and Wu Siyue had only seized more than 30,000 counterfeit coins in the copper workshop of Linchuan’s other industry. Gao Bingzhu felt it impossible.

The amount of Zunshan copper was huge. Far more than these 30,000 copper coins, he thinks that this matter is inseparable from the Spring and Autumn Road. They want to use Liu Xiang’s death to cover up a bigger conspiracy. Liu Xiang is just a pawn for them to lose the car to protect their handsome. Li Yichen also thinks very much. Strangely, Lian Fang’s powerful search function could not find the whereabouts of the copper material. Gao Bingzhu suddenly remembered the bad well.

Baili Hongyi went through this series of things from beginning to end, thinking that the key to the problem was to find the whereabouts of the copper material, but Lianfang and Dali Temple could not find it after digging three feet in the gods. Baili Hongyi suddenly thought of the special existence of Bad Well. He came to investigate the bad well by himself and saw a group of ragged children grabbing a piece of pie. He picked it up and returned it to them.

One of the little boys saw that Baili Hongyi was very good. When he had money, he returned to beg for him. Baili Hongyi bought him a big pie and asked him that there were a lot of outsiders coming to him recently. Just as a group of people hurried past, Baili Hongyi quietly followed, and walked to the end along a narrow tunnel, and found that there was a huge forging workshop hidden inside.

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