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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 11 Recap

Li Ailing and Mu Xue prepared invitations and asked Mu Feng to send them to Liu Yang. Liu Yang wanted to have a good chat with Mu Feng. Xu Liqun returned to collect the scraps, and saw Xue Hua sitting outside the door feeling sad. Xu Liqun knew that she was because Mu Feng hadn’t come for several days, so he couldn’t help but complained. Xue Hua asked Xu Liqun about the specific location of the Machinery Factory Hospital. , Decided to visit Li Ailing in person.

Xue Hua came to the hospital to find Li Ailing, and learned that she was preparing for the wedding for her son at home, and Xue Hua was about to come to her home address. Liu Yang wanted to know whether Mu Feng would return to Heshan after graduating from university. Mu Feng answered affirmatively. Liu Yang asked him if he would fall in love at the university.

Mu Feng claimed that he was no longer qualified, and Liu Yang mistakenly thought that Mu Feng would treat her as her. My girlfriend, let’s not mention that she was so happy. Liu Yang asked Mu Feng to write to her and invited Mu Feng to watch a movie. Xue Hua was very uncomfortable seeing the two of them kissing and talking from a distance.

Xue Hua cried loudly when she got home. Xu Liqun kindly persuaded her. Xue Hua asked Xu Liqun to write her a complaint letter and report to the university where Mu Feng applied for his ungratefulness and anger to prevent Mu Feng from going to university. Xu Liqun persuaded Xue Hua to think twice. Once the letter was sent, Xue Hua and Mu Feng became enemies. Xue Hua decided to give Mu Feng another chance. She wanted to come to Mu Feng to make peace.

Tomorrow is the wedding day of Mullin and Bai Ge. The whole family is busy preparing. Mullin sees that Mu Feng has something on his mind, so Mu Feng tried his best to find an excuse to cover it up. Xue Hua found Mu’s house after walking around. Mu Feng opened the door and saw her. He hurried her aside. Xue Hua asked Li Ailing to have a talk. Mu Feng would not allow her to mess around. Xue Hua cursed him as a liar and suspected him and Liu Yang. The relationship was abnormal, Mu Feng defended in every possible way. Xue Hua didn’t listen at all. Since deceiving her a fake divorce, Mu Feng has been lying.

She no longer believes in Mu Feng’s nonsense and wants to expose Mu Feng’s true face in front of Li Ailing and her family. Mu Feng made it clear that they had been divorced and that it had nothing to do with it. Xue Hua told the child about it. Mu Feng denied that the child was his. Xue Hua rushed forward to argue with Mu Feng. Mu Lin came after hearing the news. Xue Hua was because Excessive force began to bleed heavily.

Mu Feng asked Mulin for help and sent Xue Hua to Dr. Zheng’s clinic. Dr. Zheng was helpless and persuaded them to go to the hospital. Mu Feng and Mulin sent Xue Hua to the hospital. Mullin asked Mu Feng about Xue Hua’s situation in detail. The doctor asked him to pay a deposit of 50 yuan. Mu Feng hurried to borrow the money. Xue Hua suffered heavy bleeding, and the doctor asked Mu Lin to sign the operation slip. Mu Feng quickly borrowed money to come back. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue, Xue Hua gave birth to a boy. She died of too much bleeding. Mu Feng was frightened and panicked.

Mullin and Bai Ge got married today, and friends and relatives came to congratulate them. The wedding was being held lively. The doctors and nurses suddenly rushed to hold the child, pointed out that Mullin had abandoned his wife and son, put the child down and left. Mu Feng stayed aside and didn’t dare to speak out. Peony insisted that Mullin had a child with other women outside. Mullin had troubles and couldn’t tell. Bai Ge believed in Mullin’s character. Peony would not be forgiving. He overturned all the wine tables and forced Bai Ge home. Li Ailing fainted on the spot because of her anger, and a lively wedding ended.

Li Ailing finally regained consciousness. She asked Mu Lin bitterly. Mullin had to admit that the child belonged to Mu Feng. Li Ailing called Mu Feng in. After Mu Feng entered the door, she knelt down and explained the whole story to her mother. Li Ailing complained. Mu Feng should not hide this. Peony regretted marrying Bai Ge to Mullin. Bai Ge firmly believed that Mullin was wronged, and Bai Haowen also believed that Mullin would come to explain clearly.

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