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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 1 Recap

When the saint came to the throne, the central government was turbulent. In order to stabilize the rule, the saint’s system of informers made it possible for everyone in the world to enter Beijing to report. For a while, the wind of informers prevailed in the capital of God—Luoyang, until the fall of the cool officials in Daqing It gradually declined, and no one informed anymore. In the third year of Taicheng, an informer suddenly appeared again, breaking the peace of Shendu again.

Nanshi is the most prosperous place in the capital of God, where merchants gather and people come and go. The informant Lin Zhong and his daughter Lin Yan asked passers-by about the Dangyang wine shop. He wanted to go there to tell the news. The whereabouts of their father and daughter have long been there. Among them were Gao Bingzhu, the coroner of Dali Temple, and the killer who followed them all the way. Neiweiyuehuajun Wu Siyue was shopping with the princess Li Lu. Li Lu was dizzy and wandered in the crowded Nanshi. Wu Siyue followed Li Lu every step of the way, worried that she would be crowded out by the crowd.

Dangyang wine shop was crowded with people watching the excitement. The staff member Wailang Baili Hongyi is a frequent visitor here. He is a gourmet, and he is extremely picky about the color and fragrance of the food. He is very satisfied with a dish of Dangyang wine shop. Dangyang wine shop So it is famous. The killer followed Lin Zhong and his daughter all the way to the Dangyang wine shop. Lin Zhong separated the crowd and went to Baili Hongyi. As soon as he reported a few words to him, the killer hurt Lin Zhong and Baili Hongyi scooped up a bowl of hot soup. He splashed on the killer and protected Lin Zhong’s father and daughter from fleeing here, Baili Hongyi also followed, and was called away by the guard of the mansion, Shen Fei.

The killer hurriedly chased Lin Zhong and his daughter. The scene suddenly became chaotic. The killer pretending to be a businessman suddenly showed his sword and attacked Li Lu. Wu Siyue rose up to resist and ambushes the nearby inner guards to protect Li Lu. The killer is poor on them. After chasing, Wu Siyue commanded the guards to capture the killer alive. The killer committed suicide on the spot. Gao Bingzhu stood on the second floor and witnessed the whole process of the melee. He stopped the killer from committing suicide and left. Wu Siyue had noticed him a long time ago, and turned around Gao Bingzhu and disappeared. Wu Siyue had to take the person back to the palace to return to life.

Li Lu went back and cried to the princess Du, the inner guard, Feng Yulang, Wu Youjue and Wu Siyue came to plead with Du, and promised to give Li Lu an explanation. Wu Siyue just wanted to report the doubts about the matter, Wu Youjue hurried to fight Cut her words, let Li Lu go to the saint to greet the saint. Wu Siyue didn’t understand why Wu Youjue blocked her. The princess was not involved in government affairs, and the assassination was very suspicious. Wu Youjue advised her not to be extravagant, as long as she protects the saints and gods.

Baili Hongyi was ordered to take charge of the heaven project of Taichu Gonghang. He came to inspect the construction site. Baili House guard Shen Fei complained that he should not leave without permission. Baili Hongyi found that the craftsmen used pine wood, which is easy to return to the tide, instead of willow wood to make the fight. It takes half a month for the willow to be transported to the gods. The craftsmen are worried that the saint will be blamed for the delay. Baili Hongyi insisted on reworking.

The Ministry of Industry Shangshu Bailiyan came to stop his son Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi had already submitted his resignation in order to resist the marriage, and he left without looking back. Qing Gao Sheng from Dali Temple took people to Nanshi and saw that many innocent people were killed. He learned that Neiwei had taken away the killer who committed suicide. He immediately ordered the only living mouth and the bodies of the other killers to be brought back to Dali Temple. Gao Bingzhu Carrying the corpse with his companions, they accidentally found the body of the informant Lin Zhong’s daughter Lin Yan.

Dali Temple Records Chen Que came to the dungeon and told the guards to take care of the living killer. As soon as Chen Que left, Gao Bingzhu rushed in with a mask and stabbed the killer three times. The killer thought he was dead soon and revealed that Lin Zhong’s father and daughter had been killed. Gao Bingzhu couldn’t wait to know the whereabouts of the whistleblower. The killer recognized that Gao Bingzhu was not a Taoist in Spring and Autumn, and refused to answer the question.

Wu Siyue led people to the Dali Temple at night to participate in the assassin’s trial. Gao Sheng refused to agree and even threatened the saint by moving out. The guards came to report that someone had broken into the dungeon to kill. Gao Sheng immediately brought Dali Temple Pavilion Chief Pei Jian to the dungeon, and found that the killer was dying. Gao Sheng immediately sent someone to send the killer to the dungeon for treatment.

Gao Bingzhu found Lin Zhong’s body and found out from him. He learned that they had come from Yanshan. At the same time, he found that his knife was done by a scimitar. Gao Bingzhu inspected Lin Yan’s wound and Lin Zhong’s wound was exactly the same. Suddenly understood everything. There is an endless stream of owners who come to Baili Hongyi to taste the dishes. Shen Fei asks them to line up. The dishes approved by Baili Hongyi are very popular, and the boss is even more pleased.

Wu Siyue returned to Wu Youjue. Wu Youjue knew that Gao Sheng wanted to grab the merits with Neiwei. As a result, the killer was almost killed. Gao Sheng wanted to plant and frame Neiwei. Wu Youjue sent Wu Siyue to investigate the whereabouts of Lin Zhong’s father and daughter. Baili Hongyi was invited to a restaurant in West Market to taste lamb soup. Gao Bingzhu took the initiative to come to him and revealed to him that Lin Zhong and his daughter were killed. Gao Bingzhu knew Baili Hongyi’s whereabouts well and threatened that they would meet again. .

Wu Siyue came to Dali Temple to find the corpses of Lin Zhong and Lin Yan, and asked the coroner who had been in contact with the corpses that there were no hidden letters on Lin Zhong and Lin Yan, and they did not know. The assassin was sent for medical treatment, but died. Wu Siyue was surprised. She was stabbed three times and died. She was sent to the doctor but died. She questioned the rape in Dali Temple, but Gao Bingzhu took the initiative to admit that he was in the dungeon. That killer man.


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