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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 9 Recap

Li Zeliang was late for the company meeting. Huo Jian didn’t want to wait for Li Zeliang to start immediately. Li Zeliang felt it in time. Huo Jian told everyone that their business had been taken away by others, and those who participated in the bidding had to take over the punishment, but Li Zeliang told Huo Jian not to worry that he was willing to get back the business belonging to the company. If he could get back the bidding, he would be willing to resign.

All of Auman’s duties, if he wins, he shall take over all management rights of the hotel. Huo Jian asked everyone who would like to be with Li Zeliang, and only Shi Chuchu was willing to accompany Li Zeliang around the seat tube.

Xie Minghao also went to work in Auman and has always had a cooperative relationship with Ou Man. After Mingyue introduced Su Xieyi, the two pretended to know each other. After that, Su Xieyi took Xie Minghao out to talk about their plans. Xie Minghao and Su Xieyi were seen by Li Zeliang when they were together.

Go over and ask about the situation when you arrive. Su freehand told Li Zeliang that Xie Minghao was her brother-in-law. After the two greeted each other, Xie Minghao left, and Su freehand told Li Zeliang not to pretend anymore. Xie Minghao knew about their affairs.

Su Xiayi met Yi Fei at the company, and both knew that each other’s psychological thoughts were just pretending to be peaceful on the surface. Mingyue told Su Freehand that Li Zeliang was in crisis this time, and if he could not win Fu Jiade, he would leave Oman. After listening to Su Freehand, he rushed out to find contacts to help Li Zeliang tide over the difficulties, and ran into Nina in the restaurant. The two met very well, and Nina was Roman’s wife.

Li Zeliang and Shi Chuchu went to see Mr. Roman, wanting to show Roman their plan, but Roman said that he would cooperate with the strongest hotel, and it would not be too late to experience their Auman Hotel next time. Shi Chuchu told Roman that Du Qin was the president of Hengye Bank, and if they cooperated, there would be great prospects. The two persuaded Roman to cooperate so that they would be a strong alliance. Roman also heard that the two people’s ideas are very good, but he has promised that others will not regret it.

At this moment, Nina took Su Xiayi to find Roman, telling Luo Mansu that Xiayi was Li Zeliang’s fiancée, and also took them to play games to win a good impression. When Li Zeliang was changing shoes, Roman felt a little sorry to see that his leg was injured, and Li Zeliang asked Su Xinyi to play with him against the Romans. This made Shi Chuchu psychologically worried, because she knew that Li Zeliang could not play, but Shi Chuchu didn’t understand Li Zeliang freely than Su, and the reason why he appeared weak was to confuse Huo Jian.

Huo Jian also felt the court after a few people came on the court. Li Zeliang told Su Xianyi to ignore Huo Jian and just play hard. After several battles, Roman saw Li Zeliang’s persistence and sincerity, and promised to give them a chance. This made Su Xinyi happily holding Li Zeliang and not letting go. Huo Jian looked at the scene in front of him very disappointed.

Shi Chuchu called Li Zeliang to discuss the details of the plan. She was very happy to have this opportunity, but Li Zeliang should pay attention to her body. Li Zeliang told Shi Chuchu to feel relieved and hung up the phone after she finished speaking. The reporter sent Su freehand. The news was gone, which made Shi Chuchu very disappointed.

On the second day, Li Zeliang explained the plan to Roman. His design won Roman’s appreciation and he wanted to cooperate with them. The reason why Roman cooperated with Auman was because of the unbearable scene at Zhengde Hotel. Their hotel was very irresponsible to customers. There will be many valuable collections in their auction this time, so the security plan proposed by Li Zeliang for the safety of the collection feels foolproof.

Huo Jian would personally take charge of the hotel’s security after hearing this, but Li Zeliang knew that Huo Jian would be involved in it, so he had to take responsibility. Shi Chuchu also said that Li Zeliang was capable of dealing with the auction, and Huo Jian had to agree with Shi Chuchu and Luo Man’s insistence, but he was very dissatisfied.

After returning, Huo Jian and Yi Fei felt that Li Zeliang wanted to grab the limelight. If Li Zeliang succeeded in the position of chairman, he would be re-elected. This time, Li Zeliang’s plan must be stopped.

Su Xinyi defined that he would go back to visit her sister. Li Zeliang told Su Xinyi to pay attention to safety. After Su Xinyi left, Li Zeliang called his subordinates to ensure the safety of Su Xinyi. Su freely told Xie Minghao to go to Yunfeng Hotel on a business trip, and Xie Minghao told Su freehand to pay attention to safety. The owner of Yunfeng Hotel is very Hang Seng. Su freehand told Xie Minghao that the real behind-the-scenes boss is Huo Jian and not Chen Hengsheng. Although he is not Huo Jian’s opponent, he has to work hard. Su freely tells her sister that she will definitely catch Zhiwei Building or Dad’s murderer.

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