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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 10 Recap

News of the discord between the Liu family and the Neiwei Mansion spread to the gods overnight. The Patriarchs of the Zheng family in Xingyang, the Patriarch of the Boring Cui family and the Jingzhaodu family came to the imperial palace’s Xianju Hall. Bother, Wu You decided to plead guilty again and again. The Neiwei Palace did not protect the saint. The saint ignored the patriarchs and let them kneel outside.

Shen Fei quickly found out that Gao Bingzhu and the liquor seller Bailang were old acquaintances, and he truthfully reported to Baili Hongyi. Gao Bingzhu asked Bailang to inquire about the charcoal trade and found out that Li Lu’s princess mansion used a large amount of charcoal. Baili Hongyi came directly to Bailang, followed him to see Gao Bingzhu, and asked him what he was investigating, and asked him to tell the clues left by Han Dongqing before his death. Gao Bingzhu asked him to check the charcoal at Li Lu’s princess mansion. Usage.

Liu Ran carefully selected the flowers and plants that Baili Hongyi liked, and planted them in the yard personally, hoping to please Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi wanted to give Li Lu a gift, and asked Liu Ran to accompany him to visit Li Lu. Liu Ran promised that Yunzhi was wronged for Liu Ran, but she was willing to do something for Baili Hongyi.

Liu Ran accompanied Baili Hongyi to visit Li Lu. Li Lu opened the jewelry box and found that there were organs inside. Liu Ran explained that it was made by Baili Hongyi himself. Li Lu liked it very much. Baili Hongyi took the opportunity to ask about the use of charcoal. Li Lu revealed that Liu Xiang bought her Linchuan other business. Liu Xiang bought the charcoal. Baili Hongyi suspected that Liu Xiang used charcoal to smelt copper.

Li Yichen came to plead for sins to the saint, and specially brought the cherries that the saint liked. The saint talked about the prince Litton. Litton took Jiangshan as private property and handed over to his father-in-law to take care of him. Therefore, he was abolished as a prince. The saint could not tolerate anything. Li Yichen knelt down to beg for mercy when someone destroyed the foundation she had worked so hard to lay down.

Gao Bingzhu was going to Linchuan Bieye to investigate the whereabouts of the copper materials. Baili Hongyi insisted to go with him. Gao Bingzhu didn’t want him to follow the adventure. Baili Hongyi had decided and made fun of Gao Bingzhu for not knowing how to smelt. The clues Wu Siyue grasped were all broken, she was helpless, so she had to come to the saint’s cronies Yang Huan for help, Yang Huan persuaded her not to rush, everything will be solved.

Gao Bingzhu and Baili Hongyi soon came to Linchuan. They saw that the water and grass were abundant and the people lived and worked in peace, and there was a peaceful scene everywhere. Gao Bingzhu felt that something was wrong. The people here did not farm but only planted fruit trees. Gao Bingzhu saw it at a glance.

These are all illusions. He and Baili Hongyi went to a restaurant by the river to eat, and saw Lao Zhang carrying water from a long distance to eat, but not eating the water in the opposite river. The daughter of the restaurant proprietor accidentally said that eating water from the river would cause stomach pain. Baili Hongyi and Gao Bingzhu both guessed that the smelter was located in the upper reaches of the river. The copper smelting waste was poisonous and polluted the river downstream.

Wu Siyue came to see Liu Ran and saw that she personally helped Baili Hongyi organize the study. She felt very sorry for Liu Ran, but Liu Ran was happy in it. She guessed something was wrong with Wu Siyue, Wu Siyue asked her about Baili Hongyi and Liu Xiang’s relationship. Gao Bingzhu and Baili Hongyi squatted in the village until dark. Gao Bingzhu recognized a person who had seen him during the day. His hands were full of calluses. Obviously, he was not left from farming, and was cast for a long time. Baili Hongyi wanted to follow this person. Gao Bingzhu was worried that it was a trap, but this was the only clue. The two of them followed the person all the way to a smelting workshop hidden in a cave, where there were many smelting pits, large and small.

Gao Bingzhu and Baili Hongyi were besieged by a group of thugs as soon as they entered. The two of them fought against each other. They were surrounded by a large number of each other. Baili Hongyi used a shovel to shovel hot copper water on those people. Gao Bingzhu took the opportunity to get away. The two tried their best to escape. Baili Hongyi suddenly fell a big somersault, the group of thugs quickly caught up, Baili Hongyi signaled Gao Bingzhu to leave quickly, Gao Bingzhu turned and ran, quickly found a horse, returned to take Baili Hongyi away, they Riding away from the dust.

Gao Bingzhu rode Baili Hongyi away from tracking. He asked Baili Hongyi to find Wu Siyue to investigate and collect evidence in Linchuan Bieye. He left alone. Wu Siyue worried that Baili Hongyi was in danger, and asked Li Beiqi to find his whereabouts. Baili Hongyi quickly returned to the city and met Wu Siyue who had rescued them before the city gate. Wu Siyue sent Li Beiqi back to the Neiwei Mansion to move rescuers.

Baili Hongyi did not return all night, Liu Ran came to ask Liu Xiang for help in finding someone. She suspected that Baili Hongyi had gone to Linchuan for another business. Liu Xiang couldn’t help being taken aback. He pretended to be silent and pulled Liu Ran to chat about family affairs. Liu Ran’s father went to the mountain for more than ten years to study. Liu Xiang regarded Liu Ran as his own. He regretted beating Liu Ran to Baili Hongyi. Li Hongyi stopped, Liu Ran thought Liu Xiang was very strange today, and couldn’t bother to think about it.

Wu Siyue and Baili Hongyi came to the smelter and found that there was a large amount of copper coins. Gao Bingzhu swaggered to find Liu Xiang for a showdown. Liu Xiang had been waiting for a long time, and he asked Gao Bingzhu to taste the tea he made by himself. Gao Bingzhu picked it up and drank it. He didn’t want to know the use of Liu Xiang’s stealing copper, but just wanted to find Chunqiu. The whereabouts of Dao, Liu Xiang claimed that he was Chunqiu Dao.

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