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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 13 Recap

Li Ailing heard what Mu Lin said, and felt that the family owed him a lot, but she couldn’t just watch Mu Feng because the child lost the opportunity to go to college. Li Ailing asked Mu Lin to be a temporary dad for four years, and waited for Mu Feng to graduate. Besides, Mullin felt sorry for Bai Ge, and Li Ailing promised to marry Bai Ge back in four years. Mullin was caught in a dilemma.

Peony brought Bai Ge to Teacher Mu Jiaxing to inquire about the guilt and forced Mulin to make it clear. Li Ailing promised to come to the house to apologize tomorrow. Peony refused to forgive her and forced her to ask the child’s father. Li Ailing repeatedly stated that the child is not Mullin’s and that Peony suspects the child. It was Mu Feng’s. Li Ailing repeatedly denied that Peony offered to send the child to an orphanage, but Li Ailing refused.

Zhang Chenguang hurried to find Mullin. Director Zhang followed and persuaded Li Ailing to tell the truth about the matter. Li Ailing was unconvinced, but Bai Ge asked Mullin bitterly. Mullin felt bitter in her heart, and Peony would give away the orphan if she snatched the child. When Mu Feng came to the hospital, he was frightened and stupefied by the scene in front of him.

Mullin stopped loudly and wanted to announce the truth to the public. Li Ailing shouted Mullin again, reminding him to answer carefully. Mullin bit the bullet and admitted that the child belongs to him, and everyone present was silent. Bai Ge shut herself in the room as soon as she got home. She didn’t eat or drink, Peony and Bai Haowen looked anxious in their eyes. When Mu Chun came to see Bai Ge, Bai Ge was willing to open the door.

Li Ailing called Mu Feng and Mulin together and asked Mu Feng to recognize the child, so Mu Feng could go to college with peace of mind. Mu Feng felt sad, but couldn’t bear to send the child away. Mu Lin persuaded Mu Feng to go to college first. After graduating from university, he would recognize the child back. Mu Feng was deeply moved and vowed to study hard and repay her family in the future. Li Ailing reminded Mu Feng not to fail Mulin.

Mu Chun was very persuasive to Bai Ge. She firmly believed that Mulin would not be sorry for Bai Ge, and Bai Ge also believed that the child was not Mullin’s, but Mulin actually admitted this in public, Mu Qing did not understand, and persuaded Bai Ge and Mullin. Speak clearly in person. Mulin endured the humiliation and recognized Mu Feng’s child. He didn’t know how to face Bai Ge, and quietly cleaned up the messy wedding scene.

Li Ailing held a family meeting and asked Mu Chun and Mu Xue to help raise the child. Mu Xue would not take care of the child. Li Ailing asked her to study. Mu Chun suggested that the child’s relatives should be found. Spring will mention it again. Zhang Chenguang was worried about Baige and went to work without eating. Zhang Xiaoqing lied that she had a bad appetite, so she secretly took a non-staple food ticket from home and went to buy milk powder.

Mu Xue was at home alone, she couldn’t take care of the child, she couldn’t handle her in a mess, the child couldn’t stop crying, and Mu Xue was desperate. Xu Liqun got up early in the morning and found that Xue Hua was not at home. He walked in and saw the notebook writing the report letter. Mu Feng rushed over. Xu Liqun was so scared that he hurriedly hid the notebook and asked him about Xue Hua’s whereabouts. Mu Feng concealed Xue Hua’s death. The news, casually looking for excuses to cover up the past.

Mu Feng packed up the relics left by Xue Hua and came to pay her respects at the grave. Mulin reported to the factory. The factory leaders were very disgusted with his unmarried childbirth and wanted to hold a meeting to study the issue of his succession to the factory. Zhang Chenguang came to Mullin to settle the account.

Mullin allowed him to beat or scold him and didn’t fight back. Bai Ge rushed to persuade him in time to have a good talk with Mullin and send Zhang Chenguang home. Zhang Xiaoqing hurriedly came to Mu’s house. She had held the child and the child stopped crying. Zhang Xiaoqing also taught Mu Xue to take care of the child in this way.

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