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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 45 Recap

This night, Fanghai City slept deeply, without even dreaming, like a cub returning to the nest, in a warm and familiar atmosphere, feeling at ease, letting his consciousness fall into the darkness until he woke up the next day Later, when Sun rose to the sky, Master had already been waiting for her in Zhaoming Palace for a long time.

After being separated for several months, Fanghai City saw a letter from Hanzhou through his master, and learned of the previous rebirth incident of Luoluo, and led a small number of soldiers and horses to raided the right part, causing Tara to be killed by an arrow. In order to avoid damage to too many Huku subordinates, Fang Zhuoying rode Duoluo alone to a wrestling match in the open, and finally subdued him and expelled him from the grassland, and then became the new Zuopudun king.

Fang Jianming apologized to Fang Haishi, admitting that he had no time to plan and deploy, so he had to send her to the palace. Now that Hanzhou is stable, King Chang is committed, and the world is peaceful, Fang Jianming asked Haishi what plans. Originally, Fang Hai City thought that Master wanted to push himself away, but Fang Jianming unexpectedly uncharacteristically took the hand of Hai City and promised that he would never lose his life.

After Fang Jianming’s confession of his true feelings, Fang Hai City was moved to tears and urged Master not to deceive anymore. Although Fang Jianming responded to all of them, Fang Haishi was concerned about his boring temperament and offered to write down his signature and draw it down. Fang Jianming didn’t hesitate at all, he took Haishi and ran to the room, as the appointment was completed, directly fell to Haishi, and kissed her sweetly.

Originally, Di Xu was still holding Fang Jianming’s body, but when he saw the other person’s eyebrows smiling and his condition seemed to be very good, he knew that there must be Fanghai’s credit. . Di Xu agreed to Fang Jianming’s resignation and retired, so he thought of a sure-fire plan, and then announced the death of Duke Qinghai, and then gave Fanghai a secret decree, ordering her to send Langhuan back to Yuezhou, where she did not have to return to the imperial dynasty to practice on-site practice, so that the two of them Live the life of Qinggeng Yuzhi.

However, if Fang Jianming left Tianqi, Di Xu would completely become a lonely man, his brotherhood would be gone, and there were few credible people around him. A palace change ended, and what followed was that Di Xu faced a difficult choice. As for how to deal with Ji Chang, he actually couldn’t make up his mind, even though he knew he shouldn’t be selfish.

Since Ji Chang entered the imprisonment, talking to himself all day long, I am afraid that he has lost his heart. Fang Jianming knows that Di Xu is caring for his family and wants to open up to Ji Chang. However, Ji Chang was responsible for many murders and the evidence is conclusive. If it is not handled carefully, it will be difficult to convince the public. Moreover, Ji Chang is good at hiding his powers and hiding power, and staying with him will have hidden dangers. Therefore, Fang Jianming hopes that Emperor Xu will think twice.

Solan made a special trip to present the fruit that was shipped in. The sincerity made Emperor Xu gratified, so he asked Solan to stay in Apocalypse for a few more days, and then arranged for the meeting with his sister and brother. At the same time, Ji Chang found a note in the food to warn him that he wanted to keep his family safe and not to make false statements, so it seemed that there was someone behind him.

Not long after, Suolan rushed to plead with Emperor Xu, claiming that Ji Chang in the imprisonment was not the prince Dazheng, but an imposter. The real Ji Chang drowned by accident as early as the time when the injection was pleading guilty. Emperor Xu was shocked when he heard the words and immediately summoned Fang Jianming’s master and apprentice to discuss, but Fang Jianming believed that the voucher word alone was not trustworthy, so he appointed the secret guard of Jifengguan to investigate and investigate.

Fang Hai city suddenly thought that Langhuan could get the memory of the other party through touch, and simply brought Ji Chang to Tangchi. As Solan said, after Ji Chang drowned, the royal family found a boy with a similar appearance and body. After strict training, he became the king of Chang in the eyes of everyone.

After the truth became clear, Fang Hai City was ordered to send poison to Ji Chang and allow him to leave a whole body. However, Ji Chang didn’t appreciate it at all, and scolded them these naturally noble people, who had never been merciful. It was because of his humble background and tasted all kinds of cold and warm that he wanted to climb higher.

But from Fanghai’s point of view, her character has nothing to do with her birth height. She grew up in a fishing village. Her parents were simple and dutiful, but she was able to sacrifice her life for the welfare of the people. As long as I think about Aniang’s tragic death, Fanghai City’s hatred will increase unabated. I thought it would be very happy to kill Ji Chang with his own hands, but now I think he is sad and desolate.

Back at Zhaoming Palace, Fanghai City’s mood was extremely depressed, and he couldn’t even figure out why Emperor Xu was furious over Ji Chang’s incident, and why he kept it secretly and did not publicly execute him. Fang Jianming felt that the reason why Di Xu did this was mainly for Tilan. Although the secret was broken by Suolan, the testimony he provided was awaiting scrutiny. It is hard to say whether Wang Jun Zhun knew about it.

If you rashly announce to the world and conduct a thorough investigation with great fanfare, then the discovery of the true relationship between the two countries will definitely hurt Tiran’s position in the palace. Not only will the ministers be deposed, but also the future children. It is hard to escape, if the prince is born, the matter of establishing the prince will become abnormal.

Fang Hai felt that Tang Gan had followed Ji Chang to Zhuan since he was a child, and he was definitely not a good person. Fang Jianming said that he would not move his troops for the time being to prevent the snake from being attacked by the grass. At the court, Emperor Huang Quanying Zhang Chengqian and other officers were rewarded one by one for their merits in countering the rebellion.

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