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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 14 Recap

Zhang Xiaoqing put the child to sleep and brought milk powder to the child. She felt that Mullin was responsible and was willing to help him solve problems. Peony heard the cooks in the cafeteria come together to talk about Mullin and the child. She was so angry that she gave them a severe lesson, not allowing them to chew their tongues.

Bai Ge called Mullin aside and forced him to explain the truth. Mullin only explained that this child was not his, and the others were silent. Bai Ge wanted to know who the child’s parents were. Mullin couldn’t say, Bai Ge wanted to leave. Swearing to sever relations with him, Mullin had no choice but to admit that the child was Mu Feng’s.

Peony came to Li Ailing and forced her to write an apology letter, clarify the child’s matter, and post it to the entrance of the factory to restore Bai Ge’s reputation. Li Ailing resolutely refused to do it. Peony yelled at the hospital and the medical staff heard the news. Came and forcibly pulled Peony away. When Bai Ge learned the truth, he repeatedly called wronged Mullin. Bai Ge promised to wait for Mullin for four years. Mullin couldn’t help but hug her tightly.

Director Liu went home and talked about Mu Lin’s succession at the factory. The factory leaders did not agree with Mu Lin’s succession. Liu Yang made an idea to let Mu Xue enter the factory. Director Liu couldn’t be the master. He asked about Liu Yang and Mu Feng’s Relationship, Liu Yang wanted to settle the marriage before Mu Feng went to college, but Factory Manager Liu couldn’t help her, so he had to agree to it.

Zhang Xiaoqing taught Mu Feng how to hold the baby and make milk powder and other trivial matters. Mu Xue wrote them down one by one. Mullin then rushed home. Zhang Xiaoqing found that the corner of his mouth was wounded and asked him coldly. Mullin lied that he was not careful. After being injured, Zhang Xiaoqing taught him how to hold the child and the temperature requirements for preparing milk powder. Mullin studied carefully.

Zhang Xiaoqing didn’t go home until late. She hummed a small song and returned to the house happily. Mother Zhang found that the non-staple food ticket at home was missing the captain. Director Zhang thought she had remembered it wrong, and she didn’t think much about it.

Mullin went out during the day and helped take care of the child when he came back at night. Li Ailing was very distressed, and she took the child back to her room. Mu Feng had no face to face Mullin, and just wandered in the yard, Mullin called him in and advised him not to have a psychological burden. Mu Xue firmly believes that the child is not Mu Lin’s, and Mu Chun also doubts this. She thinks Mu Feng must know the truth, and Mu Xue suspects that the child is Mu Feng’s. Mu Chun thinks it is impossible. Mu Feng has always been loyal and honest and will not commit this. mistake.

Li Ailing urged Mulin to go to the factory to ask about going to work, asked Mu Xue to watch the children more, and asked Mu Feng to help. Mu Feng bit the bullet and agreed. Bai Ge happily went to work early in the morning. Peony and Bai Haowen thought she was irritated, so they humbled and asked her warmly. Bai Ge said it was inconvenient, but instead persuaded them not to think too much.

Mu Xue wanted to wash the dishes and asked Mu Feng to hug the child. Mu Feng avoided the child, he took the initiative to wash the dishes. Mu Chun asked Mu Xue and Mu Feng for a meeting to find the child’s biological parents. Mu Feng strongly protested that they were not allowed to go crazy, and also repeatedly claimed that for Mu Lin’s sake, Mu Chun still did not believe that the child was Mu Lin’s, and Mu Feng warned them Don’t interfere, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble, but Mu Chun has decided.

Director Zhang was going to a meeting in the province and found that a large piece of cotton shirt had been cut off. Zhang Xiaoqing used the cut cotton cloth as a diaper for the child, and also gave the supplementary ticket and the non-staple food ticket to Mu Xue. Mu Xue guessed that she stole it from home. Zhang Xiaoqing believed that the child was Mulin’s and took good care of the child.

Mullin came to the factory to inquire about the succession, only to know that the factory leadership researched and decided to disqualify him from taking over. The personnel section chief also charged him with improper work style. Mullin was furious and quarreled with the personnel section chief. The trouble was heard, and Factory Director Liu came to stop it. Mullin refused to give up, so Factory Director Liu had to call Li Ailing to inform him.

Mu Chun called Kaixuan and Chi Shuai together to find a way. Neither of them could think of a proper way. Mu Chun suggested looking up the name of the pregnant woman on the surgical drape. Chi Shuai felt that the workload was too much. Drunk, taking advantage of Jiujin to ask the truth, but Mullin had a lot of alcohol, and triumphantly gave up.

Someone came to rent Xu Liqun’s house. Xu Liqun wanted to send Xue Hua’s things away. He found a note in the parcel with the address of Mu Feng’s house written on it. Mu Feng is about to go to university, Liu Yang invited him to eat at home to determine the relationship between the two of them, and Mu Feng naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Li Ailing asked Mulin to apologize to the Chief of Personnel. Mullin resolutely refused to do it and let Mu Xue take over. Mu Feng then returned home. He felt guilty when he learned that Mullin’s succession had gone bad, but Mullin disapproved and believed in himself. Can live a good life by ability.

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