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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 32 Recap

In the evening, Zhuo Xiaoting brought a box of delicious food to the construction site to accompany Feng Chunsheng. She still had her original wish: Chunsheng cannot come to her own world, she will come to Chunsheng’s world.

The next day, Zhuo Xiaoting met Mr. Yan from Zhicheng Company at the construction site. Mr. Yan hoped that the company would have the opportunity to cooperate with Zhuo Yuan. Zhuo Xiaoting said that she was just Chunsheng’s wife and did not participate in work.

Since no one paid the rent for the theater, the management locked the door, simply guessing that this was because Gu Wenhe was willing to make things difficult, and Qing Qian accompanied her to the company to discuss an explanation. Gu Wenhe informed them that the company had made strategic adjustments and stopped investing in simple projects. He simply thought that both parties had signed a contract. Even if President Gu gave up halfway, the expenses incurred before should be borne by their company. Gu Wenhe’s irony is simple: not very much. Why did you beg yourself? He stated that the suspension of payment for the project was discussed with the company’s lawyers. It takes time and money to start a lawsuit. The cast and crew simply hired can’t afford to wait, and even if the lawsuit is won, they may not get the money.

When I went out, I was simply angry that people like Gu Wenhe thought that if they had power, they could exchange their personality and dignity. Qing Qian suggested that the staff directly ask Gu Wenhe for wages, but simply did not want to affect the progress of the shooting, so they used their savings first. Advanced.

After Xiaoting came back from the construction site, she went to the office to see her dad. She was sorry that she had never helped her dad since she graduated to the company. She often had trouble with her dad because of Chunsheng. She decided to work hard in the future. The person who turned Feng Chunsheng into. Because her father and Chunsheng are both family members, she will learn to be a particularly filial daughter. Xiaoting’s remarks made Zhuo Nanzhi both gratified and distressed.

Chunsheng’s mother came to Beijing and asked her son about the cause of Xiaoting’s miscarriage. Chunsheng only said that she hadn’t taken care of it well and she didn’t let her mother go into details. Feng’s mother also complained that her son resigned in Zhuoyuan too hastily. After returning home, Feng’s mother decided to wait for Xiaoting’s confinement before leaving. After Chunsheng went to work, she learned from Xiaoting the cause of her miscarriage.

The staff already knew that Mr. Gu had withdrawn his capital, and once again urged him to simply pay his wages, simply explain that he is contacting other investors, and can write IOUs to everyone first. The two sides are in a stalemate. Xing Ran took Mr. Ma’s money to save the emergency. At the same time, Malevin made an appointment to come to Gu Wenhe and tore up the contract in front of him. He was not upset that Gu Wenhe was bullied and simply punched him. After Gu Wenhe called the police, he simply called.

Simply came to the police station and wanted to be private. Gu Wenhe refused to give up. The police coordinated: If Gu Wenhe does not hold Marlene and simply pays for the medicine, he will no longer be held accountable. Otherwise, both parties will not look good, and Gu Wenhe had to give up. When he left the police station, Malevin and Jianyi apologized to each other. Malevin was very concerned about the progress of simple projects and simply reminded him that feelings were no longer necessary for him, and he did not want to talk more.

Malevin had a drink and chat with Chunsheng in the evening. Chunsheng cared about whether he would stop with simple friends. Malevin still emphasized that feelings are not a necessity of his age, and beating people is only because of the trouble caused by his own connection. Chunsheng sighed that it was really difficult to wake up a person who pretended to be asleep, and it was him who Mariev beat Gu Wenhe.

Jian Jian received a call from Hu Ying, the content director of Xinghuo Culture Company. The other party introduced that they are paying attention to the online business of online education and invited Jian to come to the company for an interview. After seeing the works of simple creation, Hu Ying said that this is exactly what they need, and Mr. He arranged for himself to contact the simple, and will let the legal affairs draft the contract as soon as possible before discussing it. Back at the theater, I immediately called everyone together and announced that they would pay all the money on Friday.

Zhicheng Company is attracting investment for the Ovano flagship store. Their competitor is Zhuoyuan. Mr. Yan instructed Chunsheng to use Zhuoyuan’s weakness to defeat him.

Feng’s mother confirmed from Xiaoting that Chunsheng had indeed left Zhuoyuan on her own. She felt that it was better for the family to be together to take care of each other.

Mr. Cheng admired Xingran’s paintings very much. He took the contract to find Xingran and prepared to sign with him, and promised to fund Xingran’s studio after signing the agreement. Loranna was very excited and asked to study in Xingran’s studio.

In the evening, Xiaoting went to the bedroom door and heard her mother-in-law told Chunsheng that since her father-in-law didn’t drive him away, he should return to Zhuoyuan. She has been taking care of Xiaoting with all her strength these days, just wanting her to give her a message to her father. Xiaoting refused to live and die. It was simply unkind. Chunsheng did nothing to publish to others outside. It is better to work hard at Zhuoyuan to gain the trust of her father-in-law and succeed in the future. Moreover, Xiaoting accidentally miscarried the child, and it had nothing to do with Chunsheng. In terms of it, the Zhuo family owed the Feng family. Xiaoting felt extremely uncomfortable when she heard this.

Xingran has her own studio, Lonana is happier than him. She feels that although Qing Qian has paid a lot for Xingran, Xingran has also taken on the pressure he shouldn’t bear. He is happy to be with himself. Star Ran said that he could not live up to Qing Qian.

Xiaoting laughed at herself as stupid. She used to think that her mother-in-law treats herself well. It was all for his son. Now she knows that Chunsheng’s ambitions are brought out of her mother’s womb. Lin Wanrou tells her: Who is the original family to the growth of the child? It can’t be changed.

When Marlene’s loan expired, he couldn’t make it yet. He had to beg the creditor to give him ten days more grace. Lin Wanrou helped him make appointments with more than a dozen companies and they failed to negotiate. The other party agreed that the quality of their intellectual property rights was not reliable. Lin Wanrou comforted Marlene, at least Qili was willing to take over, and they would definitely be able to pay back their money. Secretly, Lin Wanrou told the Cai Ministry that Marlene was in a hurry, and that Mr. Cai needed a few days to settle the account. He told Lin Wanrou to drag her to the creditor to come to her door.

Marlene had nowhere to find President Cao, and wanted him to take over the Spark Culture at a low price, but he didn’t expect that President Cao had no interest at all.

Feng Chunsheng found Wan Liming to talk about the flagship store in private. Through his matchmaking, Mr. Yan and Wan Liming met.

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