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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 15 Recap

Mu Feng went home to ask for leave from his mother Li Ailing, and she was going to Liu Yang’s house for dinner tomorrow night. Li Ailing knew that Liu Yang had a good impression of Mu Feng and reminded him that he still has children and stop making trouble.

Xu Liqun asked many questions and finally found Mu Feng’s house. Mu Chun hurried out. She and Xu Liqun ran into full arms. Xu Liqun wanted to ask her about Mu Feng. Mu Chun was anxious and left without waiting for him to finish. Xu Liqun checked the house number and knocked on the door. Mu Feng happened to come out to look at the door and hurriedly pulled him aside. Xu Liqun asked him about Xue Hua’s whereabouts. Mu Feng was worried about revealing stuff, and insisted that Xue Hua’s death was related to him and threatened. Intimidated Xu Liqun and forced him away.

Mullin decided to restart locomotive design, but he was still unable to calm down. Li Ailing came to him to talk to him and encouraged him not to get discouraged. Mu Tianyang worked hard on locomotive design all her life, and Li Ailing regretted making Mulin take the blame for Mu Feng. As a result, his marriage was ruined, and even his future was ruined. Mullin promised to continue his father’s unfinished business, and Li Ailing firmly believed that he would have a future.

Li Ailing asked Mu Feng to ask Liu Yang’s father to take care of Mu Lin’s work, and Mu Feng fully agreed. Chi Shuai felt that Xue Hua’s name was very familiar, and he couldn’t remember where he had seen it. He turned out the previous report records and finally found out that Xu Liqun had reported Xue Hua’s disappearance.

Mu Xue took the child out to relax whenever he had time. Zhang Xiaoqing realized that she liked the child very much, and asked casually who the child’s parents were. Mu Xue didn’t know. Zhang Xiaoqing loved the house and Wu, and took care of the child and gave it back to her. The vaccination procedures have been completed. Chi Shuai took Mu Chun to find Xu Liqun, and Mu Chun recognized at a glance that Xu Liqun had sneaked to his house that night, and believed that the child was his, Xu Liqun defended in every possible way.

Chi Shuai asked about the relationship between Xue Hua and Xu Liqun. Chi Shuai repeatedly denied knowing Xue Hua, and Chi Shuai worked hard to persuade him. Xu Liqun had to admit that Xue Hua was a tenant of his house and lied that Xue Hua lived alone. Chi Shuai watched Xu Liqun hesitate and doubted him, suffering from the lack of conclusive evidence. Mu Feng came to Liu Yang’s house for dinner on time. He explained his intentions to Liu Yang in advance. Liu Yang persuaded him not to talk about Mu Lin, so as not to ruin Mu Feng’s good impression in front of his parents. Liu Yang promised to find another opportunity to help Mu Lin. Give up.

When Mu Feng came to Liu Yang’s house, Director Liu and his wife were very satisfied with him. Liu’s mother learned that Mu Feng was going to Liangchuan to attend university. Unfortunately, he and Liu Yang were too far apart. Mu Feng originally wanted to apply to the university in this province, but he did not have a major. Ideal, Director Liu praised Mu Feng’s lofty ambitions, and Liu’s mother casually said that Mullin was unwilling to make a difference. Mu Feng wanted to say good things for Mullin, and Liu Yang hurriedly stopped him. Director Liu asked his wife to cook two more dishes, and he wanted to have a drink with Mu Feng.

Li Ailing worked overtime tonight. Mullin wanted to take the child, and Mu Xue couldn’t bear it. Mu Chun took the opportunity to ask Mu Xue to adopt the child, which is also considered to be a relief for Mulin. Mu Chun and Mu Xue both believed that the child was not Mulin’s It’s a pity that Bai Ge’s feelings are, and he persuaded Mullin to make it clear to Bai Ge. Mullin didn’t want to talk about it anymore, so he quickly found an excuse to go back to the house.

After the meal, Liu Yang sent Mu Feng away. She wanted to hear Mu Feng’s confession. Mu Feng couldn’t say it, but she couldn’t stand Liu Yang’s soft and hard pouring. Mu Feng expressed her heart to her. Liu Yang admitted that she liked Mu Feng when she was in school. When she saw Mu Feng again, she was overwhelmed with excitement. Mu Feng also clearly remembered Liu Yang when she was in school, and the two of them had endless love stories.

Li Ailing has been waiting for Mu Feng to come back, wanting to know the progress of Mu Lin’s work. Mu Feng excuses that the occasion is wrong and did not say it. Li Ailing is very dissatisfied and complains that Mu Feng is not caring about Mu Lin’s affairs. Li Ailing accuses Mu Feng of being unreasonable. Indifferent to the children, Mu Feng knew that he was wrong, but he kept admitting his mistakes.

Zhang Chenguang came to the door of the house to wait for Bai Ge early in the morning. Peony went out to see him and regretted not letting Bai Ge marry him. Bai Ge went to work. Zhang Chenguang wanted to take her by bike, but Bai Ge flatly refused, walked straight ahead, and Zhang Chenguang pushed him. The car followed her closely. Mu Feng took the initiative to wash the children’s diapers, Mu Xue refused to let her interfere, Li Ailing ordered Mu Feng to wash the diapers.

Mu Chun reported Xu Liqun’s various doubts to Bai Ge in detail, suspecting Xu Liqun was the real murderer behind the scenes, Bai Ge only believed in Mu Lin’s promise to her, and did not care about others. Bai Ge learned that Mullin had lost her job because of the child, and she gritted her teeth with anger and cursed Mullin for being useless.

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