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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 5 Recap

Baili Hongyi decided that Gao Bingzhu would come again, and he wanted to stand alone for his father, and to separate the maid and the family. Gao Bingzhu came to him soon to do an autopsy for Bailiyan, and Baili Hongyi would do a drug test for his father himself. Gao Bingzhu dissected Bailiyan’s body, Baili Hongyi was smoked with nausea and vomiting due to the rotting smell of internal organs, and he hurriedly escaped.

Gao Bingzhu found that Bailiyan had hit the Shachi snake venom, and the poison would die if he was swallowed. Wu Siyue returned to the Neiwei Mansion and found that Chen Wu was looking through Bailiyan’s case file with her guards. Wu Siyue picked up a scroll of case files. Xu Yuan hurriedly stepped forward to stop him. There was no order from Wu Youjue. People were not allowed to read these case files. Xu Yuan also accused Wu Siyue of improper command, which led to the killing of the three of Lu Zhi. Wu Siyue was very dissatisfied, and Wu Youjue came in time to persuade Wu Siyue to go home and rest.

Gao Bingzhu stopped Wu Siyue halfway, wanted to look at the file left by Bailiyan before his death, and revealed the truth about Chen Que killing Lu Zhi and the three of them. Wu Siyue didn’t believe it. Gao Bingzhu found out that Chun Qiu Dao was behind the scenes. , Chunqiu Dao will have big moves in the future. They killed Bailiyan because they thought Bailiyan had touched their secret. Gao Bingzhu asked Wu Siyue to verify with him, and Wu Siyue promised to take him tomorrow. Go to the Nei Weifu to check the evidence.

Liu Xiang came to Baili Mansion to find Baili Hongyi early in the morning. Baili Hongyi was still sleeping, and Liu Ran hurriedly poured him some tea. Wu Siyue asked high standards to pretend to be a guard to follow him into the Neiwei Mansion and ran into Li Beiqi head-on. Li Beiqi recognized that Gao Bingzhu was the murderer who killed Lu Zhi and others. Wu Siyue promised to explain clearly to him, Li Beiqi didn’t pursue it. Gao Bingzhu carefully looked at the file left by Bailiyan, Wu Siyue let out the wind outside the door.

Liu Xiang waited for a long time before Baili Hongyi got up. He ignored Liu Xiang and arranged for Bailiyan to be buried. Liu Xiang was so angry that he turned around and left. Wu Youjue came to the case to check the file. Wu Siyue desperately delayed time. Gao Bingzhu took the opportunity to hide. Wu Youjue found that the file had been touched by someone.

He guessed it was Wu Siyue and forced her away. Wu Siyue Wanting to find out the real culprit as soon as possible and solve the problems for Wu You, he didn’t buy it at all, and sent someone to hold Wu Siyue. Wu Siyue had to take out the lotus peony token given by the saint. Wu You decided to be his elder brother. The cards were confiscated and Wu Siyue was sent out. Gao Bingzhu hid aside and saw clearly. After all of them were gone, Gao Bingzhu continued to look through the case files and finally found strong evidence. He hurriedly tore it down and hid it.

Baili Hongyi stayed awake and searched at home for a day and night, and finally found that Shachi snake venom was a tribute to the court of the Western Regions. Gao Bingzhu came to Wu Siyue. He heard Wu Youjue and Wu Siyue negotiating in the room. He just wanted to leave. He turned to see Li Beiqi. Li Beiqi hurried Gao Bingzhu out.

Baili Hongyi suspected that the poisoned person was among the guests on the day of the wedding. He carefully checked the list of wedding invitations and the guest list. He missed three people including Gu Jia, the general manager of the Ministry of Etiquette, Wu Cheng, the staff of the Ministry of War, and Huang An, the supervisor of the Ministry of Industry. He immediately Go to these three people to check. Liquor vendor Bailang gave two jars of fake wine to the restaurant.

The officers and soldiers suddenly appeared on the street. He was frightened and fled, but he was caught by Gao Bingzhu. Gao Bingzhu used to be kind to Bailang. He knew that the ancestor of Bailang was responsible for the Shendu Yushui project. I asked him for a map of the water. The copper material of the Paradise Project was transported from Xuanshan to the Shendu via the canal. Gao Bingzhu wanted to know which section of the water was suitable for plunder.

Bailang pretended to be a craftsman and mixed into the construction site, hijacked the foreman, put on his clothes, and inquired from the boss of the smelting workshop that the quality of the copper material was getting worse and worse. Bailijia asked the folks from Weeping Willow to transport the copper material and the next batch of copper material.

It will arrive tomorrow, and the Longmen River section is most suitable for robbery. Bailang hurried back to report to Gao Bingzhu. Bailang lied to deliver wine outside the city, and hid Gao Bingzhu in the wine cellar and transported it out of the city. Gao Bingzhu rode Bailang to Longmen on horseback. Bailang didn’t want to take risks and wanted to escape, but he didn’t dare to provoke Gao Bingzhu, so he had to accompany him.

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