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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 8 Recap

Gao Bingzhu was so drunk that he fell asleep in a daze. He woke up and saw Wu Siyue personally carved wooden tombstones for seven friends. He was very moved. Wu Siyue let Gao Bingzhu stuck in the graves of the friends one by one. Gao Bingzhu handed the secret letter left by Huang An before his death to Wu Siyue. Wu Siyue had long felt that Bailiyan’s case was strange, but Liu Xiang was the one behind the scenes.

Gao Bingzhu had already inquired about Liu Xiang’s whereabouts. Knowing that he was going to Zhoushan to practice Zen tomorrow, Gao Bingzhu decided to sneak into the Liu Mansion to steal the ledger. Wu Siyue knew that the Liu Mansion had always been heavily guarded and worried that Gao Bingzhu was in danger. She agreed to help Gao Bingzhu find the topographic map of the Liu Mansion and told Gao Bingzhu not to Act without authorization.

Baili Hongyi also wanted to meet Liu Xiang in person for a while, and Shen Fei suggested that he take Liu Ran back to the door and go to the Liu Mansion to look for clues. Baili Hongyi didn’t know how to speak to Liu Ran. Liu Ran made the hot and spicy soup in person, but she didn’t let Yunzhi help. Yunzhi was very distressed and could only accompany him. Liu Ran sent Baili Hongyi the hot and spicy soup, he bit the bullet and drank it, taking the opportunity Asking to take Liu Ran back home, Liu Ran naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Baili Hongyi took Liu Ran back to the door early in the morning. Liu Xiang wanted to go to Zhoushan to participate in Zen. He temporarily changed his itinerary and sent someone to cook Liu Ran’s favorite meal. Liu Xiang accompanied Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran to dinner. He casually mentioned that Bailiyan used to sit in the position of Baili Hongyi.

He also promised to find an errand for Baili Hongyi when the three-year period of filial piety expires. Baili Hongyi Asking what he wanted to say to his dead father Bailiyan, Liu Xiang was speechless, and Baili Hongyi left the meeting outrageously regardless of Liu Ran’s persuasion.

Wu Siyue quickly found the topographic map of Liu Xiang’s house. She came to the appointed place on time and handed it to Gao Bingzhu. Gao Bingzhu was worried that the map was false, and asked about the origin of the drawing. Wu Siyue had to admit that she was looking for Han Dongqing to come. , She inquired about Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran to visit Liu Xiang at the house, and persuaded Gao Bingzhu not to act today. Gao Bingzhu knew Baili Hongyi’s personality well, and worried that he was in danger, so he wanted to take Wu Siyue to rescue him.

Baili Hongyi searched around in the mansion and finally found the accountant, but Liu Xiang was caught by Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang ordered the personal guard Yuanfei to kill Baili Hongyi. Liu Ran rushed to intercede in time, on the excuse that Baili Hongyi was lost. Liu Xiang didn’t buy it at all. He believed that Baili Hongyi had come to the ledgers deliberately. He claimed that he had already established rules to kill anyone who broke into the ledgers. Liu Xiang asked Liu Ran to be taken away.

Wu Siyue suddenly came to Liu Ran to talk about her old days, and Liu Ran took the opportunity to call Baili Hongyi out. Wu Siyue took Baili Hongyi to the Neiwei Tea House to meet Gao Bingzhu. Gao Bingzhu complained that Baili Hongyi should not go to Liuxiang Mansion to find evidence without authorization. Baili Hongyi was not convinced.

Wu Siyue persuaded them to jointly investigate the truth. Liu Xiang’s family found the account book of the Weeping Willow Bank and settled on Liu Xiang’s charge. Gao Bingzhu asked Baili Hongyi to mark the location of the account on the map. Finally, the three agreed on a good solution. The day after tomorrow was Li Lu’s birthday, Baili. Hongyi was responsible for dragging Liu Xiang to the East Palace, and Gao Bingzhu took the opportunity to steal the ledger from his house.

Today is Li Lu’s birthday. Liu Ran and Baili Hongyi came to the banquet early. Wu Siyue escorted Yang Huan. Then Dongchuan Wang Li Yichen and Liu Xiang came to the East Palace. Li Lu took Wu Siyue into the palace. Chatting in the house. Gao Bingzhu crouched outside the gate of the mansion. After seeing Liu Xiang leaving, he quietly entered the Liu Mansion for investigation. Liu Xiang had set a trap in the account room long beforehand.

The birthday banquet is a traditional water table in Luoyang. The guests sit opposite each other. There is gurgling water in the middle of the table. The food and fruit snacks are placed on the plate. The plate flows down the water to each guest, allowing them to choose freely, and the guests have a good time. , Li Lu’s intentions were still not exhausted, so he sent someone to add more wine and dishes to drink with everyone happily. After drinking for three rounds, Li Yichen and Liu Xiang had to say goodbye because they were too strong to drink. Wu Siyue asked Li Lu to keep them for a snack, and Liu Xiang had to sit down and taste.

Gao Bingzhu determined that Liu Xiang would not tell Baili Hongyi about the real accounts. He excluded them one by one on the map. Finally, he chose the location of the accounts. Gao Bingzhu pretended to be a guard in the mansion and quietly came to the accounts and saw the door locked. Liu Xiang couldn’t worry about the affairs of the mansion, and once again asked Li Lu to resign, and Baili Hongyi kindly invited him to taste the jujube crisps.

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