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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 48 End Recap

The rebels aggressively attacked, and the situation was uncertain, and all soldiers came to defend the city. The whistle ordered someone to track down Tilan’s whereabouts, and finally found her trace in the palace of Chang Wang. Considering that she was heavy, the guard did not dare to act rashly. Dixu was concerned about Tilan’s safety, and was unwilling to take this matter away from others, but insisted on personal rescue. The pain of losing the purple hairpin back then must never be repeated.

Because of this, Di Xu ordered a small team of guards to accompany him out of the palace. Mu Deqing prepared a carriage and waited at the door and decided to go together. Although he knew this was dangerous, Mu Deqing had no regrets. He thought that he had served Emperor Xu for many years and had long forgotten where he came from.

On the other side, Tiran couldn’t help asking whether Bizi often passed news to Zhunyu. Bizi didn’t dare to conceal anything, and truthfully told the truth, including the fact that the antifetal drug found out the poison, which was also what she did deliberately. It’s nothing more than to let Di Xu move the palace to Tilan as soon as possible.

Now, Bizi realized that she was wrong, and she was willing to devote her life to protecting Tilan, and under her order, she deliberately brought in the rebels outside the door, and the two masters and servants worked together to knock him out. Just as other people were following the sound, Di Xu appeared in time to rescue Tilan and led a dozen hidden guards back to the palace.

Unexpectedly, he was intercepted by the rebels halfway through. The leader was Shi’s internal officer. As a beneficiary, he had lurked for many years, only for today’s abolished emperor. Di Xu struggled to fight, but it was a pity that the rebels were surrounded by violent waves. At the moment of the moment, Fang Jianming appeared to protect him and coped with the danger together with him.

Fang Haishi took advantage of the whistle and they were cleaning up, and they went to the side hall to visit Master alone, and the two hugged tightly. It turned out that the fusion of Fang Jianming and Langhuan’s blood not only eradicated the unborn flower poison, but even healed the old wounds that had accumulated over the years. The doctor Li was amazed and repeatedly praised that the blood of the shark was a magical medicine.

Fang Hai City was a little self-blaming. He wanted to stay with the Master, but he was happy to patronize. Only today did he realize that Fang Jianming had abandoned the position of the Fang family for himself. He could neither mobilize the secret guards of Jifeng Mansion nor return to the temple to worship. Worshiping the ancestors, paying too much. However, Fang Jianming didn’t care. On the contrary, he felt that he had never been as easy and happy as he is now. If there were no sea markets, perhaps he would have lived for the rest of his life, relying on Baixi to live, and he was heavily tied to Di Xu for a lifetime, endlessly endless.

Since Emperor Xu considered Fang Jianming and Haishi to be anonymous, he sent a household register and road guide to facilitate freedom of entry and exit. Fanghai City is looking forward to the future with joy, and plans to find a suitable house in Yuezhou first, and then find the opportunity to travel around the famous mountains and rivers. When it’s gone, the descendants are full.

Before leaving, Fang Jianming packed his things in Zhaoming Palace, mainly to retrieve his marriage certificate with Fanghai City. Di Xu was by his side, cherishing the present time. When he saw the purse, he couldn’t help but laugh at Fang Hai City’s poor craftsmanship, and then he couldn’t stay together after being sad. The only relief was that Fang Jianming was finally someone. Take care, no longer a lonely shadow.

Therefore, Di Xu also thought about it. After three or five years, the world gradually forgets Fang Jianming’s master and apprentice, and naturally he will be able to go out and visit them. On the other side, Fang Hai City specially came to Yu’an Palace to visit Tilan, and say goodbye to her. Knowing that this time of separation, Tilan might not be able to meet again, so she simply gave the elaborately carved Dragon Tail God pendant to Fanghai City, expressing her blessing.

On the day of the team’s departure, Fanghai City was instructed to escort the Dragon Tail God back to Yuezhou. Looking back at the Apocalypse City that carried her growth, she felt sad. Ever since Fang Jianming left, Di Xu always felt that there was a blank in his heart, especially when he thought of the various experiences the two had experienced, he couldn’t help but feel sad.

Ti Lan saw that even if Di Xu was reluctant to bear Fang Jianming, he was unwilling to let Apocalypse City trap him, and could only be sad alone. Tilan comforted Di Xu that he was a gentle person, who would be pityed by the heavens, and would be able to live smoothly in the following days. Di Xu was pleased that Tilan was enough to stay with him, and the children in his stomach made him feel very happy.

When resting at the post house halfway, Fang Jianming ridiculed that Haishi was so sad when he entered the palace, and now he missed it not long after he left. In order to improve Fanghai City’s mood, Fang Jianming specially took out sweet-scented osmanthus candy and decided to open all her favorite shops in Yuezhou.

In August of the sixteenth year of Tianxiang, Emperor Shunwu collapsed and passed away. Later, he was changed to Yuan Jingheng. The eldest son Chu Weiyun respected Fengwu Palace. In December of the same year, Emperor Shunwu was buried in the Mausoleum of the Emperor Shunwu, where he said: “Dazheng Gaozu”.

Since the death of King Upudun, the new king Duohan assembled the left and right parts of Huku, and accepted the submission of the other tribes. Seven thousand miles of Hanzhou was finally unified, and he proclaimed himself Balaha Khan, which means “Wuzong” in Huku. King”. Soon, the documents of the alliance were delivered to Apocalypse City, along with a handwritten letter by the way, promising to use Huangquan Pass as the boundary, not to invade each other, and to share disasters and celebrate together.

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