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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 6 Recap

Xu Liqun found Xue Hua who was lost. Mu Feng severely taught Xue Hua and complained that she should not go out without authorization. Xue Hua urged him to go through the formalities of remarriage as soon as possible. Xue Hua had no choice but to give up the ribs.

Chi Shuai asked Mulin to repair the car. Mullin quickly repaired it and took the opportunity to borrow the car from him. Chi Shuai heard that he was going to drive Mu Xue to relax, so he took the initiative to drive them to the Red Star Reservoir. Xue is interesting, Chi Shuai desperately to cover up. Mu Feng dreamed of the day when the college entrance examination was released. Mu Lin and Mu Chun went to check the scores. As a result, Mu Feng was disqualified for admission because of fraud, and he was in a cold sweat.

Mu Qing asked Mu Feng to ask Liu Yang to open a pregnancy test report to force both parents to agree to the marriage of Mu Lin and Bai Ge. Mu Feng resolutely refused to do it. Bai Ge deliberately nauseated and vomited in front of her parents, pretending to be pregnant, and Bai Haowen and Peony were like enemies, and asked her warmly.

Mu Feng came to Liu Yang for help, Liu Yang was very embarrassed, she promised to find a solution, let Mu Feng accompany her to watch “Lushan Love”, Mu Feng readily agreed. Mu Lin wanted to take the whole family out for an outing, Mu Xue was too late to make up his mind. Mu Qing tried to persuade her, and Mu Xue reluctantly agreed. Zhang Chenguang deliberately brought malted milk extract to see Bai Ge. Peony warmly welcomed him, and made a glass of Bai Ge. Bai Ge took a sip, and then pretended to be nauseous and vomiting. Zhang Chenguang hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

Liu Yang secretly took a pregnant woman’s test sheet and changed her name to Baige. Mu Qing came to see Bai Ge and encouraged Bai Ge to continue performing. Waiting for Peony to become suspicious, Bai Ge showed her the test sheet. Liu Yang gave Mu Feng the test report. Li Ailing just got off work. Liu Yang quickly took out the movie ticket and invited Mu Feng to watch it. Li Ailing had no doubts, and even told Mu Feng to send Liu Yang home.

Li Ailing asked Mulin about Bai Ge’s injury. Mullin took the opportunity to praise Bai Ge. Li Ailing felt that Bai Ge was a very good person, but she could not be her in-laws with the Bai family. Mullin wanted to take the whole family out to relax. Li Ailing was too busy at work. Let Mulin take Mu Qing and Mu Xue to play. Liu Yang handed the test sheet to Mu Feng, and Mu Feng was grateful to her.

When Xu Liqun returned from collecting the waste, Xue Hua chatted with him and learned that Xu Liqun’s parents had died. He made a living by picking up the tatters. Xue Hua advised Xu Liqun to find a daughter-in-law to start a family as soon as possible. Xu Liqun only wanted to make money. Earning a lot of money gave birth to the idea of ​​collecting waste products.

After the movie ended, Mu Feng and Liu Yang talked about the plot of the movie as they walked. The more they talked, the more speculative, Liu Yang soon got home. She mustered up the courage to show her love to Mu Feng, and Mu Feng felt bitter in her heart. out. Liu Yang was questioned by her parents as soon as she went home. When her mother came back from get off work, she saw her and Mu Feng chatting closely. Liu Yang had to admit that she liked Mu Feng very much, and her parents fully supported her and had to give her a check. Liu Yang was ashamed. His face was flushed.

Mu Feng hurried to see Xue Hua. Xue Hua wanted to learn from Xu Liqun and let Mu Feng go to college with peace of mind. Li Ailing helped to watch the children. Mu Feng didn’t want to make their relationship public, and Xue Hua was furious. According to Mu Qing’s instructions, Bai Ge pretended to be lethargic, loves to eat hot peppers, and was always hungry. Peony began to whisper.

Mullin worked overtime to study the mechanical books left by his father Mu Tianyang. Mu Feng went home frustrated. Mullin saw that he had something on his mind recently. Mu Feng tried to hide it. He was very envious of Bai Ge’s heartbroken feelings for Mulin. Mu Lin listened to it. Mu Feng said that he went to the movies with his female high school classmates and couldn’t help but make fun of him, making Mu Feng miserable.

Mu Feng secretly handed the test sheet to Mu Qing, and Mu Qing sent it to Bai Ge in the first place. Bai Ge couldn’t help but vomit bitterness at her. For love, she started to eat hot peppers, which resulted in blisters in her mouth. Mu Qingxin With relatives, Bai Ge learned that Mulin was taking their sisters on an outing, and she wanted to go together, so Mu Qing promised to pick her up tomorrow.

Mu Feng brought Xue Hua to the small clinic, and Dr. Zheng asked his wife to deliver the baby to Xue Hua and repeatedly promised that Xue Hua’s mother and son would be safe. Mu Feng took Xue Hua home, just passing by the movie theater. Xue Hua wanted to go to the movie. Mu Feng lied that the sound inside would deaf the fetus in his belly, and Xue Hua had to give up.

Bai Ge pretended to have no appetite, and went back to the house without eating. Peony felt that something was wrong more and more, suspecting that Bai Ge was pregnant, and Bai Haowen believed that Mullin was not an irresponsible person. Peony was worried and wanted to take Bai Ge to the hospital for an examination, but Bai Ge flatly refused. Chi Shuai drove to pick up Mulin early in the morning, Mu Chun and Mu Xue, Mu Chun wanted to pick up Bai Ge, and Mulin couldn’t ask for it. Bai Ge lied that there was something going on in the group, and Peony didn’t doubt it, so he let her go.

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