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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 30 Recap

In the evening, Xiaoting packed her bags and was leaving. She told Feng Chunsheng’s father that his character and ability were not worthy of his ambitions, and that he didn’t need to feel wronged if he lost to Wan Liming.

Qing Qian finds Pan Yanming and is willing to accompany him to socialize and promote a business to get commission. Xing Ranlai Tianqiao meets Drunk Xunxun Qing Qian, Qing Qian lied that her mother could borrow her money to hold an exhibition for Xing Ran, Xing Ran Xing Qian Qian went to see those people again, and the two broke up unhappy.

The next day, Qing Qian was watching Xing Qian play, and received a message from Pan Yanming and rushed to a restaurant. Pan Yanming said that this restaurant was his gift to Qing Qian. Sister Gu yelled and yelled for Pan Yanming. Unexpectedly, Qing Qian refused on the spot, and even scolded Gu Jie and Jiao Dazhi. She said that she would not return to this circle again, and that the 200,000 owed to Pan Yanming would be returned to him as soon as possible.

Xingran accompanied Mr. Yuan from the venture capital company and waited a long time to see Mr. Yuan, but he was not interested in simple projects, and he refused to give him time to meet them. Simply invited Xingran to dinner. I heard that Qing Qian owed him 200,000 yuan for the exhibition. He encouraged Xing Ran to work hard to make progress and pay back the money as soon as possible.

Xiaoting accidentally fell while pulling a suitcase in the parking lot by herself, and she developed miscarriage symptoms. Chunsheng received a call from the hospital during the meeting and knew that Ting was involved. He and Zhuo Nanzhi rushed over and looked at the baby girl on the hospital bed. Zhuo Nanzhi felt distressed that Xiaoting had not suffered such a crime since he was a child. He cursed Chunsheng. He is simply not a man. He was transferred back to take care of Xiaoting, but he jumped up and down in the company to fight for what?

Marlene Wen organized the bureau and gave a brief introduction to the well-known angel investor Mr. Gu. Mr. Gu was very interested in simple projects. The two added WeChat to each other. He guided the simple need to change from the thinking of a teacher to the thinking of an entrepreneur.

In the hospital at night, Feng Chunsheng blamed himself for not taking care of Xiaoting. Xiaoting didn’t want to listen to him and asked him to go back first. Feng Chunsheng called Malevin on the flyover, and lost his voice to tears of the child. Malevin rushed over from the dinner table. He told Chunsheng that he had to pay a price if he wanted to change his destiny. Chunsheng felt that he had a desire to be upright. Malevin suggested that he could think about his future life now.

Looking at the Trojan Horse Art Festival, many people came to the exhibition. She was very happy. She was confident that Xingran would become a great painter. Unexpectedly, Pan Yanming came midway. He mocked to see where his money was spent. Star Gas had to pick up Pan Yanming by the collar to support him, Qing Qian stubbornly pulled him to persuade him to calm down. After the exhibition, Luo Nana comforted Xingran no matter what the process went through, the result was good. She talked about the past in college and confessed to Xingran that she always admired his talent and liked him.

After briefly introducing the content of the project to the main person in charge of Head Gu, they agreed that the return on investment would not be too high, and the acceptance of the audience needs to be evaluated. Simple and lack of experience without team operation, investment is not recommended. However, Mr. Gu believes that simple projects are not perfect but sincere, bold and unique. He arranged for his subordinates to immediately form the project execution and complete the process, and he personally came to catch it.

To express his gratitude, I simply invited Mr. Gu to dinner. Mr. Gu admitted that she was not looking at Levin’s face, but with her project and her as a person. He appreciates simple people as their own, simple and pure, and the company will follow The project will be evaluated and pricing signed, and he will send someone to help with simple management and operation, and the business plan has also been revised.

Malevin called the company’s management to a bookstore for a meeting. He told everyone that the company is now facing difficulties. If he wants to leave, he will not only close the physical bookstore and cut down the unprofitable projects, but also conduct intellectual property rights transactions. I hope everyone will work together to get better projects and opportunities for the company.

After the meeting, Lin Wanrou went to the office of Chief Financial Officer Cai and said that she had read the financial statements, and that there were no loopholes in the work. She asked Chief Cai to go out to talk at night.

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