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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 18 Recap

Liu Yang returned to find Mu Feng. Seeing that he wanted to jump into the river to commit suicide, she desperately pulled Mu Feng back. Mu Feng’s only hope was to go to university. He was completely discouraged. Liu Yang promised to stay by his side. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t go to college.

Mu Lin severely taught Mu Chun, and Mu Xue repeatedly interceded for Mu Chun. Mu Chun believed that Mu Nuosheng was not Mulin’s, so he wanted to find out the truth, and Mu Xue also wanted to know the truth. Mu Lin clearly explained Mu Nuo. Birth is his son, and no one is allowed to mention it again. Mu Chun fights against Mullin. He lost his job because he cannot get married for this child. Mullin firmly believes that he can live a good life. Let Mu Chun think about it for his mother. Chun is willing to bear all guilt.

Liu Yang persuaded Mu Feng to persuade him and encouraged him to change his mind. Mu Feng didn’t know where to go. Liu Yang suggested that Mu Feng should take over and work in the factory. Liu Yang heard that the machinery factory had a place to go to university after work, and encouraged Mu Feng to fight for it. Mu Feng was immediately tempted.

Xu Liqun was seriously injured. Li Ailing took care of him. Mu Chun came to see Xu Liqun. Li Ailing gave her a severe lesson. Xu Liqun finally recovered. He felt that the wound was very painful. Li Ailing comforted him and asked Mu Chun to apologize to him and let Mu Chun stay. Taking care of Xu Liqun, Mu Chun bit the bullet and agreed. Xu Liqun was worried that he would be killed by Mu Chun, but refused to agree. Mu Chun promised to take good care of him. Xu Liqun was angry and wanted to transfer to hospital.

Liu Yang went home to explain to his parents that Mu Feng was retired, and asked his parents to help Mu Feng. Director Liu persuaded Liu Yang to break up with Mu Feng, but Liu Yangfei did not marry Mu Feng, and Director Liu agreed to consider letting Mu Feng take over. Liu Yang took the opportunity to ask Mu Feng to occupy a place in the factory to go to university, but Director Liu couldn’t hold her back, so he reluctantly agreed to consider it. Li Ailing was upset. She blamed herself.

She felt that a series of troubles would happen without educating the children. Mu Xue and Mulin comforted her again and again. Mu Feng went home and told Li Ailing about her withdrawal from university. Li Ailing Feeling thunderous.

Mu Feng knelt down and wanted Li Ailing to admit his mistake. Mulin asked Mu Feng to take over to work in the factory. Li Ailing didn’t want Mulin to take this opportunity in the urban area. He wanted to wait for the factory leaders to discuss it later. Mu Feng went away disappointed.

Li Ailing reminded Mulin to keep a distance from Zhang Xiaoqing. Mullin admitted that he had no feeling for Zhang Xiaoqing and Li Ailing did not want Zhang Xiaoqing to be harmed. Peony heard that Mu Chun led Kaixuan and others to teach Xu Liqun, she rushed home and told Bai Ge and Bai Haowen that Bai Ge immediately rushed to the hospital.

Mu Chun took care of Xu Liqun. Xu Liqun was still in shock and could not avoid her. Bai Ge came and apologized to Xu Liqun again and again. She wanted to stay with Mu Chun, but Mu Chun persuaded her to stay with him. Xu Liqun instructed Mu Chun to massage him after his busy schedule. Mu Chun was reluctant, but she didn’t want to go to jail triumphantly. She had to follow suit. Mu Chun took the opportunity to ask Xu Liqun to withdraw the complaint and release them first.

Mu Xuelai delivered food to Mu Chun and revealed that Mu Feng was dropped from the university. Xu Liqun guessed that his report letter worked. Triumphant asked Chi Shuai to open the handcuffs, Chi Shuai resolutely refused to do it, and taught him a lesson. Mu Xue came to see Triumph, and begged Chi Shuai to let them go. Chi Shuai could not be the master, so he only promised to open the handcuffs and triumphantly follow him. He took out a piece of white rabbit toffee to Mu Xue, and Chi Shuai persuaded Mu Xue to go home and rest early.

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