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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 10 Recap

Liu Yang helped Mu Feng sell out his socks. Mu Feng wanted to invite her to dinner to express his gratitude. Liu Yang asked him to keep money for Mu Lin’s marriage. He casually asked Mu Feng about his future plans. Perfunctorily, Mu Feng repeatedly explained that he didn’t say what he didn’t say to me, and Liu Yang didn’t pursue it anymore.

Mu Xue set up a stall selling socks, and Kaixue cheered her on. Mu Xue quickly sold a lot. She was very happy. The staff of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau suddenly came to enforce the law. Kaixuan pulled Mu Xue and ran away, but was still arrested. When they arrived, Kaixuan admitted that they had not applied for a license, and they wanted to take Kaixuan and Mu Xue back. Mu Xue was trembling with fright, thanks to Chi Shuai who came to the rescue in time. Chi Shuai severely taught Triumph, and Mu Xue hurriedly interceded for Triumph.

After the unremitting efforts of the whole family, all the socks and silk scarves are finally sold out, the house is decorated, and the three turns and one ring for Peony have been bought. Mullin can’t wait to report the good news to Bai Ge, and wants to marry Bai Ge as soon as possible. Bai Ge is also looking forward to this day. Bai Ge returned to the song and dance troupe from injury, and she immediately engaged in intense rehearsal. Zhang Chenguang congratulated her and thanked Bai Ge for scolding him to wake him up. He finally understood that he wanted to be a good partner on stage with Bai Ge, Bai Ge Shen Feeling relieved.

Zhang Xiaoqing woven two pairs of gloves to Mullin as a wedding gift, wishing him and Bai Ge to grow old, Zhang Xiaoqing tears farewell to Mullin. Soon the day when the college entrance examination was released, Kaixuan quickly found Mu Feng’s score. He scored 428 points on the test. Kaixuan congratulated him and congratulated him on entering a prestigious university.

Li Ailing prepared the bride price and the house, visited Peony personally, and discussed her wedding day. Peony asked Li Ailing to treat Bai Ge well, and Li Ailing repeatedly assured her. Li Ailing and the four children prepared a sumptuous meal together, and also specially confessed to Mu Tianyang to comfort his spirit in the sky.

The whole family had a reunion dinner. Mullin vowed to take good care of Li Ailing, and Mu Feng also said that he would study hard. The family exchanged cups and finished the meal with He Meimei. Peony is reluctant to marry Bai Ge, worrying that Bai Ge will be wronged in the past, Bai Ge kindly persuades her, Peony insists on holding the wedding first before obtaining the marriage certificate, Bai Ge can’t hold her back.

Mu Feng and Xue Hua left to go to college. Xue Hua was angry to take the child with him. Mu Feng was embarrassed. Xue Hua forbade him to go to college. Mu Feng couldn’t bear to give up such a good opportunity and wanted to discuss with her a way to get the best of both worlds. , Mu Feng asked Xue Hua to go back to the country first, and waited four years before picking them up. Xue Hua firmly refused. Mu Feng knelt down and begged Xue Hua to fulfill him.

If he can go to university, he can let the whole family have no choice but to bring his younger brother. My sister is living a good life. Mu Feng vowed to give Xue Hua an explanation in four years. Xue Hua saw him crying and promised to wait for four years to remind Mu Feng not to lose his conscience, otherwise he would never be merciless. Finally, Xue Hua She asked Li Ailing to see her, and Mu Feng promised to wait until Mullin got married.

Liu Yang asked Li Ailing to find out that Mu Feng had applied for a prestigious university. She was surprised and happy. Li Ailing saw Liu Yang’s feelings for Mu Feng and encouraged her to confess to Mu Feng boldly. Liu Yang flushed with shame. Li Ailing prepares sweaters and trousers for Mu Feng, Mu Feng stubbornly wanted to explain the truth to her, Li Ailing mistakenly thought he was going to talk about dating Liu Yang, and Mu Feng just wanted to explain that Kaixuan suddenly came to give the wedding candy, and Mu Feng had to shut up .

Chi Shuai bought a lot of pork back with Mu Xue. Li Ailing was very happy. Mulin felt sorry to see the whole family busy with his marriage. Li Ailing praised Mu Feng as the pride of the whole family, and Mu Feng felt bitter in her heart. Xue Hua packed up his luggage, thinking of Mu Feng’s pledge to her, mixed with mixed feelings in his heart.

Liu Yang’s mother learned that Mu Feng had a high score in the college entrance examination and encouraged Liu Yang to take the initiative to confess to Mu Feng. His father also urged Liu Yang to hurry up to avoid missing the opportunity. Liu Yang was embarrassed.

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