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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 15 Recap

Li Zeliang believed that his father’s death was probably caused by seeing Huo Jian’s true face and causing trouble. If Li Zeliang showed all the artworks in front of everyone, what Huo Jian had been operating in those years would have been in vain. , Huo Jian grabbed Li Zeliang’s neck and asked him what he wanted to do, so Li Zeliang took out a statement, as long as Huo Jian signed on it and returned all the things that belonged to Li Zeliang, he would look at the internet as his uncle.

At the time when Li Zeliang successfully held the auction, Su Xiayi hurriedly returned. This surprised the people at the scene. They did not expect that Su Xiayi would go back to Li Zeliang desperately. Su freehand directly asked Li Zeliang to rescue Shen Zhihong the day the rain must have been heavy, otherwise Li Zeliang’s legs would not become what they are now because of the infection. Li Zeliang recalled when he ran to the rooftop and saw Shen Zhihong standing on the rooftop and choosing to commit suicide to solve all the problems.

He asked Li Zeliang if he could stop investigating so far, and then turned and jumped off. Su Xinyi only apologized with Li Zeliang, she had always blamed Li Zeliang, and regarded her father’s benefactor as an enemy. Li Zeliang told Su Xieyi not to blame himself, but he still had to leave Auman, because Huo Jian was not as simple as it seemed. The death of President Li was very strange before, but the hospital’s explanation was natural death, but only Huo Jian was present when he was dying. .

Li Zeliang suspected that his father’s death was related to Huo Jian. I heard that a spider man named Liu Awei cleaned the outside of the hospital building when Mr. Li died, and then disappeared, so Li Zeliang wanted to find Liu Awei to understand the whole story. Su freehand holding Li Zeliang firmly told him to stand with him in the future, no matter what storms they face, they will not be separated.

Oscar felt that the day of the accident was perfect. If it weren’t for an accident, it would have been the most successful day of his acting career. Oscar missed them very much when they were in school when Shi Chuchu was still an excellent drummer. It was also because Li Zeliang was also the band Shi Chuchu that he chose the drummer, but later Li Zeliang left Shi Chuchu and chose to leave. Shi Chuchu felt that he lacked a bit of bravery compared to Su Xinyi, and was determined to be brave enough to pursue what he wanted.

Su freely called Xie Minghao to apologize. The reason why he chose to go back to Auman was because of Li Zeliang. He was injured in his leg because he saved Shen Zhihong before. Now Su freehand wants to accompany Li Zeliang. Xie Minghao was crying mentally, but on the surface he still wanted to comfort Su Xieyi by pretending to be a good brother-in-law.

Xie Minghao recalled the first time he met Su Xieyi when he went home with Su Shaoqing to meet Shen Zhihong. He didn’t expect to fall in love with that young and beautiful girl when he first met his girlfriend and sister.

When several people came out of the doll together, Xie Minghao saw that Su Xieyi had been unsuccessful, so he took the initiative to catch one and gave it to her. Unexpectedly, Su Shuqing thought it was Xie Minghao who had caught the doll and gave it to herself and took it away happily. Xie Minghao was very embarrassed, but Su Shuqing was his girlfriend and had to continue to pretend.

Ji Yingsong found the place where Liu Awei lived, and told Li Zeliang that he had to look for clues alone. Li Zeliang urged Ji Yingsong to pay attention to safety and never be known by Huo Jian.

Huo Jian gave everyone a meeting to resign as chairman and wanted Li Zeliang to take over. Those words made the company’s people very surprised. Shi Chuchu called Su Xinyi to the office and directly told her to compete fairly.

Li Zeliang. This was called Su Xinyi because he didn’t expect that at this moment, the company employees went in and sent documents and heard their conversation, and then chatted about it in front of other colleagues. Many colleagues think that Shi Chuchu is more suitable for Li Zeliang than Su freehand. After all, they grew up together and are better than Su freehand in many aspects.

Li Zeliang went to Su Xinyi to have a meal, and asked Li Zeliang not to let Huo Jian off easily. Li Zeliang tells Su Xieyi that Huo Jian is not just an economic criminal. Now Ji Yingsong is looking for Liu Awei, and Li Zeliang wants to find out all the crimes of Huo Jian and make it public. At this moment, Shi Chuchu sent a message to Li Zeliang, which made Su Freehand jealous.

After all, Shi Chuchu had officially declared war to compete with Su Freehand just now. Li Zeliang just didn’t know it. Li Zeliang knew that Su Freehand was a little jealous, so he asked her to go with him, but Su Freehand was not so stingy, because Li Zeliang had already said that Shi Chuchu was the only person in his heart that Shi Chuchu was excellent, and Su Freehand was very satisfied with this.

Huo Jian told Yi Fei that although the position of chairman had been vacated, it was not what he wanted most, and Auman

The largest shareholder is what I want most. However, Yi Fei knew that Oscar had been helping Li Zeliang to find the Spider-Man, and if they were given false news to catch Li Zeliang and the leg injury recurred, it would be of no avail to give him the position of chairman.

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