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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 12 Recap

Mu Feng explained the truth to Li Ailing and asked Li Ailing for help. Mullin wanted to go to Bai’s house to explain the situation. Mu Feng did not want to recognize this child, otherwise his future would be completely ruined. Mullin felt that children are more important than college, and Mu Feng repeatedly claimed that he After seven years in the countryside, just to go to college one day, he vowed to let his family live a good life after graduating from college.

Mullin didn’t know how to explain to Bai Ge. A good wedding was messed up like this. Mu Feng suggested that It was a misunderstanding when the child was given away. Li Ailing firmly disagreed and asked Mu Feng to go to the hospital to take care of Xue Hua’s funeral.

Mullin was eager to go to Bai Ge to explain. Li Ailing didn’t know what to do for a while, she wanted to be quiet, so she sent Mullin out. Mu Qing and Mu Xue didn’t believe that the child belonged to Mullin, but there was Mullin’s signature on the operation notice. Mu Qing didn’t want to stand by and didn’t want Mullin to be wronged.

She and Mu Xue discussed the matter thoroughly, otherwise, The Mu’s family will be ridiculed by neighbors in the neighborhood. It turned out that Mu Feng’s father was Mu Tianyang’s senior brother. After their deaths, Mu Tianyang and Li Ailing adopted Mu Feng. Li Ailing considered repeatedly and decided to raise the child as a grandson.

The farce of the Mu family quickly spread. Zhang Xiaoqing believed that Mullin had been wronged. Zhang Chenguang wanted to find Mullin to settle accounts. His mother desperately prevented him from mixing up. Mullin was caught in a dilemma, not knowing how to explain to Bai Ge, Li Ailing called Mullin into the house alone, and told in detail about the past that year.

Li Ailing and Mu Tianyang had the hardest time ever. Thanks to Mu Feng’s biological father who helped, the family’s courtyard caught fire. Li Ailing and Mu Tianyang were trapped in the room and couldn’t get out. Mu Feng’s biological parents risked their lives. Rescued the two of them, the house suddenly collapsed. Mu Feng’s parents were beaten to death by the collapsed house. Li Ailing and Mu Tianyang adopted Mu Feng and raised him as his own son. Mu Feng still doesn’t know this secret.

Mullin was full of emotion when he learned the whole story. Li Ailing begged Mullin to recognize the child so as not to affect Mu Feng’s future. Mullin was also very wronged. Since Mu Tianyang’s death, Mullin has vowed to support this family. Protect the two younger sisters from Li Ailing’s worries. The reason why he dropped out of school to work as a minor was to reduce the burden on the family. Mullin went all the way to the present, and just saw some hope. He didn’t expect Li Ailing to let him take on such a big responsibility, he couldn’t figure it out.

Bai Ge waited hard for Mulin to come and explain. Peony persuaded her to give up as soon as possible. Bai Ge firmly believed that Mulin was wronged. Bai Haowen persuaded Peony to wait. She couldn’t wait for a minute and went directly to Mu’s family to ask for an explanation.

Zhang Chenguang ignored his parents’ dissuasion and went directly to Mullin to settle the accounts.

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