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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 9 Recap

Mu Feng is going to the far gate for a few days, and promises to invite Liu Yang to watch a movie when he comes back. Mullin and his third brother drove all night, and arrived in Shandong at dawn, and they came directly to the vegetable plot to pull vegetables.

Peony came to inspect Mu’s house and saw Li Ailing asked someone to decorate the house and make furniture. She repeatedly emphasized not to prepare the bride price. Even if the house is decorated well, Bai Ge will not be allowed to marry in. Li Ailing promised to make full preparations, and Mu Xue could not listen. Go down, rush up and talk with Peony.

Mu Feng came to negotiate with Xue Hua and promised to remarry her after graduating from university. Xue Hua believed that Mu Feng wanted to take the opportunity to get rid of her and was angry to prevent Mu Feng from going to university. Mu Feng was worried that his marriage would affect his future, and Xue Hua refused to follow him. No, I yelled at Mu Feng. Mu Feng was anxious to go to the station to look for Triumph. He didn’t want to talk with Xue Hua, Xue Hua blocked the door and wouldn’t allow him to leave.

Kaixuan waited for a long time at the station, and did not see Mu Feng’s figure. He hurried to find someone at Mu’s house. After learning that Mu Feng was not at home, Kaixuan was eager to catch the train, so he had to leave first, and Mu Xue went to Hangzhou to buy goods for Mu Feng. When Mu Feng hurried to the train station, the car to Hangzhou had already left. On the way, the truck suddenly broke down, Mullin quickly repaired it, and the third brother was very satisfied.

Mu Feng went home in despair. Li Ailing thought he was worried about the college entrance examination, and firmly believed that he would be admitted. Mu Qing called to Mu Xue to eat, only to find that she was nowhere to be seen. Qing went to report the case. Chi Shuai refused to file the case because the time was too short. He accompanied Mu Feng to continue looking for people. Mu Xue took Mu Feng’s ticket and followed Kaixuan on the train, but she was penniless, Kaixuan promised to help her put money into the socks, and shared the eggs for her to eat.

The truck broke down again. Mullin inspected and found that the water temperature was too high and there were no tools in the car. He had to reach into the hot water tank with his hands and was burned. The third brother couldn’t help but look at him with admiration. Mullin just wanted to get the food back as soon as possible. At the train station, Chi Shuai finally found out that Mu Xue had followed Triumphantly to Hangzhou. Chi Shuai hurried back to report to Li Ailing. He decided to go to Hangzhou tomorrow to pick up Mu Xue.

When Kaixuan and Mu Xue came to Hangzhou, Kaixuan called Li Ailing to report safety. Li Ailing was very anxious. Mu Xue only wanted to raise money for Mullin. When Li Ailing learned that Kaixuan had finished the goods, she took Mu Xue back in the afternoon. He Shan, he exhorted Kai Xuan Qian, and then called Chi Shuai again.

The third brother sold the vegetables and gave half of the money to Mullin. Mullin was grateful to him. Mullin went home happily and met Zhang Chenguang at the door of his house. Zhang Chenguang talked to him and recalled the funny stories of his childhood. Zhang Chenguang decided to let go and wish Mullin and Baige a happy life. Mullin promised to love Baige for the rest of his life. Zhang Chenguang lent it to Mulin. One thousand yuan, let him marry Baige home with peace of mind.

Mulin went home and gave the money to Li Ailing. Kaixuan and Mu Xue rushed back. Mu Feng complained that Kaixuan should not take Mu Xue to Hangzhou. Chi Shuai suspected that Kaixuan’s intentions for Mu Xue were impure. Kaixuan argued with him and Mu Xue stood there. Coming out to relieve the siege for Triumph, Triumph immediately decided to give all the goods purchased this time to Mu Xue.

Chi Shuai strongly opposed, believing that Triumph had ulterior motives for Mu Xue, and the two people quarreled very hard if they didn’t agree. Mullin hurriedly pulled Kaixuan and Chi Shuai away, and they both left. Mu Feng called on the whole family to sell all the goods, and Li Ailing agreed.

Mu Feng came to the bus station with a large package of goods on his back and wanted to sell socks to customers. Liu Yang saw him from a distance and took him to the hospital to sell them. The medical staff liked these goods very much, and they rushed to buy them. Li Ailing complained about Mu Feng Shouldn’t come to the hospital to sell goods, Liu Yang promised to accompany him to sell goods after get off work.

Mu Qing and Mu Xue sell socks together. Their market is very good. Mu Xue offered to go to People’s Square alone to sell socks. Mu Qing told her to be careful everywhere. Mu Xue set up a stall in the square and sold it for five cents at a single price. The customers were too expensive. Triumphant came to help in time and peddled three pairs for one dollar.

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