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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 29 Recap

Wan Liming told Feng Chunsheng that no matter who the person in charge of the Tongzhou project is appointed by the company, they are all brothers who have fumbled in the northwest together, and they should not hurt their peace.

Just because Liu Zhao had a few words with Wan Liming, Feng Chunsheng put on his shoes and told him to hand over the work to Cheng Bo, so he didn’t have to go out in the future. Xiaoting criticized Chunsheng’s handling of the lack of proportions and could not convince the public. She should learn from Wan Liming and hide her secrets. Chun Sheng was angry and Wan Liming was clearly digging her own corner. Xiaoting didn’t want Chunsheng to become a lunatic because of this.

After simply being discharged from the hospital, Malevin hid far away in the corner of the corridor and watched her back, but never showed up. After returning home, Jian Jian received a call from Yiru. She apologized to Jian and told her that she was going abroad, but she always regarded Jian as a good friend in her heart.

After simply dragging the suitcase and walking on the flyover, she suddenly felt a little dazed. She felt that from one person to another, as if nothing happened, she decided at that moment: no longer change her life trajectory for anyone or anything, she should Plan your future carefully.

Simple night at a street stall in Beijing night market selling Mala Tang, Xingran felt sorry for her sister, and called Malevin. At this time, Malevin was playing mahjong with Lao Cao and others. Xingran angry sister was injured because of Malevin, but he avoided meeting, so that his sister was busy in starting a business during the day and selling mala Tang for a living at night. Malevin persuaded Xingran not to worry about their affairs.

After hanging up the phone, he ran into Feng Chunsheng in the corridor. Feng Chunsheng also talked about the cooperation of physical bookstores. Mariev and he changed places to drink and chat. He laughed at himself now that he is not struggling and not angry. It is not like Feng Chunsheng crawling up with his heart. Feng Chunsheng learned that Mariev and simply broke up, and pointed out that he built a wall around him to surround himself. This is self. Paralyzed, Marlene thinks that his present is Feng Chunsheng’s future.

Pan Yanming saw Qing Qian in the bar and mocked her to leave herself so desolate, and to come out to earn money to subsidize him at night with the poor boy. Pan Yanming asked Qing Qian to return to him. His business difficulties have passed and he is divorced. If Qing Qian is with himself, he will give her a name at the right time so that she can live the life she wants. Qing Qian Qian flatly refused.

Luo Nana told Star Ran that two people had withdrawn from the exhibition, and if he wanted to participate, they would have to share the cost equally.

She simply prepared to develop a set of paid courses for preschoolers and lower-grade students. She found a venture capital company, but the other party believed that her experience and experience were not up to the level of entrepreneurship and could only be a lecturer.

Lin Wanrou led Chief Financial Officer Cai to let Marlene look at the company’s operating conditions, saying that the company must take measures to maintain its operations. First, it must cut off the non-profitable business sectors. In addition, physical bookstores must close a large portion and at least lay off employees. Twenty percent, Malevin had no objection to the others, but did not agree to layoffs.

After Mr. Cai left, Marlene told Wanrou that shutting down the company would not affect her life, but employees would be responsible to them if they had to support their families and repay their mortgages. Layoffs could not solve the fundamental problem. They just needed a quick sum of money, as long as they did not violate the law. Lin Wanrou felt that Marlene had changed, but she didn’t know whether she should be happy for him or regret.

In the evening, Malevin went to the night market to help with simple closing, suggesting that it is safer to hold a preliminary class at this stage, not suitable for starting a business, and there are many ways to live, and she chooses the most difficult one. Simply answer that she wanted to go back to her hometown safely. Malevin was silent and told Jian Yiru that he had gone abroad, but he was really unable to manage a marriage and relationship at his age. She was simply pleased that Malevin had found a way to get along with him. , She also found it. Mariev remembered that a friend could help easily, and suggested that she see him.

Wan Liming was celebrating his company’s birthday. Feng Chunsheng went over to join him. Hearing that Wan Liming and Zhongying Capital had signed an investment agreement, he immediately ran to Zhuo Nanzhi’s office and begged him to give himself a month to ensure that the sign-in is bigger than Wan Liming’s. He decided that Wan Liming was not suitable to be the person in charge of the new project. Zhuo Nanzhi told him that Wan Liming could only say that he was good in front of him. He was still hesitating, but now he decided to leave the new project to Wan Liming. .

Because Xiaoting was a lobbyist for Chunsheng everywhere, but Wan Liming did not rely on anyone. Feng Chunsheng’s current state showed that he had a guilty conscience and had no courage to confront Wan Liming. After finishing Zhuo Nanzhi, Chunsheng was driven out of the office.

Qing Qian worked hard to save more than 40,000. I thought the deposit was enough, but learned that now I need 200,000 to participate in the exhibition. Qing Qian mentioned Mr. Ma, but Xing Ran didn’t want his sister to open his mouth to Mr. Ma. He planned to return tomorrow. The courier station continues to work.

Feng Chunsheng felt aggrieved and stayed in the study at night without sleeping. Xiaoting was angry to help him live a good life for the two of them, not to see him live or die.

Marlene played mahjong with Lao Cao. He said that intellectual property transactions are promising. Now it is the last avenue. Lao Cao persuaded Marlenewen to be a pig in the air like himself.

The next day, Zhuo Xiaoting knew that her father had appointed Wan Liming. To comfort Feng Chunsheng, he gave him a new car. Wan Liming was passing by. Envying him, he invited Chunsheng to join the new project, just like the two were cooperating with Northwest China. Feng Chunsheng refused. After Wan Liming left, Chunsheng complained that Xiaoting shouldn’t bring him the car, and went upstairs alone.

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