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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 31 Recap

In the bar, Chief Financial Officer Cai said that Lin Wanrou wanted to take advantage of the company’s financial crisis to use Marlene’s gun. He had nowhere, because there was no handle on the accounts. Lin Wanrou laughed and said that Cai has a good fortune, and that he secretly invested in Spark Culture. Now that the company was concealed, his nephew started the company, and he has a pile of intellectual property losses in his hands. Marlene now wants to make a quick money by operating intellectual property rights. They can join forces to help Xinghuo. Culture, and it’s good for both parties.

Xiaoting decides to divorce Chunsheng. She confessed that she supports all of Chunsheng’s ambitions and upward mobility, but what she wants is that her husband is not an ambitious man. Can stop here.

The next day, when Zhuo Nanzhi learned of her daughter’s decision, she also expressed emotion that Xiaoting had frequent conflicts between her father and daughter since she married Chunsheng. Xiaoting felt that this was because her father regarded Chunsheng as a thief rather than a family member. Zhuo Nanzhi believed that It was Chunsheng’s ambition that Xiaoting was angry that her father only cared about his property, Chunsheng only cared about his future, no one cared whether she was happy or not?

Xiaoting and Chunsheng went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedures. Because the agreement was incomplete and other information was incorrect, but on the way, Chunsheng apologized that he lost control of the child some time ago. He begged Xiaoting to give himself another chance.

Lin Wanrou presented the evaluation report of Xinghuo Culture to Marlene, and introduced that this is a new media company that uses online literature as a platform. It has a lot of intellectual property rights and has deep cooperation with various websites, which has great potential. If they acquire Xinghuo Culture , This company and their own copyrights can both carry out film and television operations. Even if they sell these copyrights, they can make up for the funding gap. She has talked with Mr. He and thinks that the chance of acquiring 50 million is very high. Decided to make an appointment with the people from Xinghuo immediately.

In the evening, Chunsheng told Xiaoting that in order for them to start again, he decided to leave Zhuoyuan, not wanting to mix his future with his family. Without Zhuoyuan, he and Zhuo’s family no longer have an interest relationship, but the simplest family. . Xiaoting bluntly said that she was a shortcut for Chunsheng, and Chunsheng felt that it was also a burden. The harder he worked, the more counterproductive he was, causing his mentality to become unbalanced and their relationship getting worse and worse. This was a dead end. Xiaoting reminds them that the price of Chunsheng is the relationship with the simple eight years, and her price is the enemy of everyone, almost against her father. She doesn’t know if it is worth it now. Chunsheng advised Xiaoting to give up all the efforts they had put in before, it would be wasted!

At dinner, after Zhuo Nanzhi learned of Chunsheng’s decision, he decided that he was doing it for himself, because Zhuoyuan had no chance to go out to find a chance, but Xiaoting was willing to believe in him, so she would give him one last chance. He knew the consequences of making his daughter wronged. Xiaoting raised her glass and asked her father to wish them happiness, but Zhuo Nanzhi kept her face dark without saying a word.

Due to his relationship with Zhuo Nanzhi and his work experience in Zhuoyuan, Feng Chunsheng soon applied for the position of manager of the investment promotion department in Zhicheng Real Estate Company. In the evening, Chunsheng drank and chatted with Malevin. Malevin explained that he was in a high position as soon as he entered the company because he was Zhuo Nanzhi’s son-in-law. Chunsheng admitted that his father-in-law could create many opportunities for himself, but he bluntly did not want to become Malevin. He wants both career and career.

Lin Wanrou reported to Marlene, that she and Mr. He had a smooth talk. Mr. Cao published by Qili had a high premium, but Mr. He was willing to cooperate with them. Marlene learned that Mr. Cao’s bid was 5% higher and gave him approval. After the call, Lin Wanrou was arranged to contact Mr. He immediately. They were willing to pay a premium of 10%. He judged that Mr. Cao’s project was not wrong, and if the funds were insufficient, he would borrow part of the mortgage.

In the evening, Malevin met with Mr. Gu and borrowed 20 million from him. Mr. Gu asked for the return to be increased to seven points, and Malevin agreed on the spot.

Lin Wanrou met Mr. Cai secretly in the underground parking lot. She felt that she could get Marlene to pay more. Mr. Cai persuaded her to accept it as soon as she saw him. He would greet Xiao He and prepare the contract. The channel for transferring assets has also been contacted. People, Wanrou told him to let others not see them together recently.

The project that Feng Chunsheng was in charge of was suspended due to arrears of workers’ wages. Chunsheng negotiated with Party B’s Chief Yang to ensure that the wages would be repaid as soon as the financial process was completed for a week. However, President Yang insisted on seeing the money to resume work, so he decided to advance the payment by himself. He lives at the construction site and personally supervises the progress of the project.

Lin Wanrou couldn’t figure out such a big thing. Xiaoting could forgive Chunsheng. If she didn’t forgive, she would make him pay the price. Xiaoting felt that the child accidentally miscarried herself. She wanted to give herself a chance, so she was unwilling to divorce so hastily. , Lin Wanrou said that the most taboo thing for businessmen is not to bear the cost, but to make the loss even greater. Xiaoting feels that Wanrou does not care about the cost of Marlene, but Wanrou says that Xiaoting’s treatment of Chunsheng is completely different from her own treatment of Marlene.

Simply let Xing Ran and Qing Qian go to the theater to help shoot the video, and Mr. Gu specially came over to inspect, boasting that the simple creative genre is novel and promising. After finishing the work, he sent Simple home. On the way, he told her that he had contacted the broadcasting platform. After the filming, he simply contacted them. Simply heard that the show will be broadcast soon and I am very happy. Mr. Gu learns that Simple has no boyfriend, and feels that married people are more lonely than single people. After he delivered Simple to the door of his house, he suddenly held her watch and said that he fell in love with her the first time I saw Simple. Helping simple success, simply throwing away his hand, made it clear that he would work hard to live up to his expectations, but other things would disappoint him.

In the evening, Xiaoting went to the construction site to find Chunsheng with a bunch of delicious food.

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