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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 20 Recap

Shen Zheng always explained to her parents that when she went out to buy ice cream, she played with a claw machine by the way, and brought back a lot of trophies, so Wang Limin went to bed at ease. Shen Zheng couldn’t wait to return to his room, put the doll of the young man Zhuangfeng on the bed, and sent a message to greet Shao Beisheng by the way.

Shao Beisheng returned to the dormitory happily and saw Qu Zhi sitting on the bed in a daze. Shao Beisheng hummed a small song to send Shen Zheng a message. Qu Zhi realized that he really liked Shen Zhengyi. Li Mi went back to the dormitory to hear these words, and to question the reason, Shao Beisheng admitted that he and Shen Zhengyi were fake lovers.

Li Mi couldn’t help but joked about Shao Beisheng and insisted that Shao Beisheng approached Shen Zhengyi under the name of the agreement. Shao Beisheng repeatedly defended. , Li Mi lied that the flying teammates liked Shen Zhengyi, Shao Beisheng immediately turned his face, Li Mi made an idea to let Shao Beisheng and Shen Zheng look at each other for ten seconds, and then they could test whether they were true love.

Shao Beisheng called out Shen Zhengyi early in the morning and asked Shen Zhengyi to play with him. This is Shen Zhengyi’s strong point. She has never lost since she was a child. Shao Beisheng watched Shen Zhengyi affectionately, and in the end he automatically speeded up his heartbeat. When he conceded, Shen Zhengyi’s heartbeat was also reddened by him. Xiao Han found Wang Limin’s information through friends and learned that she was injured in a collision with teammate Zhuang Yue during the game, and then retired. Xiao Han asked Zhuang Yue around the corners, confirming that Zhuang Yue was Shen Zhengyi’s mother’s teammate.

When Shao Beisheng came to Lu Xun’s room, he overheard the flying team members discussing Shen Zhengyi and ruining Zhuang Yue to nothing. Shao Beisheng became angry and rushed to beat the man. Director Liu of the flying team went to coach Ma to discuss the matter. Coach Ma asked Shao Beisheng to apologize to the opponent, otherwise he would face the penalty of retiring. He resolutely refused to do it.

Zhuang Yue rushed to hear the news and gave Shao Beisheng a severe lesson, and advised him not to make jokes about his future. Shao Beisheng refused to give in, and even fought hard with Zhuang Yue. Zhuang Yue was speechless. When Shen Zhengyi learned that Shao Beisheng was fighting, he hurried to ask him the reason, and Shao Beisheng had to admit that the members of the flying team scolded his mother. Zhuang Yue and Coach Ma came to Director Liu to intercede, but he just didn’t let go.

Shen Zhengyi bought a large bag of drinks, and Qu Zhi accompanied her to find a member of the Flying Team to apologize. The other party learned that Shen Zhengyi was Shao Beisheng’s girlfriend and took the initiative to apologize to her, and Shen Zheng smiled. Li Mi explained the whole story to Director Liu, and Director Liu arranged for Shao Beisheng and the beaten players to admit their mistakes, and the matter was over.

Zhuang Yue learned that Shao Beisheng was fighting with others to protect her reputation and hurriedly chased it out. Shao Beisheng made it clear that he was doing it for Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele hid aside and heard clearly. Zhu Lele gave Wang Jun a gift, but Wang Jun refused face-to-face, and wanted to be a normal friend with her. Zhu Lele wanted to cry aggrievedly, and Qu Zhi came in time to call Zhu Lele away. Zhu Lele was not allowed to follow her and went away in anger.

Qu Zhi couldn’t contact Zhu Lele, so he called Shen Zheng to find out. He found that Zhu Lele was not in the dormitory. Qu Zhi went to the theater to find someone. He found Zhu Lele sitting on the stage and crying, so he hurried to comfort Zhu Lele. Zhu Lele was puzzled. Wang Jun liked her very much, but now he is like a stranger. He straightly made Zhu Lele and him look at each other for ten seconds, and both of them speeded up their heartbeats. Quzhi explained that Zhu Lele’s beautiful stills were taken by him, and he also offered to fall in love with Zhu Lele. Zhu Lele fully agreed, but she didn’t want others to know about it for the time being.

Xiao Han handed Wang Limin’s information to Shen Zhengyi so that she could find out the crux of the relaxation of the mother-daughter relationship. Zhuang Yue took the team members to train. Luo Xiaoyi deliberately grabbed Liu Sisi’s position. Liu Sisi couldn’t bear it, so he had a big fight with Luo Xiaoyi. Zhuang Yue gave them a lesson and fined them each run fifty laps. Qu Zhi came to clean the ice rink and gave Zhu Lele a gift by the way. Zhu Lele was happy.

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