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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 16 Recap

Due to the unqualified vehicle flame arrestor device, the goods from the machinery factory could not be delivered to the customer for a long time. Director Zhang came to the maintenance team to find out the situation and ordered the maintenance team leader to solve the problem of the flame arrester as soon as possible.

Li Ailing reminded Liu Yang to consider her marriage with Mu Feng. Liu Yang had been dazzled by happiness a long time ago, and she was devoted to Mu Feng. The maintenance team leader asked Mullin to help repair the car and gave him the unloaded parts. Bai Ge came to Mullin to be held accountable, and was mad at him for losing his job for the child. Bai Ge became more and more angry, forcibly pulling Mullin to the gate of the machinery factory, just in time for the workers to get off work. Bai Ge held Mulin’s arm tightly under the public, and confirmed to Director Zhang that Mulin was of good character and completely shattered the rumors of Mulin’s bad style.

Liu Yang came to wait for Mu Feng at the entrance of the cinema. He also bought two bottles of soda. Xu Liqun happened to pass by and wanted the empty bottle in Liu Yang’s hand. Mu Feng saw Xu Liqun talking with Liu Yang from a distance, and mistakenly thought Xu Liqun had him and Xue Hua. Tell Liu Yang about the incident, and rushed over to drive Xu Liqun away.

Xu Liqun walked through the streets and alleys to collect scraps, but was blocked by Mu Chun at the intersection. Mu Chun forced him to tell the truth. Xu Liqun was so frightened that he ran away and gave Xu Liqun a severe lesson. Chi Shuai came after hearing the news and taught Mu Chun a lesson. After a meal, let Xu Liqun leave quickly. Mudan was furious when he learned of what Bai Ge had done. Mudan was worried that he would offend Director Zhang. Bai Ge declared that he would not marry into Zhang’s family if he didn’t marry in his life.

Director Zhang heard that Zhang Xiaoqing often helped Mullin to take care of the child. Zhang Chenguang pursued Bai Ge. Director Zhang and his wife held meetings with the two brothers and sisters to prevent them from getting confused. Zhang Xiaoqing and her parents argued for Mullin. She wanted to stay with Mullin for the rest of her life. She was ready to face all the rumors. Zhang Chenguang also said that Fei Baige would not marry, Zhang’s mother was furious, and Zhang was speechless.

Mullin went out during the day and came back to work overtime at night to develop flame arresters. Mu Feng goes out early and goes back to date with Liu Yang every day. Li Ailing persuades Mu Feng to confess about the child to Liu Yang and not to deceive Liu Yang. Mu Feng feels that it is not the time yet and is worried that Liu Yang will not accept the child. Once the matter spreads, He didn’t even have the qualifications to go to college. Mu Feng vowed to compensate Mu Lin well after graduating from college. Li Ailing just hoped that everything Mu Feng did was worthy of his conscience.

In the middle of the night, Mu Chun sneaked over the wall and entered Xu Liqun’s house. She used a bun to distract the puppy at the door. She saw Xu Liqun’s calculations from the window. She smeared her face with fancywork, spread her long hair, and shouted in her mouth. Under Xu Liqun’s name, did Xu Liqun open the window and found no abnormalities. Mu Chun dressed up and called him out. Xu Liqun was so scared that he fainted on the spot, and Mu Chun ran away.

Mu Feng was awakened by the nightmare. He saw that Mulin was still drawing, and hurriedly lay down and continued to sleep. Xu Liqun dreamed that Mu Feng received a notice from the university. When he and Liu Yang were sweet and sweet, Xue Hua suddenly came out to testify against Mu Feng and asked Xu Liqun to testify. Xu Liqun was frightened awake, and he turned out the report letter Xue Hua asked him to ghostwrite. The report letter was sent to the university where Mu Feng applied for,

After Mullin’s unremitting efforts, he finally developed a flame arrestor. The maintenance team leader installed it on the car for trial operation and successfully solved the problem of the unqualified flame arrestor. The squad leader was very happy and praised Mullin. Mullin followed his father’s life. After the next notes were completed, the squad leader reported the matter to Director Zhang. After the rehearsal, Zhang Chenguang wanted to invite Bai Ge and Mu Chun to dinner. Bai Ge had an excuse to make an appointment with Mu Chun, and Zhang Chenguang had to give up.

Zhang Chenguang overheard his colleagues criticizing Bai Ge and suspected that Bai Ge was also pregnant with Mullin’s child, so he took a long vacation. Zhang Chenguang rushed in and argued with them. Bai Ge rushed to hear the news. Give her a head start and conflict with colleagues, persuading him not to do this again, Zhang Chenguang is willing to give everything for Bai Ge until he accepts that day, Bai Ge is speechless to him.

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