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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 19 Recap

This night, Mu Feng and Mullin couldn’t sleep. They had their own confession. Mu Feng was unwilling to give up the opportunity to take over and join the factory. Mullin didn’t want to lose his job again, but when he thought of Li Ailing’s request, he was in a dilemma.

Liu Yang asked Li Ailing about Mu Feng’s situation and told Li Ailing about Mu Feng’s suicide. Liu Yang also revealed that his father wanted Mu Feng to take over, and then use the factory place to go to university. Mulin went to the hospital to deliver food to Mu Chun early in the morning. Zhang Xiaoqing wanted to go with him. Mulin wanted to stay and take care of Xu Liqun. She advised her not to delay work. Zhang Xiaoqing promised to come to him again after work.

Mulin found an excuse to decline. Zhang Xiaoqing saw that Mu Lin deliberately avoided her, Mullin persuaded her to follow the advice of her parents, but Zhang Xiaoqing didn’t listen at all. She didn’t care about the opinions of her parents, she only liked Mulin. The personnel department chief saw this scene from a distance.

Chi Shuai sent Xu Liqun a settlement letter. Xu Liqun reluctantly agreed and offered to let him collect the waste. Mu Chun wanted to go. Xu Liqun asked her to stay in the hospital. Bai Ge had to agree to collect the waste. Xu Liqun set the price of the various wastes one by one. After writing it, Bai Ge was asked to help him take care of the puppy. Bai Ge was so angry that he couldn’t laugh or cry.

The personnel department chief went to report to Director Zhang, pretending to let Mullin take over into the factory, and deliberately revealed that Zhang Xiaoqing was in love with Mullin. Director Zhang made it clear that Zhang Xiaoqing would not associate with Mullin, and he would not be because of this. This kind of relationship goes through the back door to warn the personnel section chief to work with peace of mind in the future and not to try to figure out the minds of the leaders.

Bai Ge came to work at Xu Liqun’s house, and found Xue Hua’s notebook in a pile of waste paper boxes. There was a complaint letter written by Xu Liqun in it. Mulin came to help Bai Ge with his work, and Bai Ge hurriedly hid the notebook. Mu Feng came to the hospital to take care of Xu Liqun for Mu Chun. Xu Liqun was very wary of him. Mu Chun was anxious to go back to work and didn’t take it seriously.

Mullin and Bai Ge finished their work and wanted to report to Xu Liqun together. Mullin told about Mu Feng’s withdrawal. Bai Ge was ecstatic and wanted Mu Feng to recognize the child as soon as possible so that they could get married. , Mullin advised her not to rush, Bai Ge was curious about the reason why Mu Feng was withdrawn, and Mullin didn’t know it. Bai Ge wanted Mullin to take over to the factory.

Mullin wanted to give this opportunity to Mu Feng, and Bai Ge was determined. If he didn’t agree, he didn’t want to let Mulin make sacrifices for him. Bai Ge asked Mulin to go home to discuss with his mother. As long as he returned the child to Mu Feng and Mulin went to work smoothly, Bai Ge would not hesitate to be his wife.

Mu Feng suspected that Xu Liqun had reported falsified information to the university. Xu Liqun categorically denied that Mu Feng threatened to retaliate against those who harmed him and would not allow Xu Liqun to tell the matter about him and Xue Hua. Xu Liqun was trembling with fright. Xu Liqun agreed to a reconciliation. Chi Shuai released Kaixuan, Zhuzi and others, and asked them to go to the hospital to seek an apology from Xu Liqun.

When Mu Feng went out to see Liu Yang, Liu Yang wanted to chat with him and let Mu Feng wait for her to get off work downstairs. Mu Chun took care of Xu Liqun carefully. Xu Liqun was very satisfied with her. Mu Chun took the opportunity to ask about Xue Hua. Xu Liqun looked at him and refused to reveal a word, and Mu Chun didn’t believe it at all.

Chi Shuai brought Kaixuan, Zhuzi and others to see Xu Liqun. Xu Liqun was so frightened that he agreed to support him. Mu Chun took Kaixuan and others to bow and apologize to Xu Liqun and give him a compensation. After Kaixuan agreed to take care of Xu Liqun after he was discharged from the hospital.

Liu Yang got off work soon. She told Mu Feng that her father had agreed to him to take over from the factory. Mu Feng had to admit that her mother had already pleaded with Director Zhang for Mulin, and he was willing to give Mulin the place. Liu Yang was furious. , She decided that Mu Feng didn’t care about her, she tried hard to fight for Mu Feng, he even gave up, Mu Feng was overwhelmed, Liu Yang kept saying that Mu Feng was better than Mulin, and the factory leaders would also choose the best.

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