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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 23 Recap

Shao Beisheng deliberately declared in front of Shen Zhengyi that he had a favorite girl, just to make a little misunderstanding, and then gave Shen Zheng a surprise when he confessed. As a result, the person who came by accident was Xiao Qing, and Shao Beisheng confessed to her in a bewildered manner. , Xiao Qing also embraced Shao Beisheng in public.

Shao Beisheng repeatedly explained to Xiao Qing that Xiao Qing was ashamed and embarrassed, and turned around in anger. Shao Beisheng followed him out. Shao Beisheng repeatedly stated that the person he loved was Shen Zhengyi and Xiao Qing left in anger.

When Zhu Lele saw the photo of Shao Beisheng and Xiao Qing embracing in her circle of friends, she immediately called Qu Zhi to ask why, but Quzhi’s phone was dead and didn’t see it. Shen Zheng returned to the dormitory one by one, and couldn’t wait to tell Zhu Lele about her training with Luo Xiaoyi. Zhu Lele told Shao Beisheng’s confession to Xiao Qing, and Shen Zheng was stunned.

Xiao Qing went home and threw all the ice cream bought by Shao Beisheng on the ground. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became, and she couldn’t help crying. Shao Beisheng sent a message to Shen Zhengyi overnight, trying to explain to her about today’s confession of Oolong, but Shen Zhengyi never wrote back. Xiao Han went home early in the morning and saw that the house was in a mess. He hurriedly called Xiao Qing out. Xiao Qing pretended to be okay and hurried to clean up the room.

Shen Zhengyi dreamed that Shao Beisheng cruelly rejected her confession and dragged Xiao Qingyuan away. Shen Zhengyi was frightened and saw Zhu Lele crying and packing. Only then did she know that Grandma Zhu Lele had a sudden illness and she was going home to visit. Shen Zhengyi secretly vowed to forget the unpleasantness of the past, concentrate on practicing 1500m speed skating, and achieve good results in the Lingyun Cup competition.

Shao Beisheng woke up early in the morning and checked the phone. Shen Zhengyi had no news yet. He wanted to go to the dormitory to find Shen Zhengyi and explain clearly. When he ran into Xiao Qing head-on, Xiao Qing asked Shao Beisheng to help her recover the impact that day of her confession. Shen Zhengyi just came out, Shao Beisheng couldn’t take care of Xiao Qing, and hurried to pursue Shen Zhengyi, Shen Zheng ignored him.

As soon as Shen Zheng returned to the dormitory after training, he saw the photos of Xiao Qing and Shao Beisheng embracing affectionately on the table as soon as he entered the door. Shen Zhengyi hurriedly returned to his desk to change his homework. Xiao Qing repeatedly claimed that Shao Beisheng had confessed to her. The two of them came to see Shen Zhengyi together this morning, just not wanting her to misunderstand, Shen Zhengyi promised to keep a distance from Shao Beisheng from now on, and wish them happiness.

Shao Beisheng came to the classroom to ask Shen Zhengyi to explain. As soon as Shen Zheng didn’t want to listen, he picked up his schoolbag and left. Shao Beisheng continued to send messages to Shen Zhengyi to explain the situation, and Shen Zheng angered him to block him. That night, as soon as Shen Zheng came home, he tearfully packed up the doll of the young wind-seeking boy she and Shao Beisheng had caught together, and threw it into the trash can downstairs. However, after turning around and carrying it back, Shen Jiacheng and Wang Limin saw Shen Zhengyi. The abnormal behavior was puzzled, Shen Zheng tried desperately to conceal it, and hid in the room secretly weeping.

After the training, Shao Beisheng wanted to practice stretching, and Xiao Qing took the initiative to stay with him. Shen Zhengyi’s speed skating has never been able to improve. She was training in the Lu Xun room until she was sweating and refused to stop. Xiao Han hurriedly called her down, helped her massage her tight legs, and encouraged her not to worry.

After Shao Beisheng finished training, he came directly to Lu Xun’s room to find Shen Zhengyi, but she was out of business, Xiao Han asked Shao Beisheng Xingshi, Shao Beisheng repeatedly explained that he had confessed wrong yesterday, he has always loved Shen Zhengyi, Xiao Han was angry with Shao Beisheng Shao Beisheng did not show weakness, and the two fought together, and Shen Zheng came to stop them in time.

Shao Beisheng uploaded Xiao Qing’s training video to Professor Jiang. Professor Jiang quickly sent Xiao Han an admission notice. Xiao Han gave the notice to Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing learned that Shao Beisheng had applied for her online. Shen Zhengyi was running in the playground, and Shao Beisheng came to her to explain directly.

Shen Zhengyi didn’t want to listen, and slapped Shao Beisheng severely, not allowing Shao Beisheng to approach her anymore. Shao Beisheng sent a message to call Xiao Qing down, and then quickly caught up with Shen Zhengyi. He repeatedly emphasized that the person he liked was Shen Zhengyi. Xiao Qingxing rushed to see Shao Beisheng downstairs.

Unexpectedly, Shao Beisheng asked her to explain to Shen Zhengyi about confessing Oolong. Xiao Qing admitted that the confession was a misunderstanding, but she really loved Shao Beisheng, and Shen Zhengyi always claimed that she and Shao Beisheng It was an ordinary friend, but now he turned back. Shao Beisheng was dumbfounded. He apologized to Shen Zheng and admitted that he was passionate. When Shen Zheng looked at Shao Beisheng’s lonely back, tears could not help but burst into his eyes.

As soon as Shen Zheng returned to the dormitory and saw Xiao Qing packing up and leaving, she just wanted to know if Shen Zhengyi liked Shao Beisheng. Shen Zhengyi admitted that she had always liked Shao Beisheng, but she knew that Xiao Qing and Shao Beisheng were together, so she tried to hide it. Xiao Qing left in anger about her feelings, and Zhu Lele happened to come back to see this scene. She kindly persuaded Shen Zheng and asked Shen Zheng to add Shao Beisheng back.

Shao Beisheng went back to the dormitory with his head down. Shen Zheng added his WeChat account. Qu Zhi refused to allow Shao Beisheng to accept it. He had to wait for Shen Zhengyi to admit that he was his girlfriend, and Shao Beisheng had to give up.

Xiao Qing wanted to send an email to reject Professor Jiang. Xiao Han advised her to think twice. Xiao Qing claimed to have other plans. Shao Beisheng did not pass the certification of Shen Zhengyi’s friend for a long time. Zhu Lele persuaded Shen Zhengyi to take the initiative. The two of them met Shao Beisheng and Qu Zhi at the entrance of the gymnasium, and Qu Zhi hurried Shao Beisheng away. Zhu Lele caught up with Qu Zhi, gave him a severe lesson, and revealed that Shen Zhengyi really loves Shao Beisheng.

He cried and cried in the dormitory. Qu Zhi hurriedly told Shao Beisheng the news. Shao Beisheng was happy and he couldn’t wait to think about it. Go to Shen Zhengyi, Qu Zhi tried desperately to stop him, and asked him to wait for Shen Zhengyi to take the initiative to speak. Shao Beisheng kept holding his mobile phone, waiting quietly for Shen Zhengyi’s call.

Zhu Lele encouraged Shen Zhengyi to take the initiative to call Shao Beisheng. Shen Zheng summoned up the courage to call him and ask him to talk downstairs. Shao Beisheng quickly changed his clothes and went out, pretending to stand calmly in front of Shen Zheng, and Shen Zheng summoned his courage. Shao Beisheng confessed, Shao Beisheng fully agreed, and the two hugged tightly.

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