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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 21 Recap

Shen Jiacheng took out a big box full of trophies and certificates obtained by Wang Limin. Shen Zhengyi learned that his mother was seriously injured when he collided with a teammate during the 1500-meter Asian Cup speed skating competition.

From then on, he bid farewell to his speed skating career. Struggling to understand what her mother did, she secretly made up her mind to win the championship in the 1500m Lingyun Cup and pay tribute to her mother. Zhuang Yue was very pleased to learn that Shen Zhengyi agreed to practice the 1500-meter event.

Xiao Han flipped through Shen Zhengyi’s comic book whenever he had time. Xiao Qing mistakenly thought that he liked Shen Zhengyi and persuaded him to have a relationship. Xiao Han didn’t want to listen to her being verbose, so he drove her out in a few words. Shao Beisheng and Shen Zheng ate together face to face and talked and laughed. Xiao Qing saw this scene from a distance and felt sour.

Shen Zheng went to the ice rink to train as soon as he finished eating. Shao Beisheng learned from Zhu Lele that Shen Zhengyi wanted to pay tribute to his mother with the championship. Qu Zhi and Li Mi encouraged Shao Beisheng to confess to Shen Zheng. They both talked and persuaded him. Shao Beisheng was overwhelmed and went directly to the dormitory to find Shen Zheng for a showdown. Shao Beisheng claimed to have a girl he likes, and put the fake couple’s contract in person. Torn to pieces.

When Qu Zhi and Li Mi learned of Shao Beisheng’s actions, they attacked him together. Shao Beisheng claimed that he was trying to get rid of him. It was to make Shen Zhengyi misunderstand that he likes other girls, so as to arouse Shen Zhengyi’s jealousy. Shen Zheng went back to the dormitory with a dejected head, and underestimated the announcement to Zhu Lele and Xiao Qing that the fake couple’s contract had been terminated, because Shao Beisheng had a girl he liked, and Xiao Qing felt happy in his heart, believing that Shao Beisheng liked her. Zhu Lele sent a message overnight to inquire about the situation, but Quzhi kept silent.

Xiao Qing went out happily in the morning and ran into Shao Beisheng face to face. He bought a bottle of the same drink as him and asked Shao Beisheng to help her unscrew the bottle cap. As soon as Shen Zheng went to the office to help Zhu Lele hand in the leave note, he accidentally knocked off the album on Zhuang Yue’s desk. Once Shen Zheng opened the album, he saw Zhuang Yue carefully sorted out Shao Beisheng’s photos from childhood and the promotional photos of the competition. Sheng wrote a long message on each photo, and she was deeply moved.

After Zhuang Yue came to the office, Shen Zheng repeatedly explained that she didn’t mean it. When she learned that Shao Beisheng had never seen this album, she borrowed it from Zhuang Yue in order to ease the relationship between Shao Beisheng and Zhuang Yue. Shao Beisheng was not interested. Shen Zheng chased him to take a look. Shao Beisheng was very impatient. Shen Zhengyi was jealous that he had a mother who loved him so much. But Shao Beisheng disapproved. Zhuang Yue sews it, and puts the album into Shao Beisheng’s arms without saying anything, and Xiao Qing sees this scene from a distance.

As soon as Shen Zheng searched the internet for movies about mother-child family relationships, he couldn’t find a suitable one for a while, so he asked Xiao Qing to help him find it. Xiao Qing only wanted to know if Shen Zhengyi liked Shao Beisheng, and Shen Zheng talked about it for a while. Shao Beisheng looked through the photo album compiled by Zhuang Yue carefully. He could see the strong maternal love from it. He couldn’t help but think of the beautiful past when his mother trained with him when he was a child. But then the mother and son became strangers. Shao Beisheng became sad the more he thought about it. Keep crying in a low voice.

Qu Zhi heard that Zhu Lele had a cold, so he bought a fever-reducing medicine and a thermometer. He went downstairs to the dormitory, called Zhu Lele down, and asked her for warmth. Zhu Lele was worried about being discovered by his classmates, so he hurriedly said goodbye to Quzhi and went back to the dormitory. Shao Beisheng searched for a whole day, and finally found the lucky bracelet made by Zhuang Yue in the book.

Shao Beisheng took the album and bracelet to find Zhuang Yue, and pointed out that Zhuang Yue didn’t know him at all. He said every photo. The sadness and pain behind him, as well as the maternal love that Zhuang Yue has lacked for him over the years because of his work, Zhuang Yue blamed himself, and repeatedly apologized to Shao Beisheng, admitting that he had missed many of his first times, and Shao Beisheng ran out in tears. Zhuang Yue was crying with the album in his arms.

Shao Beisheng suddenly returned with the lucky bracelet on his wrist. Shao Beisheng thanked Zhuang Yue for witnessing his growth. Zhuang Yue had been looking forward to this day for more than ten years, and the mother and son were crying.

Xiao Qing selected a movie about the love between mother and son, and recommended Shao Beisheng and Zhuang Yue to watch it, but Shao Beisheng had reconciled with his mother, Xiao Qing wanted to eat ice cream, Shao Beisheng remembered Shen Zhengyi’s favorite ice cream, so he bought one. Big bag, let Xiao Qing take it back and share it with his roommates. Xiao Qing returned to the dormitory and couldn’t wait to show off the ice cream Shao Beisheng bought for her to Zhu Lele and Shen Zhengyi.

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