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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 2 Recap

Baili Hongyi came to Dali Temple to look for Gao Sheng, wanting to see the bodies of Lin Zhong and Lin Yan, Gao Sheng resolutely refused to agree, excuse Gao Bingzhu to rush away Baili Hongyi, Baili Hongyi wanted to attend the interrogation, Gao Sheng ignored him.

Wu Siyue struggled to ask why Gao Bingzhu killed her. Gao Bingzhu didn’t say a word, but Gao Sheng hurried to stop Wu Siyue and forbid her to interfere in the internal affairs of Dali Temple. Wu Siyue felt that the case was suspicious and wanted to continue to confront Gao. Bingzhu was interrogated, and Gao Sheng sent someone to chase her away. At this moment, the saint sent someone to call Gao Sheng and Wu Siyue into the palace for questioning.

Yang Huan, the inner servant next to the saint, held accountability to Gao Sheng. Gao Sheng was so frightened that he promised to open the gap from Gao Bingzhu as soon as possible. Wu Siyue strongly protested. Since Gao Bingzhu wanted to kill others, he would not be so stupid to surrender. Wu Siyue suspects that there is a bigger conspiracy behind it. Yang Huan believes that Gao Sheng wants to shirk responsibility. The saint thinks that the killer came from the inner palace, and the informants were killed, so she has not heard of anyone coming for many years. Gao Mi, Gao Sheng confessed again and again in fright, the saint chased him away and let Wu Siyue stay alone.

The saint sent Wu Siyue to secretly investigate the whistleblower’s case and gave her a lotus peony token, which can send all the soldiers and guards of the gods. Wu Siyue asked the saint to interrogate Gao in person. Bingzhu, Wu Youjue complained that Wu Siyue should not publicly rise above the court, and advised her to investigate the case at ease and refrain from interfering in Gao Bingzhu’s interrogation.

Bailiyan took Baili Hongyi to worship his ancestors, and wanted to let Baili Hongyi marry Liu Ran, Liu Gongqing’s niece, Liu Gongqing Liu Xiang, after the completion of the heaven project, to continue the incense for the Baili family. Baili Hongyi decided not to do it, and wrote When Xiushu ruined the marriage, Bailiyan didn’t let go. Baili Hongyi pointed out that Bailiyan wanted to use the power of the Liu family to climb up. Bailiyan was so angry that he slapped Baili Hongyi severely.

Neiweifu is the institution that protects the royal family, and Lianfang is the department responsible for inquiring about the news. It contains dossier materials of various people from all walks of life. Wu Siyue came to Lianfang’s contact point and confronted the people who were squatting there. She took out a token to beg to see Lianfang’s master son Chu, and was taken to the Lianfang headquarters-the secret room of the Wanxiang Temple, Lianfang.

Deacon Han Dongqing was ordered to come out to see her. Wu Siyue explained his intentions. Han Dongqing could not be the master. He asked Gongzi Chu for instructions and handed over Gao Bingzhu’s files to her. Gongzi Chu also felt that the case was very suspicious and wanted to use Wu Siyue to investigate thoroughly. Gao Bingzhu’s bottom line.

Chen Que persuaded Gao Bingzhu to explain the truth. Gao Bingzhu insisted that he had killed the assassin. Gao Sheng ordered Gao Bingzhu to be severely tortured. Gao Bingzhu confessed that he killed his relatives Lin Yan and Lin Zhong in order to avenge him. The killer killed his relatives Lin Yan and Lin Zhong. Believe it or not, Gao Bingzhu had been in Bad Well.

He could no longer communicate with relatives at home. The saint sent someone to escort Gao Bingzhu to the Internal Affairs Office for interrogation, but Gao Sheng had to let him go. At the same time, Wu Siyue found out that Gao Bingzhu had lived in Bad Well. Bad Well was under the prosperous God Capital. It was dark and damp all year round without seeing the sun. The people living there were either untouchables or descendants of criminal officials. They were not allowed to live there forever. Leave the bad well.

Baili Hongyi was puzzled. He didn’t understand why Gao Bingzhu surrendered and suspected who he wanted to protect. He suffered from no conclusive evidence. The guards of the imperial palace escorted Gao Bingzhu away from Dali Temple. Chen Que caught up halfway and killed all the guards under the pretext of failing to hand over the official documents. He was bitterly forced to Gao Bingzhu. Gao Bingzhu had long guessed that he had killed Lin Zhong and Lin.

Yan, deliberately surrendered, in order to induce Chen Que to appear. Chen Que attacked Gao Bingzhu’s painful assassin. Gao Bingzhu fought back. The two fought in the carriage. Gao Bingzhu beat Chen Que to the death with his superb martial arts, and he was also seriously injured. Gao Bingzhu bitterly questioned the black hand behind the scenes, and before Chen Que could answer, he was assassinated and died. Gao Bingzhu recognized that the hand halberd that assassinated Chen Que was exactly the same as the one killed on Sixteen Nights five years ago.

Wu Siyue came to Dali Temple and learned from Neiwei Beidoujun Li Beiqi that Gao Bingzhu had murdered and escaped. She discovered that the murder weapon used to kill the three Neiwei and Chen Que was different. He suspected that there was a second murderer. Gao Sheng didn’t want to Listening to her long-winded, he immediately deployed the world to search for Gao Bingzhu. Gao Bingzhu hid with his injuries, and finally went to Jishan Bofang to seek help from the owner, Xiao Niang.

Pei Jian led the guards of Dali Temple into the Jishan Bofang to search for Gao Bingzhu, but found nothing. The owner Yao Niang was calm and calm. Pei Jian led people to search in Yao Niang’s boudoir, but no such person was found, so they had to leave in an anguish. Yao Niang hid Gao Bingzhu in a secret room behind the closet. She helped Gao Bingzhu bandage his wounds. Gao Bingzhu shaved off the beard and beard all over her face, and resolutely left regardless of Yao Niang’s obstruction.

Liu Ran knew that Baili Hongyi liked mechanical handicrafts very much. She got a long-lost “Bai Gong Yao Shu”, and sent her maid Yun Zhi to send a letter to Baili Hongyi, inviting him to go to Qianji Yuzhuang for an interview. Baili Hongyi wanted to see the true content of the book and couldn’t wait to meet. Gao Bingzhu secretly returned to the bad well. He handed over the halberd to Chouweng, the administrator of the household registration bank.

Chouweng was worried that he would be hunted down, so he hurriedly pulled him to a secluded place. The mountain was made of brass. This type of copper was used to make the Big Buddha in Heaven. Gao Bingzhu remembered that the Gong Yen on Lin Zhong’s body was also Xuan Shan, so he doubted Bailiyan and his son. Wu Siyue took people to the bad well to investigate Gao Bingzhu’s details.

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