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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 22 Recap

Shen Zhengyi discovered that the ice cream Shao Beisheng bought Xiao Qing was her favorite. Xiao Qing also revealed to Shen Zhengyi the news of Shao Beisheng and Zhuang Yue’s reconciliation. Shen Zhengyi pretended not to know, Xiao Qing Gao happily took the ice cream home, and Xiao Han reminded her not to eat too much to control her weight.

Zhu Lele and Qu Zhi dated for the first time today. Zhu Lele was worried about being recognized. She covered herself tightly. Qu Zhi was very dissatisfied. She didn’t want to secretly fall in love. Zhu Lele got angry and wanted to break up with him. Qu Zhi was so scared that she begged for mercy and tried her best to make her happy. , The two began a sweet date. Qu Zhi and Zhu Lele went shopping together, played games, and bought a couple toothbrushes. Finally, Zhu Lele took pictures of Qu Zhi as a souvenir. Qu Zhi admitted that Shao Beisheng’s childhood photo belonged to him, and Zhu Lele was so angry that he chased him.

Xiao Han asked Shao Beisheng to help persuade Xiao Qing to follow the famous coach Jiang. Shao Beisheng fully agreed. He persuaded Xiao Qing not to miss such a good opportunity again. Xiao Qing resolutely refused to go. He claimed that he had feelings for the wind team. Xiao Qing invited Shao Beisheng to dinner. Shao Beisheng politely declined, and took the opportunity to ask if Shen Zhengyi had any ice cream. Xiao Qing explained that Shen Zhengyi had a stomachache and did not eat it. Shao Beisheng couldn’t wait to know Shen Zhengyi’s condition, and Xiao Qing found an excuse to cover up the past.

Shao Beisheng called to consult Coach Jiang’s selection process and recorded them one by one. Shao Beisheng wanted to register with Xiao Qing and upload her speed skating video to Coach Jiang. Li Mi discovered that Shao Beisheng cared about Xiao Qing and suspected that he liked it. Xiao Qing, Shao Beisheng didn’t want to explain too much.

Shen Zheng could not fall asleep. She believed that Shao Beisheng liked Xiao Qing, but she didn’t want to believe that this was the truth. The more she thought about it, the more disturbed she became, and she forced herself to calm down. Shao Beisheng couldn’t sleep either. He called Qu Zhi and Li Mi for a meeting overnight, and decided to formally confess to Shen Zhengyi on the weekend and tell them both of his plans in detail.

Shen Zhengyi was in a bad mood and couldn’t eat. Zhu Lele saw that she had something on his mind. Shen Zhengyi tried to hide it. Zhu Lele guessed that she was trapped by love and encouraged her to compete fairly with Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing was training on the ice. Shao Beisheng took the whole process and wanted to upload it to Coach Jiang. Xiao Qing found out that he was taking a sneak shot. Shao Beisheng denied it and hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

Xiao Qing returned to the dormitory with a full face and showed Zhu Lele that she had just finished training with Shao Beisheng, and Shen Zheng was determined to let go of this relationship and concentrate on her career. From that day on, Shen Zhengyi put aside all selfish thoughts and carefully trained every movement and project. She was not afraid of hardship or tiredness, and made great progress.

Soon the weekend came, and Shao Beisheng asked his teammates to help arrange the ice rink, and wanted to formally confess to Shen Zhengyi. Seeing it was seven o’clock, Shen Zhengyi used to train at this time, but she was late today, Shao Beisheng had to call Shen Zhengyi, and Shen Zhengyi had already arrived at the gate of the gymnasium. Shao Beisheng rushed to the ice rink to prepare everyone to split up and wait for Shen Zhengyi’s arrival. Li Mi also called the flying team members to cheer.

The headlights of the ice rink were turned off, and Shao Beisheng stood in the middle with flowers in his hand, and the spotlight was on him. Shao Beisheng confessed to her in public and walked towards her step by step, and everyone on the scene cheered for him. When the headlights turned on, Shao Beisheng found Xiao Qing standing in front of him. Xiao Qing agreed with all his mouth and embraced Shao Beisheng excitedly. Shao Beisheng was immediately dumbfounded.

It turned out that when Shen Zhengyi came to the gym, Xiao Han took her to the playground and asked her to train with Luo Xiaoyi from today. Shen Zhengyi didn’t think much about it, and he agreed.

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