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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 7 Recap

In order to get close to Mullin, Zhang Xiaoqing deliberately deflated the tires, and then pushed to Mullin’s car repair booth, only to find that Mullin was not out of the stall. Chi Shuai drove Mu Lin, Mu Xue, Mu Qing and Bai Ge to the outskirts to relax. Chi Shuai desperately made Mu Xue happy and took her to go fishing. Mu Xue gradually opened his mind and talked and laughed with everyone.

Bai Ge saw that Chi Shuai liked Mu Xue, and couldn’t help but make fun of Chi Shuai. Instead, Mu Xue urged Bai Ge to marry Mu Lin as soon as possible. Mu Qing blurted out that Bai Ge was pregnant, and Mu Lin knew that Mu Qing helped Bai Ge do a fake pregnancy. It proved that he was furious and gave Mu Qing a severe lesson. She was worried that Bai Ge’s reputation would be destroyed. Bai Ge didn’t care.

She was willing to sacrifice everything for Mullin. Mullin just wanted to marry Bai Ge upright, and Bai Ge promised to go back. Burning the test bill, just as it never happened. Mullin was deeply moved. He didn’t expect that Bai Ge had done so much for him. He vowed to persuade his mother to accept this marriage at all costs.

Peony accidentally discovered the laboratory test report of Bai Ge’s pregnancy. She was so angry that she directly came to Master Mu Linxing to inquire about the crime. Li Ailing had no knowledge of this. He firmly believed that Mu Lin and Bai Ge would not do foolish things. Peony asked Mu Lin to face him. ask clearly. Mulin, Mu Qing. When Mu Xue and Bai Ge came back from an outing, they saw Peony and Li Ailing arguing at the door. Bai Ge said in public that the test sheet was fake. Mu Qing admitted that it was planned by her. Peony didn’t believe it at all and insisted on Mu. Lin Zhibaige is pregnant.

Li Ailing suggested to take Bai Ge to the hospital for an examination. Peony felt ashamed. Bai Ge took the opportunity to propose to marry Mullin. Peony refused to agree and forced her to die. Li Ailing persuaded Peony to calm down and believe in the character of Mullin and Bai Ge, Peony Angrily let Bai Ge stay at Mullin’s house, to sever ties with Bai Ge.

Li Ailing slapped Mullin severely. Bai Ge desperately blocked her and admitted that the test sheet was fake. Li Ailing worried that Bai Ge’s reputation would be destroyed. Bai Ge didn’t care. He swore to the death not to be separated from Mullin. Bai Ge begged Li Ailing not to Because of the grievances of the previous life, Li Ailing asked Mu Chun to take out the portrait of Mu Tianyang. Mullin admitted not knowing beforehand, he knelt in front of his father’s portrait and confessed his mistake, willing to be punished.

Li Ailing asked Bai Ge to kneel in front of the portrait. She wanted to ask Mu Tianyang for advice, but she was helpless. Li Ailing felt sorry for the children. She wanted to explain to Mu Tianyang when she thought of the underground. She asked Bai Ge and Mulin to give Mu Tianyang’s advice The portrait knocked three heads, even if he recognized the wife of Bai Ge, Bai Ge was so excited that he changed his mouth and called mom on the spot.

Mu Feng prepared a meal for Xue Hua, and was anxious to go home. Xue Hua struggled to stay. Mu Feng lied that he went home and asked Mu Lin for his hukou, so Xue Hua had to let him go. As soon as Mu Feng went out, he ran into Liu Yang. Liu Yang went to look for Mu Feng at home just now. When he saw that there were many people in his family, he quietly hid. Liu Yang wanted to know if there was any problem with the fake medical certificate, and Mu Feng promised to send her home. .

Li Ailing bought a gift and came to visit Peony to discuss the marriage. Peony still didn’t let go. Bai Ge was angry to give birth to the child. Mullin promised to let Bai Ge live a good life. Li Ailing promised to let go of all grievances. Bai Haowen also persuaded Peony. Reluctantly, Li Ailing agreed one by one, asking for a thousand yuan as a gift and three turns.

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