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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 6 Recap

Gao Bingzhu and Bai Lang came to Longmen, and saw the Weeping Willows’ mates carrying the copper mine from Yanshan to the newly built cabin. Wu Siyue came afterwards and she also guessed that the copper mine was transferred from here. At this moment, the Taoist Taoist Tengu in Chunqiu rushed to him and asked the folks from the Weeping Willow Line to load the copper material from Yanshan on a carriage and pull away.

Gao Bingzhu asked Wu Siyue to return to the Neiwei Mansion to rescue the soldiers, but he was afraid that it would be too late. Wu Siyue instructed Bailang to send a letter to Lianfang Jian Feng Diao, and Diao Fei Ge passed a letter to send the information back to Lianfang headquarters. The son Chu immediately sent people to notify the Neiwei Palace and the Ministry of War to rescue.

Twenty boxes of copper materials were loaded into the carriage. Tengu ordered all the porters to be locked up in the wooden house and set fire to kill them. Wu Siyue didn’t want to see her death and could not save her. The Tiangu and horse caravans gradually moved away, and Gao Bingzhu released Wu Siyue, and Wu Siyue rushed into the burning wooden house to save people.

Gao Bingzhu wanted to chase the tengu and took the opportunity to find out where the copper material was going. He saw Wu Siyue trapped in the wooden house and the fire was getting bigger and bigger. Gao Bingzhu rushed into the fire to rescue Wu Siyue who was unconscious.

Gao Bingzhu gave Wu Siyue artificial respiration, and Wu Siyue gradually regained consciousness. The two of them felt a little relieved when they saw the craftsman who had been rescued. Song Liang, Shangshu of the Ministry of War, led people to rush to arrest Gao Bingzhu on suspicion of killing Bailiyan. Wu Siyue took out the lotus peony token given by the saint to escape Gao Bingzhu’s crime. Song Liang had to let go and settle them. Go to Daying.

Baili Hongyi didn’t return home until late. Liu Ran had been waiting for him and wanted to cook for him. Baili Hongyi didn’t appreciate it and asked her to go back to rest first. Gao Bingzhu saw that Wu Siyue woke up and had to leave early in the morning, thinking that Gao Bingzhu was about to die in order to save herself, Wu Siyue told him not to take risks anymore. The clansmen of the Baili family surrounded the gate early in the morning, forcing Baili Hongyi to divide the family business into one share, and to elect a new owner. Baili Hongyi was not interested in this.

He wanted to investigate and visit the supervisor of the Ministry of Industry Huang An’s house. They divide randomly. Gao Bingzhu quickly came to the waters of Longmen, where he was judged. He finally caught a person from a row of weeping willows. He found a wooden token from him, and found nothing else.

Pei Jian was ordered to pass a decree to the head of Baili’s family to investigate Bailiyan’s corruption. The people looked at each other and did not dare to step forward. Liu Ran took the initiative to take the decree on behalf of Baili Hongyi. Gao Sheng and Wu Youjue reported Bailiyan’s corruption crimes to the saint. The saint didn’t believe it at all.

She firmly believed that Bailiyan was the only clean official. Gao Sheng submitted conclusive evidence to prove that Bailiyan had subcontracted Yanshan copper materials for profiteering. , The saint still did not believe that Bailiyan was greedy for ink, and ordered the son of Chu to send Lianfang to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Baili Hongyi brought Shen Fei to Huang’an’s house and saw Huang’s building a high shed, only to know that Huang An had passed away three days ago. Baili Hongyi was going to open the coffin for an autopsy. The Huang family firmly refused. Mrs. Huang explained that Huang An was drunk. When the oil lamp was overturned and burned to death, Baili Hongyi knew that Huang An would not drink any wine, and Huang’s talent was like a dream. She agreed with Baili Hongyi to open the coffin for an autopsy.

Baili Hongyi found out that Huang An did not die of drunkenness, but faked the illusion of being drunk and burned after being killed. Mrs. Huang asked Baili Hongyi to find out the real culprit. Baili Hongyi carefully looked through the letters and letters that Huang An had exchanged before. According to the information, a note for Persian oil bought from Yanzhifang was quickly discovered. Mrs. Huang admitted that it was sold by Huang An to the Zhai family of Pianfang. Zhai was expelled from the Huang family for overturning a pot of sweet soup a month ago. Baili Hongyi felt that something was wrong, and immediately took someone to find the Zhai family.

Wu Siyue came back to learn about the progress of the case from Wu Youjue. Wu Youjue insisted that Bailiyan was only a weeping willow liner who replaced the Yanshan copper, and the evidence was solid. She also complained that Wu Siyue shouldn’t hold a token to save Gao Bingzhu. Wu Siyue believed that Gao Bingzhu had been wronged, and they had found out that it was Chunqiu Dao’s actions. Wu You would never allow her to continue to meet with Gao Bingzhu, or she would never be merciless.

When Bailang returned to his residence, he saw Gao Bingzhu holding the wooden token for the black market trade in water transport, and recognized that the pattern on it was a row of weeping willows. Gao Bingzhu wanted to explore the row of weeping willows. Liu Xiang personally entered the palace and gave a Persian bronze mirror to the saint, and the saint avoided him. Bai Lang came to the antique shop with the black market token of water transport.

Mr. Clerk was so scared that he ran away. Bai Lang quickly subdued him. He confessed that this was the Canglang Talisman of Zhang Shilang, the treasurer of the Weeping Willow Bank, and what Zhang Shilang did. People buy and sell, and Bailang presses to ask Zhang Shilang’s whereabouts, and learns that Zhang Shilang’s business is bleak because of weeping willows, and hides in a private house outside the city for fun.

Baili Hongyi learned from Liu Ran that Persian turmeric oil is very precious and needs to be booked in advance. Baili Hongyi brought Liu Ran to Rouge Workshop, and asked from the boss that Zhai was in Hongwangfang, and Baili Hongyi brought Shen Fei there. Hongwangfang looked for someone and learned that the Zhai family had gone out with the guests. The girls seduce Baili Hongyi in every possible way. He clenched his fists with anger. When Liu Ran saw Baili Hongyi’s anger come out, he humbled and asked him warmly.

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