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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 33 Recap

The money he borrowed from Marlene was too late to pay, and the creditors came to collect the debt one after another. Among them, Mr. Chen transferred the debt to a third-party company.

Zhicheng Company took the Ovano flagship store as expected, and Mr. Yan hosted a celebration banquet for Feng Chunsheng. On the other side, Zhuo Nanzhi reprimanded Wan Liming’s cooked duck to be allowed to fly. In the evening, Xiaoting was really happy for Chunsheng’s success, and suggested that he would find her father more for a drink and chat, so that she would be happy when their relationship gets better. The two immediately decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Xingran specially ordered Qingqian to eat at a high-end restaurant with beautiful scenery. He gave Qingqian a bank card and told her that he had signed a contract with an art dealer and was about to open a studio. Qingqian cried with joy. Xingran asked her to return part of Kari’s money to Lao Pan. Qing Qian felt that she deserved it. Xingran believed that she had nothing to do with Lao Pan, but said that the return of the money was to understand the lumps of happiness.

Qingqian asked Pan Yanming to come out to pay back the money, stating that the two of them have had their lives with each other since then. Pan Yanming told Qingqian: Xing Ran’s affection for her is just a kind of attachment. As Xing Ran’s career becomes more formal, between them, regardless of age, The gap between the way of thinking and living habits will become larger and larger, and the future may not be better. Qing Qian said that even if she hit her head and broke the blood, she was willing.

Chunsheng and Mr. Yan asked SK’s agent Huang for dinner to discuss cooperation, but agent Huang did not buy their account. Mr. Yan knows that Agent Huang and Zhuo Nanzhi are very familiar, and hopes that Chunsheng can find his father-in-law to come forward. He promised that as long as Chunsheng wins the project, the conditions will be set by him.

Mother Feng chatted with Xiaoting in the evening. She was the only girl admitted in the township when she resumed the college entrance examination. Because of family reasons, she did not succeed in school, so Chunsheng’s hard work is inherited from her.

When Qing Qian and Jian came to the studio, Xing Ran was discussing paintings with Nana, and Qing Qian’s heart was unhappy with their intimate movements. After Luo Nana left, she simply reminded Xing Ran not to be half-hearted emotionally. During the meal, Xing Ran said that he would take Qing Qian to a Spanish comic exhibition, and Qing Qian was not at all interested.

Chunsheng invited Agent Huang to have dinner again, but he did not expect that he also invited Zhuo Nanzhi and Xiaoting. Agent Huang said that Chunsheng’s project company had a lot of internal resistance, but he still wanted to help Chunsheng. Xiaoting bluntly said that if Agent Huang was due to her father Only to support Chunsheng, this business is still forgotten.

During the dinner, Zhuo Nanzhi agreed to the conditions of cooperation from Agent Huang, and Agent Huang immediately stated that he would definitely support Chunsheng just like Mr. Zhuo promoted himself. Before he left, Chunsheng explained this to his father-in-law, he didn’t know it beforehand, and his father-in-law would just do it by business. After Chunsheng left, Zhuo Nanzhi told Xiaoting: If she did not agree to Huang’s agent, the project cooperation between Chunsheng and SK would not be successful. So when Chunsheng left Zhuoyuan, he couldn’t believe that he didn’t rely on anyone.

Mr. Cai told Lin Wanrou that the company registration review will take several weeks. After the review is passed, the money will be sent to ensure that the money is cleanly laundered. There is nothing to do with them on the account. The money was sent to Wanrou. Lin Wanrou urged him not to let the fourth person know about this. In addition, at the beginning, the company’s life-saving money was taken by Marlenevan’s simple investment project. Mr. Cai said that he would explain the ins and outs of this matter to shareholders at the right opportunity. After talking about work, Mr. Cai invited Wanrou to dinner, but Wanrou refused.

When she returned home in the evening, Xiaoting hoped that Chunsheng would stop cooperating with Agent Huang, because he was clearly using his father in exchange for benefits, and Chunsheng wanted to prove to his father that he could keep his promises. Chunsheng believed that this step was not caused by himself. Even if he retreats, his father-in-law cannot change his opinion of himself. He is angry that even if they step on themselves as a pawn in the mud, as long as they can’t step on him, he will wade across the river. Xiaoting had no choice but to call Agent Huang, hoping that he and Chunsheng would work together and cooperate as soon as possible. Don’t drag her father into it, otherwise she would write down the account.

The doctor told Zhuo Nanzhi that his intracranial aneurysm was more serious, and it may develop symptoms such as confusion. This is like a time bomb, with a high rate of death to disability due to bursting and bleeding, and the location of the tumor is not good. The risk is great, and conservative treatment can only be maintained temporarily.

Simply take the filmed textbook and give it to Hu Ying for review. It turns out that Xusheng Group had acquired Xinghuo Culture before Hu Ying came into contact with it, but now the capital chain of Xusheng Group has been broken, and all projects have stopped.

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