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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 46 Recap

Langhuan wanted to detoxify Fang Jianming, only to discover that he was Di Xu’s Baixi. If he wanted to eradicate the poison of the unborn flowers, he had to untie Baixi first and use blood as a medium to use it. Considering that Baixi once ended on a full moon day, Fang Jianming had to wait a little longer and make some preparations. Langhuan, who was next to him, wanted to say something, but the others hadn’t noticed it. Only Fang Jianming noticed this detail.

After Emperor Xu and Haishi left one after another, Fang Jianming asked Langhuan about the detoxification technique, so it was difficult to tell. Langhuan told the truth, saying that ordinary people can easily solve any poison by drinking their own blood. However, Fang Jianming was born in the Fang family and has a special blood line. If the blood is compatible with each other, it can detoxify.

Langhuan persuaded Fang Jianming to think of another method. Fang Jianming hesitated for a moment, but decided to take a risk, even if he failed. Soon it came to the full moon night. Fang Hai City, who had taken Langhuan’s blood, waited anxiously outside the door. With the sound of broken porcelain, she and Mu Deqing and others rushed to the door, but they did not dare Push the door to face the result.

Fortunately, the process went smoothly, and Baixi was successfully relieved. Even Dixu could feel the pain and was very excited about it. Fang Jianming didn’t conceal the same as before, and conveyed Langhuan’s concerns without a word, and calmed Fang Haishi and Di Xu, insisting on drinking Langhuan’s blood. Unexpectedly, Fang Jianming vomited blood on the spot, then fell into the arms of the sea city, confiding in his reluctance while he was still alive.

A few days later, Dixu ordered a notice to be posted across the city to commemorate the day and night of the Qinghai government’s exhortation of the thieves, and the recurrence of the old disease. The officials and the officials knew that Fang Jianming died for the sake of Shiji, which made people sigh and sigh. In the end, Emperor Xu named Qinghai Duke and awarded the title, and his spiritual position fell to the ancestral shrine of the Fang family.

Now that Fang Jianming is a dead person in the eyes of the outside world, it is not suitable for the dark guards to move back to Jifeng Hall in Zhaoming Palace. Fang Haishi took advantage of the whistle and they were cleaning up, and they went to the side hall to visit Master alone, and the two hugged tightly. It turned out that the fusion of Fang Jianming and Langhuan’s blood not only eradicated the unborn flower poison, but even healed the old wounds that had accumulated over the years. The doctor Li was amazed and repeatedly praised that the blood of the shark was a magical medicine.

Fang Hai City was a little self-blaming. He wanted to stay with the Master, but he was happy to patronize. Only today did he realize that Fang Jianming had abandoned the position of the Fang family for himself. He could neither mobilize the secret guards of Jifeng Mansion nor return to the temple to worship. Worshiping the ancestors, paying too much.

However, Fang Jianming didn’t care. On the contrary, he felt that he had never been as easy and happy as he is now. If there were no sea markets, perhaps he would have lived for the rest of his life, relying on Baixi to live, and he was heavily tied to Di Xu for a lifetime, endlessly endless.

Since Emperor Xu considered Fang Jianming and Haishi to be anonymous, he sent a household register and road guide to facilitate freedom of entry and exit. Fanghai City is looking forward to the future with joy, and plans to find a suitable house in Yuezhou first, and then find the opportunity to travel around the famous mountains and rivers. When it’s gone, the descendants are full.

Before leaving, Fang Jianming packed his things in Zhaoming Palace, mainly to retrieve his marriage certificate with Fanghai City. Di Xu was by his side, cherishing the present time. When he saw the purse, he couldn’t help but laugh at Fang Hai City’s poor craftsmanship, and then he couldn’t stay together after being sad. The only relief was that Fang Jianming was finally someone. Take care, no longer a lonely shadow.

Therefore, Di Xu also thought about it. After three or five years, the world gradually forgets Fang Jianming’s master and apprentice, and naturally he will be able to go out and visit them. On the other side, Fang Hai City specially came to Yu’an Palace to visit Tilan, and say goodbye to her. Knowing that this time of separation, Tilan might not be able to meet again, so she simply gave the elaborately carved Dragon Tail God pendant to Fanghai City, expressing her blessing.

On the day of the team’s departure, Fanghai City was instructed to escort the Dragon Tail God back to Yuezhou. Looking back at the Apocalypse City that carried her growth, she felt sad. Ever since Fang Jianming left, Di Xu always felt that there was a blank in his heart, especially when he thought of the various experiences the two had experienced, he couldn’t help but feel sad.

Ti Lan saw that even if Di Xu was reluctant to bear Fang Jianming, he was unwilling to let Apocalypse City trap him, and could only be sad alone. Tilan comforted Di Xu that he was a gentle person, who would be pityed by the heavens, and would be able to live smoothly in the following days. Di Xu was pleased that Tilan was enough to stay with him, and the children in his stomach made him feel very happy.

When resting at the post house halfway, Fang Jianming ridiculed that Haishi was so sad when he entered the palace, and now he missed it not long after he left. In order to improve Fanghai City’s mood, Fang Jianming specially took out sweet-scented osmanthus candy and decided to open all her favorite shops in Yuezhou.

Originally, Fang Hai City thought that Master had a cool breeze this time, and he was also ready to live a life of poverty. How could he ever think that Fang Jianming actually bought an entire street shop, even Huixianlou was his property. Fang Jianming still remembers Zhou Youdu’s use of Ruyifang to make the sea market happy, no matter how long it has been, he can complain. Fang Haishi looked at Master’s jealous appearance, very much like his waywardness now.

Di Xu arranged for Solan and Tilan to meet. Solan knew that Tilan was pregnant, so he made a portrait of an auspicious doll based on the Dragon Tail God. At the same time, Fanghai City sent Langhuan back to the sea, saying that he and Master would also settle in Yuezhou, so the two agreed on a time for the next meeting.

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