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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 17 Recap

Mulin complained that Mu Chun should not tell Bai Ge about his loss of work. Bai Ge took him to the factory to demonstrate to Director Zhang, but Mu Chun disapproved.

Zhang Xiaoqing came to see the child and proposed to name the child Xiao Xiaolin. Li Ailing named the child Mu Nuosheng, born out of a promise. Zhang Xiaoqing was the godmother of the child. Mullin felt that it was inappropriate, and she couldn’t help Zhang Xiaoqing. Liu Yang and Mu Feng are dating, worrying that Mu Feng will empathize with each other during school, and Mu Feng vowed to love her wholeheartedly.

Liangchuan University of Technology received a report letter from Xu Liqun, and the principal immediately decided to cancel Mu Feng’s admission qualification. Mulin came to Bai Ge, but Bai Ge didn’t want to see him, so Mu Chun told about Zhang Xiaoqing’s going to be a child godmother, reminding Bai Ge not to take it lightly, lest Zhang Xiaoqing took advantage of it, and Bai Ge agreed to come to Mulin.

When Zhang Chenguang went out to see Mullin, he called him aside and warned him not to come to Baige again, so as not to affect Baige’s reputation. Mullin also felt wrong, so he had to leave in angrily. Baige came out to find Mullin and found him. Long gone. Mu Feng heard that many of his classmates had received notices. He came to the Admissions Office to look up the admission notices, but there was no news.

Mullin went home dejected and learned from Mu Chun that his colleagues were talking about Bai Ge behind his back. Mu Lin felt guilty, and Mu Chun asked him to speak to Bai Ge in person. Li Ailing personally came to ask Director Zhang, and tried her best to speak nicely for Mullin, and begged Director Zhang to give Mullin another chance.

Director Zhang appreciated Mullin’s repair skills and promised to hold a meeting to study it. Director Zhang did not want to let Zhang Xiaoqing. Going to Mu’s house again, Li Ailing understood the painstaking efforts of Director Zhang, and agreed to go back to remind Mu Lin to stay away from Zhang Xiaoqing. Zhang Xiaoqing hid outside the door and heard clearly.

Mullin asked Bai Ge out, Bai Ge complained that he shouldn’t miss the appointment that day, Mullin didn’t want to cause her unnecessary trouble, Bai Ge didn’t care about the rumors, as long as the two of them truly love each other, Bai Ge promised to accompany him. Together, Mullin fulfilled his promise to Li Ailing and raised Mu Feng’s child. Mullin promised to give Bai Ge a perfect answer in four years. Bai Ge mentioned Zhang Xiaoqing, and Mullin had always regarded Zhang Xiaoqing as his sister.

Bai Ge worried that Mu Feng would not recognize his son Mu Nuosheng and let Mulin choose between her and her child. Mullin was very embarrassed. He didn’t. Bai Ge was very angry when she was willing to give up her children. She felt that Mu Feng was unreliable and did not want to base her happiness on Mu Feng’s promise. Only when Mulin vowed to God that she would not marry Bai Ge in this life and this life, Bai Ge was relieved.

Triumphantly came to find Mu Xue to go out to relax, and also brought a tape recorder and tapes. Mu Xue couldn’t hold back his soft and hard foam, so he pushed Mu Nuosheng out to play together. Bai Ge wanted to find out about the child’s true identity with Xu Liqun, and Mu Chun accompanied her to continue the investigation. When Kaixuan saw that Mu Xue was busy taking care of the child all day long, he wanted to find the child’s biological parents. Mu Xue revealed that Mu Chun knew the clues, and Kaixuan asked Mu Chun to take him to find Xu Liqun.

Kaixuan and Mu Chun quickly found out Xu Liqun’s whereabouts, deliberately let the pillar hit Xu Liqun’s tricycle, and even took the opportunity to blackmail him fifty yuan. Xu Liqun was so frightened that he begged for mercy again and again. The pillar was about to stew Xu Liqun’s beloved puppy, and Xu Liqun desperately blocked it. The pillar punched and kicked him, Xu Liqun was stabbed by an iron stick. Only when Mu Chun realized the seriousness of the matter, he hurriedly stood up to stop him and sent Xu Liqun to the hospital.

Chi Shuai arrested Kaixuan, Zhuzi and others. Mulin and Mu Xue rushed to ask Chi Shuai for help. If Xu Liqun disagrees with the reconciliation, Kaixuan and the others will be in danger of going to jail. Mu Chun took the initiative to bear all guilt. Liu Yang accompanied Mu Feng to the admissions office for inquiries, and learned that Mu Feng had been withdrawn from Liangchuan University of Technology, and Mu Feng was immediately dumbfounded.

Mu Feng’s university door was even more completely broken. He couldn’t accept this fact. He cried and cried out sadly. Liu Yang wanted to take Mu Feng to the school to ask questions. Mu Feng excused his bad mood and forced Liu Yang away. , Mu Feng guessed the reason why he filled in the false information about unmarried, he regretted it and thought it was the retribution that Xue Hua brought to him. Mu Feng was discouraged and wanted to jump into the river to commit suicide, returning his life to Xue Hua.

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