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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 8 Recap

Mu Feng sent Liu Yang home. Liu Yang admitted that she liked a boy and was a classmate of them. Liu Yang just wanted to say something. Since then, Kaixuan passed by and shouted at them and gave them a pair of socks. Kaixuan was not interested in going to university, thinking Being a freelancer and selling socks in People’s Square, triumphantly saw that the two of them were in love, and wished them happiness in advance.

Mullin felt that the conditions for Peony mention were too high. Li Ailing agreed to find a way to raise money. As long as Mullin and Baige live their lives well, Mullin did not want to burden the family. Li Ailing felt that Mullin had paid enough for the family over the years and agreed. Give him a grand wedding.

That night, Li Ailing convened a meeting with the children and took out all the family assets. Mu Qing simply calculated that the two hundred yuan in Li Ailing’s hand was only enough to buy three pieces, and Mu Feng wanted to use the money for college to help Mullin, Li Ailing promised, wanting to use her and Mu Qing’s salary this month to hold a wedding banquet, but the thousand yuan gift was still complaining, Mullin was angry not to get married, and Li Ailing didn’t want to break her trust.

Mu Xue offered to find a job to help the family share the worries. The whole family was happy for her and encouraged her to get out of the pain as soon as possible. Mu Feng came to the square to find Kaixuan to learn about the socks market. He wanted to sell socks with him and raise money for Mullin as a gift. Kaixuan explained to him the hard work of going to Hangzhou to purchase goods and gave Mu Feng twenty yuan as a gift.

Mu Feng handed the twenty yuan to Li Ailing, and took the opportunity to offer to go to Hangzhou to buy socks. Li Ailing was worried. Mu Xue wanted to buy socks. Mu Feng didn’t agree and insisted on going by herself. Li Ailing had no choice but to agree. Zhang Chenguang came to see Bai Ge. Peony lied that Bai Ge could not go to the ground and it was inconvenient to come out to see him, so Zhang Chenguang had to leave first.

Bai Ge found the owner of the photo studio and carefully selected the styles of the photos. Peony was very dissatisfied. She suddenly remembered about the house, and went directly to the hospital to discuss with Li Ailing, asking Li Ailing to buy a new house for Bai Ge. Li Ailing had no money to buy a house and wanted to first When renting a house for them, Peony refused to do it and wanted to cancel the wedding in anger.

In order to raise money for the gift, Mullin asked the boss of the auto repair shop to contact him more. The boss recommended Mullin to his brother-in-law to run long-distance transportation. Mullin was eager to earn money and agreed to go with his third brother first. Li Ailing asked Mu Qing and Mu Xue to move to her room, and asked Mu Feng to move to their house, and gave that room to Mu Lin as a new house. Mu Feng wanted to move to Li Ailing’s room to make do with to go to university, so he gave the house to Mu. Lin used it for marriage, and Li Ailing had no choice but to agree.

Li Ailing quickly found a carpenter to help Mulin and Bai Ge decorate the new house. Zhang Chenguang heard about this and immediately went to Bai Ge to confirm. He smashed the door desperately and wanted to have an interview with Bai Ge. Mu Qing persuaded Bai Ge to make it clear to him. Bai Ge didn’t want to face him. Mu Qing heard nothing outside and thought Zhang Chenguang had gone. She opened the door and Zhang Chenguang rushed in angrily, persuading Bai Ge not to marry Mulin.

Mullin couldn’t compare to him everywhere. Bai Ge had to admit that she had no feeling for Zhang Chenguang. Zhang Chenguang liked her everywhere, just to show her superiority. It was not love at all. Although Mullin was from a poor family, he was optimistic, and supported the whole family by himself. Bai Ge was deep. In love with Mullin, Zhang Chenguang had to leave angrily.

Zhang Chenguang head down to the kindergarten to find Zhang Xiaoqing and tell her about the marriage of Mullin and Bai Ge. Zhang Xiaoqing was dumbfounded and wanted to go to Mullin to ask clearly. Zhang Chenguang persuaded her to give up as soon as possible. Mullin was going to Shandong to buy goods. He hurried home to ask his mother for leave, falsely claiming to go to Shandong to repair the car. In order to evade police investigation, Sangei chose to set off to pull vegetables in Shandong at night.

Mu Feng will go to Hangzhou with Triumph tomorrow to purchase goods. Before leaving, he specially thanked Liu Yang for helping Bai Ge issue a diagnosis certificate, worrying about her being held accountable. Liu Yang thanked Li Ailing for helping her bear all the guilt. The dean did not pursue this matter, Mu Feng thought. Inviting her to dinner, Liu Yang didn’t want to waste any more money and asked Mu Feng to watch a movie with her. Mu Feng fully agreed.

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